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Amerimark Payment Portal: Amerimark Direct is an American-based privately owned mail order and direct marketing company. The company was founded in 1969 and had its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. The company operates 10 catalogs, 7 websites and specializes in ladies’ apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories, fragrances for perfumes, and cosmetics.

The company also provides personal care, diet and weight loss products, etc. The company has a total revenue of 400 million dollars annually. The company has more than 700 employees in Cleveland and is also an American catalog mailer Association member.

What’s in the box?

If you are a new user and don’t know how to use the amerimark bill payment login portal, this article will guide you. In the article, we will discuss amerimark, things needed for accessing the amerimark portal, step guide for accessing the Amerimark bill pay portal, and reset the Amerimark portal password.

Along with all this information, I will also provide you with different payment methods through the amerimark portal and customer care support number of the amerimark bill pay portal. The web portal has only one limitation that it can be accessed only by the limited number of people who have the login credentials for accessing the portal. So, let’s discuss the amerimark bill payment portal without wasting time.

Things required to access the Amerimark payment portal

There are certain things that are required for accessing the amerimark payment portal; they are as follows: –

Firstly, the users need to have a smartphone, personal computer, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device to access the portal.

Secondly, the users need to have a stable internet connection.

Thirdly, you need to have the official web address of the amerimark payment login portal to access your account.

Fourthly, the users need an updated browser that supports the working of the amerimark payment portal.

Lastly, you need to have your login credentials that are valid email addresses and passwords for logging into the amerimark payment portal.

Step guide for accessing the amerimark payment portal

You can easily access the amerimark portal with the help of login credentials. In case you are a new user and don’t know how to login to your amerimark payment portal, you can take reference from the below-given step guide. In the article, I am providing you with a step-by-step guide to access the amerimark payment portal. Follow the following steps to access your amerimark payment account: –

First of all, the users need to navigate to the official website of the amerimark login page. For accessing the official login page, you have to type in your web browser.

A new page will open on your screen, asking you to enter your login credentials.

Amerimark Payment Portal

Enter your email address and password in the input columns.

Cross-check that the login credentials you have entered are correct.

At last, once you are confident that the login credentials are entirely correct, tap on the icon of sign in.

That’s it; now you have access to your amerimark payment portal, and you can use all the services and facilities provided by the portal. If you forget your portal password, there is nothing to worry about it. In the article below, I will be providing you with the step guide for recovering your amerimark portal password. If you have the same problem, please read the complete article carefully.

How to retrieve the amerimark payment portal password?

If you belong to the section of people who usually forget their portal passwords, this article will surely help you retrieve your amerimark login portal password. Carefully read and follow the instructions given in the article below to recover your amerimark portal password. Follow the steps given below to reset the password of your Amerimark bill payment login portal: –

First, open the official website of the amerimark portal login page to log into your amerimark portal.

Type in your search engine and the web address will redirect you to the login page of the amerimark portal.

Amerimark payment portal

Next, you have to tap on the forgot password link. You will find this option below the sign-in icon available on the login page of the amerimark portal.

Now a new page will open in front of you that will ask you to enter your email address and password in the empty field.

Amerimark Payment Portal

Once you have entered your email address and password, tap on the forgot password option rather than sign in.

The portal will provide you with further instructions for retrieving your amerimark portal password. All you have to do is carefully read and follow the instructions given by the portal.

Methods of making payment through amerimark payment portal

The best part of the amerimark portal is that it offers its users different ways of making payments. The Amerimark portal mainly provides four ways of making payments to its users, and the users can choose any one of them depending on their choice. Through the mail, phone call, and in-person, online payments are the four ways of making payments offered by the portal to its users. In the article below, I will discuss all the four payment ways turn by turn offered by the amerimark bill payment portal.

Online method

The first method and my favorite method is the online method. Through online mediums, users can make payments with the help of their amerimark account. All they have to do is log into their amerimark account by typing in their search engine. The online method prevents the users from standing in long queues and waiting for their turn. The online method is the fast and instant way of making payments.

Through mail

The second option available to users by amerimark is mail. Yes, the amerimark allows its users to make their payment by sending mail. The users can mail their check at 6864 Engle Road Cleveland, Oh 44130. The users are requested to make a phone call to the customer service number of Amazon for reconfirmation before sending the cheque through the mail. The contact number of amerimark Customer services 877 268 9594.

By phone

The third option available to users for making the payment is the phone call. Users can make payments through a phone call by calling the automated system to make a bill payment, and the users can contact 877 268 9594 for making their bill payment phone call.


The last option available to the users by amerimark is making payment in person. The users can make their payment in person at any of the nationwide customer service centers of amerimark.

How to contact the Amerimark payment portal helpdesk?

Suppose you face any problem, error, or issue while logging into your amerimark portal for making payment through your amerimark portal. In that case, you can freely contact the customer care executive or service center of amerimark. For contacting the amerimark customer care helpdesk, you can use any of the below-given modes of communication: –

You can contact the customer care executive by calling 877 268 9594 or (877) 268 9594.

Or you can directly approach the company by visiting their headquarter, 6864 Engle Road Cleveland, Oh 44130.

The official website of Amerimark is

Final Verdict

That was all about how to access the amerimark bill payment portal. I hope this article helped you log into your amerimark account and make payment through your amerimark account. If you are still facing any issue or problem while accessing your amerimark account, please do write it in the comments section.

I will try to resolve all your amerimark portal-related queries and issues earliest. If you want more login portal-related articles like this, please subscribe to the website. And yes, don’t forget to provide your valuable feedback in the comments as it helps me in further improvement. If the article was helpful for you, please share it with other people and help them. Thank you, I wish you happy reading!

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