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BYU Academic Calendar 2021-2022: All about BYU and important dates and deadlines  BYU stands for Brigham Young University, a private university of the US since 1875. It offers a variety of courses, including liberal arts, engineering agriculture, management, physical and mathematical sciences, nursing, law, and many more.

byu academic calendar

BYU offers more than a Hundred and ninety courses undergraduate and more than seventy courses under master programs and twenty-six doctoral courses.

One of the absorbing fact about BYU is that pupil of BYU has to agree to follow an honor code CES- Church Educational System, that set standards for the student and faculty that school owned and operated by the church of Jesus “Christ of latter-day saints” in short LDS church are required to live.

This CES code applies to all the schools of Brigham young university. Teaching and research are both equally valued at BYU. BYU is widely known as a university that is part of the CES. It is designated as a research university with high research activity by the Carnegie Foundation to advance teaching.

BYU students have an opportunity for spiritual and intellectual insight; devotion is the most common topic with academic perspective or insight. At BYU, university attendance is not required for the holy assembly that is hosted every week; all weekly assemblies are broadcast on BYUTv and recorded in text, audio, and video formats on the BYU speeches website for all.

Important dates and deadline of BYU Academic calendar 2021-2022

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 BYU academic calendar 2021 (Summer Term)

  1. June 28- Add/Drop deadline for the summer term
  2. July 27- withdraw and discontinuance deadline
  3. August 10- exam preparation day
  4. August 11 and 12- Final Exam day
  5. August 12- Summer Term ends
  6. August 18- Summer Term grades due date
  7. August 20- Summer Term grades online

BYU Academic calendar 2021 (fall semester)

On August 29, BYU fall semester 2021 begins and ends on December 17.

  1. August 26 to August 28- New student orientation for the fall semester
  2. August 30 to December 9 – Fall semester classes start
  3. September 7- Add/Drop deadline (Full semester and 1st Term)
  4. October 4 – 1st Term or Spring term withdrawal deadline
  5. October 19- Last day of 1st Term
  6. October 20-first day of the second Term
  7. October 27-2nd Term Add/Drop deadline
  8. November 8- the full semester withdraws deadline.
  9. November 23- Discontinuance deadline.
  10. November 23- 2nd Term or summer term withdrawal deadline
  11. December 10 – fall exam preparation day
  12. December 13 to December 17 – Final exam day
  13. December 27- BYU fall semester due to grades
  14. December 29- fall semester grades are online.

BYU academic calendar 2022 (winter semester)

The winter semester of BYU begins on January 3 and ends on April 20

  1. January 3 to April 13 – BYU winter semester classes start
  2. January 10 – Add/Drop deadline ( Full semester and 1st Term)
  3. February 7 – 1st Term or spring term withdrawal deadline
  4. February 23 – last day of the First Term
  5. February 24 – First day of the second Term
  6. March 3 – 2nd Term Add/Drop deadline.
  7. March 15 – Withdraw deadline ( full semester)
  8. March 30 – Discontinuance deadline
  9. March 30 – 2nd Term or summer Term withdrawal deadline
  10. April 14 – Exam preparation day
  11. April 15 to April 20 – the final exam starts
  12. April 28 – winter semester grades are online.

BYU academic calendar 2022 (spring semester)

  1. April 26 to June 13 – 1st day of class spring 2022
  2. May 3 – Add/Drop deadline (Full semester and 1st Term)
  3. May 31 – Discontinuance Deadline
  4. May 31 – 1st Term or spring term withdrawal deadline
  5. April 26 to June 13 – last day of class
  6. June 13 withdrawal deadline (Full semester)
  7. June 14 – Exam Preparation day
  8. June 15 to June 16 – spring exam start

Academics of BYU- Brigham young university

Graduation honors at BYU

BYU awards its graduates with the highest distinction that is University honors, and these honors may qualify by undergraduate students and administer by the honors program. To complete an honor curriculum, students require a great question requirement, an experiential learning requirement, an honors thesis requirement, and a graduation portfolio; this all summarizes and makes a student’s honors experience.

Admission and Demographics of BYU

In 2021, there will be more than 30 thousand undergraduates and more than 25 hundred postgraduates enrolled at BYU. BYU enrolled 53.4% of the 13,731 people in the spring and summer term and fall 2017.

BYU ranked 26th position in colleges with most freshman merit scholars with 88 in 2006.

In every state in the US and many other foreign countries, students attend BYU; more than 20 hundred international students in the BYU academic year 2005-2006. And more than 98% of these students are active Latter-day saints.

In 2006, 12.6% of mostly Asians, pacific, islanders, and Hispanics student body reported themselves as ethnic minorities.

The Harold B.Lee library of BYU university is always ranked under the top ten worldwide, with the number 1 ranking by the Princeton Review in 2014.

Ranking of BYU

The wall street journal and times higher education ranked BYU tied for number 1, Worth the college in 2019. BYU is always recognized for its low cost and high-quality education.

Us news and world report ranked, In 2022 BYU will be number 6th in best value schools.

Marriott school of management received a number 18th rank by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2016 for its undergraduate programs.

In 2018, its MBA program was ranked 25th by several sources and Bloomberg Businessweek, and in 2017 it ranked as number 19th.

In 2014, Forbes magazine ranked it as the number 1 top university to work for and the best college in Utah.

According to a US news and world report, BYU J.Reuben Clark Law school has a number 29 national ranking for 2022.

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