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Benefits at FedEx: FedEx Express is one of the world’s largest Express transportation Companies that offers a wide range of competitive FedEx Express employee discounts to its employees. The company takes care of its employees and ensures that the employees have all the necessary facilities required to live a decent life. Express is committed to providing great employee benefits, perks and discounts for its staff, and that’s why the staff is so excellent in working. In the article below, I will be telling you about the benefits at FedEx that you will receive as an employee.

Why FedEx?

The company firmly believes that the development of an organization solemnly depends on its staff and employees; that’s why the company provides a lot of benefits and perks to its employees. The company has set up competitive FedEx employee benefits and perks, which helps the employees work efficiently and have a healthy career.

So, if you are a new Jonnie at FedEx or want to become part of the FedEx family, this article is definitely for you. In this article, we will discuss FedEx company employee care benefits, Health Insurance, financial benefits and other benefits provided by the company to its employees. Without wasting further time, let’s get into the discussion. Being a sincere employee, you can access all the rewards and benefits at FedEx.

What is FedEx?


The former name of FedEx Company is Federal Express Corporation, and it was established on 5th May 1971 by Frederick W. Smith. The company has its headquarters in Shady Grove Road Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Currently, Frederick W. Smith is serving as the Chairman and CEO of the company, and Raj Subramanyam is the company’s president and COO. Besides these two prominent personalities, Mike Lenz holds the office of president and CFO. FedEx company deals in logistics services, Express delivery, business services and freight services.

Federal Express is an American Express transportation company that is famous for providing fast and trustworthy delivery services all around the globe. Honestly, the company believes that for expanding their business and working efficiently, they need to take care of their employees because they are the pillar stone of the business. FedEx provides different sorts of industry-leading benefits and discounts to its employees. Besides this, the company also gives additional perks that include free gas profits and many more. All the benefits and perks provided by the company to its employees is a sweet gesture of thankfulness and gratefulness towards the employees’ hard work.

Why does FedEx provide FedEx benefits and employee discounts to its employees?

FedEx is among the most reliable American express transportation company that serves over 220 countries. The company offers several benefits to its employees because it believes that its employees are their success. As I said above, the perks and benefits provided to the employees are a sweet gesture of expressing thanks to its staff and employees.

Benefits at FedEx for Workers – FedEx career benefits

The company provides several benefits to its employees some of them are as follows: –

Leadership programs for employees

Leadership programs are organized to mould the employees into bright leaders who can lead other new employees in the future. Currently, the company offers extensive leadership programs to its employees. 

Tuition reimbursement for students

Through tuition reimbursement, the company supports the education of their employees. FedEx Company pays the entire expenses of their employee’s education. If you are looking for a company that promotes the development of its employees, then FedEx is the destination for you. Through this policy, the company supports education in the job-related field of their employees.

Career planning benefits at FedEx for under trainee workers

The FedEx Company helps its employees in learning about the company. The career planning platform provides constructive feedback to its employees through the career planning platform, suggesting valuable points that can add value to their work. 

Recognition programs available for employees

The company arranges several recognition programs. The company’s recognition programs include five-star awards, purple promise quality, Bravo Zulu award, humanitarian award, and purple promise award. 

Development resources

To add up to the development of their employees, the company organizes several seminars and internships. The company’s development resources help its employees develop their skills and knowledge. 

GED reimbursement benefits at FedEx

The employees working for FedEx can get full GED reimbursement in specific courses.  

Benefits at FedEx for Workers – Health Insurance aid

Besides the benefits mentioned above, FedEx also avails some other benefits to its employees to ensure their medical fitness. They are as follows: –

Health Insurance benefits at FedEx

For ensuring physical fitness and helping their employees with medical problems, FedEx provides health insurance to its employees. The health insurance includes routine health care, surgical procedures, and hospital stays for the employees and their families.


The company provides free counselling sessions where the employees can talk through their work-related grievances and personal problems that affect their mental health. Counselling sessions are for the sake of the emotional and mental health of the employees, where they can share all the problems related to their personal and professional life.

Dental benefits at FedEx

The dental plan provides preventative care and dental work to employees and their families. The dental plan covers all the oral issues for the employees and their families, including gum bleeding, oral cavity, teeth replacement, root canal treatment, etc. So you have to bear toothache, not financial ache.

Vision benefits at FedEx

The vision plan covers vision-related medical devices and vision exams of employees and their families. The vision benefits at FedEx include vision exams, cataract treatment, retina examination, etc. So being a part of FedEx, you can make your future and vision bright without worrying about the expensive treatment.

Additional health plan benefits at FedEx

 Under the health plan incentives, the company provides some additional health incentives to all the employees working for the company. The plan includes lower premium rates, complimentary consultation with nutritionists, health checkups. 

Health care spending account for workers

Health care spending accounts allow employees to deposit a fixed portion of their paycheck into tax-free HSA. They can use those savings for medical expenses throughout the year. It is like saving for the treatment of disease, just like you save for future plans. Honestly, saving for health is equally important as saving for the future. 

Maternity support for female employees

All the pregnant employees of FedEx can get access to support, resources and other administrative assistance through the maternity support of the company. It means that if you are a pregnant employee, the company will give you administrative assistance and access to the support desk.

Telehealth benefits at FedEx

 Telehealth benefits at FedEx include doctors’ opinions, services provided by the hospital, tests and examinations of the employees and beneficiaries. The company gives all the telehealth expenses. 

Financial Benefits at FedEx

To ensure a secure retirement and help their employees financially, the company provides certain financial benefits to its employees; they are as follows: –

Worker life insurance

FedEx provides affordable life insurance to its users, paying 50% of their contribution. It ultimately means that if you are an employee of FedEx, the company will pay 50% of your contribution. Worker life insurance ensures a safe future for your family, and you will be able to support your family even when you are not around them.

FedEx 401 (K) Plan for employees

With the help of the FedEx 401 (K) plan, the employees can save 4% of their income, and FedEx matches 50% of their contribution. 

Worker Commuter benefits at FedEx

The company provides its employee’s reimbursement for the expenses that are related to travel like parking, buses, train, etc. So if you don’t own a private vehicle and use public transport to reach the office, then the company will pay for your transport expenses. It is a kind of travel allowance that you will receive from the company if you use public transport for travelling.

FedEx Bonus pay benefits for workers

The company gives bonus pay awarded to employees who achieve specific results-driven goals the company sets. By doing the company inculcates enthusiasm in employees. In my opinion, FedEx bonus pay benefits are beneficial for both company and employees. If the employees work hard and fully dedicatedly, then the company will automatically profit. And the employees will get the reward for accomplishing their target.

Daycare flexible spending accounts

The company provides daycare flexible spending accounts to its employees. Daycare flexible spending accounts helps employees in managing their expenses. 

Paid volunteer time off for volunteer workers

The company gives two paid off once a week to its volunteer employees. It means that volunteer workers will have to work only five days a week. Isn’t it fascinating!

Disability benefits at FedEx

If you are an employee of FedEx Company, you will get some short-term disability coverage with salary replacement within a particular time after an injury or illness. Your disability won’t stop you from caring for your family, as FedEx will ensure their fiscal independence. 

Parental leave for the employees

You must be aware of maternal leave for those women who have recently given birth. But FedEx gives parental leaves to both parents. So if you are a worker in FedEx, you will get parental leave irrespective of gender. Besides this, parental leave is also available for the employees who have adopted or fostered a child.

Paid time off available to employees

The company ensures a balance between work and personal life. By giving paid time off to its employees, the company ensures that employees have equilibrium between their professional and personal lives.

Adoption assistance reimbursement plan for employees

Encouraging the employees for adoption, the company provides the adoption fees. The benefit is available for both single parents and families. The company takes care of not only adoption fees, but it also pays for the expenses in court. If you plan to adopt a baby, you should seek an adoption assistance reimbursement plan available for the employees. The plans can vary for you depending on the fact that whether you are a full time or part-time employee.

In a nutshell, FedEx provides various financial and medical benefits to its employees. The company also offers a lot of rewards to the employees to boost their enthusiasm. So if you are an employee of FedEx, you can get world-class benefits from the company.

Here, you need to remember that the benefits at FedEx can vary from location to location. Certain factors affect your benefits. The location, timing, working hours, job status, employment period are some of the factors that affect your benefits at FedEx.

How to contact FedEx Express helpdesk?

If you are facing any trouble accessing your perks and benefits, I recommend you contact the FedEx helpdesk. For contacting FedEx Express helpdesk, you can use the below-given modes of communication: –

Contact number- 1 901 369 3600

Customer executive contact number- 1 800 Go.FedEx (800 463 3339)

Final Verdict

That was all about benefits at FedEx. I believe the above article helped you get information about the benefits at FedEx received by an employee. If you still have any queries feel free to write you FedEx benefits related queries in the comment section. I will try to answer all your FedEx related questions at the earliest. For more login and employee benefits related articles like this, please subscribe to the website. If the benefits at FedEx article was helpful for you, then please share it with others too.

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