GGC Banner | A complete Guide to Banner GGC

GGC Banner – If you are reading this article, I am sure you want to know this topic. We will explain everything here related to banner GGC. We are presenting a complete guide about the GGC banner that will cover the registration, login, and benefits of this platform.

What is GGC Banner?

ggc banner

Banner GGC is software made by the Georgia Gwinnett College. The platform is a web portal that is used for login by the students of the college.

As a student of Gwinnett College, you can access this portal by using your credentials. This college is part of Georgia University and serves around 10000 students every year.

The college built the banner platform after considering the number of students.

Using this platform, students can get much information in one place. If you log in to this platform, you can gather much information related to your course.

If we talk about GGC college, the college started in 2006, and the number of initial students was only 118. By the time we reach 2019, there were 12000 students in this college. Today it is one of the top colleges of Georgia University.

Why students use GGC Banner?

At Georgia Gwinnett College, all students must use the GGC banner. Such essentials have been made because it has so many benefits. If we talk about its services, then it is something like this:

  • If there are any college examinations, students can check their numbers and grades on this platform.
  • GGC Banner is an online platform, so there you can get any information related to your course and learn it.
  • Course schedules for students are constantly updated on this portal. Due to these updates, students can quickly get information about their upcoming course and class easily.
  • Any notice related to the students is pasted on the platform, due to which students get information together.
  • Banner GGC provides a communication system to students and teachers, due to which they can talk to each other at any time and find solutions to their problems very quickly.

How to register with GGC Banner?

When a student enrolls in any of the GGC courses, he is given access to the GGC banner. If you are new to college, then you should contact your IT department. In this subject, you can also talk to the department head. There is no way of registration except that the college gives you a password and username.

Basic Requirements to login with Banner

It would be best if you had some critical things to log in to the Banner. Here are the details:

  • First of all, you have to register on the portal, which the department itself will do.
  • After that, you should have a device through which you can access the internet.
  • Always remember to use only the correct PIN and username while logging in.
  • You can use a laptop or phone to log in to the GGC portal.
  • This portal also supports your smartphone so that you can use the phone quickly.

Login to GGC Banner

It is very easy to login into this portal. All you need is your Student Identification Number and Personal Identification Number. When both these information come to you, follow the following steps to log in:

  • First of all, go to the official login portal of Georgia Gwinnett College, whose link is given here.
  • On the login page of the portal, you will see some crucial instructions for logging in.
  • Along with this, you will also see a login box to fill in the user ID and PIN.
  • The first box is for your user ID and in the second box, fill in your PIN. 
  • After filling in both this information correctly, click on the login button.
  • Now you can easily view your GGC banner dashboard.

How to reset forgotten GGC Pin?

In today’s time, forgetting a PIN or password is a common practice. If you have forgotten your password and want to reset it, it can be done quickly on this portal. But it is worth noting here that you must remember your user ID.

  • Just below the login box, you will see the option for the forward pin.
  • Fill in your ID in the box containing the user ID and click on the button for a forgotten PIN.
  • Remember that the username will be correct. Only then you can reset your PIN. If you have forgotten your username, then we have also shown the way to retrieve it.

Retrieve the forgotten ID

To get the Institutional Unique ID of your GGC portal, you will have to fill in some vital information on the portal. Which are as follows:

  • Student Name
  • Date of birth
  • The last four digits of the social security number.
  • After filling in all this information, click on the search, and you can easily see your user ID.
  • Once you got the ID, go to the login page and access the dashboard using your password.

How to contact official support of GGC Banner?

Although we have given you much information related to login and registration in this article, you can contact the university’s official support dashboard if you want to get any information. Use the following contact information to contact the help desk of the college:

Phone Contact: 678.407.5611

Email Contact: [email protected]


This article shows you how you can log in and register in your GGC banner dashboard, but you can write in our comment box if you still have any problems. We will be happy to solve your problems. Apart from this, you can also contact your college through the contact sources given above.

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