IVY Tech Student Login And Registration Guide 2022

IVY Tech Student Login – The College was earlier known as Indiana Vocational Technical College and was established in 1963, some 59 years back. It works on their motto of “Our Communities Your College.”

Ivy Tech college has served more than 1,69,527 students worldwide, and it is open to all students from around the world for undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Sue Elispermann is the president of the College, and currently, this College is known as Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.

This public community college is one of the most popular colleges among the students in Indiana and outside it. The College has more than 40 locations in the United States, and the Higher Learning Commission itself accredited this College. The College was before providing only technical and vocational education to the students.

It is an entire-fledged educational institution that offers nearly 150 study programs to the students. The campus itself is divided into seven schools, and not only this, but the College offers online classes to more than one lakh students. Ivy Tech student login portal enables the student to visit the university and College online from anywhere and anytime. They can access their course online through the website.

Login at IVY tech portal

The Ivy Tech student login enables the student to log in to their account. All the registered students of the portal can view their class schedules, admissions, online class access, and other related things. Students who are not registered users of the College can even apply for their preferable courses from the listed courses.

If you are someone who has a connection with the university, you can log in to your account. You must remember your login credentials and be a registered user of the ivy Tech student login. The Ivy Tech community college offers numerous study courses for the students, and any individual or student can apply for the listed course online.

This article will explain to you how to do ivy tech student login. So, if you are facing any trouble while ivy tech student login, then follow the instructions mentioned further in the blog.

How to do IVY tech student login?

If you want to do ivy Tech student login, you must have your login credentials. A user won’t be able to login into their online account if they do not have either their user id or the password. The ivy tech college offers a wide range of courses and related benefits and advantages to its students. Before the user follows the steps mentioned below, the user should ensure that he has an active internet connection for use. Along with the active internet connection, you need to have your ivy tech login credentials handy and adhere to the instructions mentioned below –

IVY Tech Student Login

1: First, you need to go to the official website of ivy tech, and for that, you need to type the myivy.ivytech.edu in the search bar. You can even use the below-mentioned link for the website visit.


2: When you reach the official website, you need to look in the middle of the screen. You will see the login button there; click on it.

3: The page will update itself, and a new tab with the login box will appear.

4: You will notice a box asking for your “IVY tech id,” and you need to enter your ivy email address here.

5: After entering the ivy tech email address in the box, you must click on the “Next” button.

6: Enter your Ivy Tech password then.

7: You need to press the “Sign In” button.

Shortly, you will be on your user dashboard, where you can access the features of the login portal. You can explore all the available information and details about your course. If you can’t log in to your account, you need to recheck your credential as they may be wrong. If the credentials typed are inaccurate, you need to correct them immediately and log in again. However, if you also can’t log in, you need to take help from customer service.

Password resetting guide

To reset your password, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. You need to know that one can’t access the online portal without a password. So, if you do not remember your password, you can reset it and reuse the account like you were using it before.

1: To reset the password, you need to go to the official portal. Go to any browser and search for the web address we have mentioned above.

2: Look on the screen, and you will find a login box there.

3: Enter the forgot password tab.

4: The page will update and ask you to enter details.

5: You need to follow the instructions then.

6: After that, a box will ask for the ivy Tech email address. If you have them, you have to enter them. But if you don’t have the email address, you need to click on the tab given below the “Get Started.”

7: On the updated screen, you need to fill in the information with your Name, Date of birth, Zip code, etc.

8: Tap “Submit”

Follow the instructions afterward and reset the password. If you can’t set your password, you need customer support. Try to explain your problem to the representative, and they will give you solutions to your problems.

How to apply for the IVY Tech Community College of Indiana courses?

Above, we have learned how to do ivy tech student login. Ivy tech community college is the largest college for technical studies in Indiana and is very popular among students worldwide. It offers numerous courses. An individual can apply for admission to any of the listed courses. You need to know the proper instructions for applying or taking entries to any course. Our experience says that an individual should explore the university first and then decide whether to apply for the course or not. To apply for the courses, you need to follow the steps and the instructions mentioned below –

1: Turn on your device and check the internet connection.

2: Go to any web browser, and like before, you have to search for https://ivytech.edu.

3: You need to look at the right side of the screen and click on the “Apply Now” button.

4: The page will update, and you will see two options there.

5: Choose “Apply Now For Free,” Or if you are a guest student, then click on “Guest Students Apply Now”

6: A new tab will open up.

7: On this new tab, you will see instructions, and you need to follow these instructions to proceed with the application.

8: You need to enter your First and Last Name, Date of birth, Phone Number, Email Address, and everything else they are asking from you.

9: After filling up all the asked details, you have to click on “Save and Continue”

You will have to enter more information, and the instructions for the same will appear on your screen. If any user or applicant faces any issue while applying for admission, you need to connect with customer support. The user needs to explain their problem briefly to the customer support representative so that they come to provide you with a reliable solution.

Online class access

If you are a student of ivy Tech college, you must have an id for portal access. You can log in using the id to ivy tech student login and access the website’s features. To get access, you need to login into your account. To login to the portal, you need your ivy tech id and the password. An individual can access their online classes using the instructions which are here-

1: Begin by visiting the official portal of ivy tech college. To do that, you need to go to the browser and then, in the search bar, type ivytech.edu.

2: The web address will take you to the official page of IVY tech.

3: On the updated page, you have to click on “Login”

4: The page will update with a login box.

5: Enter the required credentials and click on “Sign in”

6: Search for an option for “My Classes”

7: Tap on it.

8: Choose the class you want to join, and you will be able to enter your class. But if you can not participate in your class, you need to check the credentials. Suppose if it is not working, you can also raise your query to the customer service.

How to use a schedule builder tool for online classes after IVY tech student login?

The ivy tech student login has a feature for scheduling online classes. This tool makes schedule building easy for the users. Users can build the schedule by following the steps mentioned below –

1: Like before, you need to log in. To log in, you must first visit the browser and then type ivytech.edu in the search bar.

2: There will be an option “Register For Class” Click on it.

3: You need to look on the left side of the screen. Here, you need to search for “Schedule Builder” and click on the option.

4: On the updated page, you have to choose your campus and press the “Save and Continue”

5: A prompt will appear on your screen to verify your address. For verifying your lesson, you follow the instructions on your device screen.

6: Go back by tapping on the Schedule Builder option.

7: There will be a “My Address” option. Click on that to finish the process.

8: After this, you have to select the filters for your chosen course. Follow the mentioned instructions there.

9: Suppose if you own a plan for your academics given by your advisor, you can load those courses directly. If it is not present there, you need to click on “Add Course.”

10: You can also add breaks between your classes, which will help the student find the best course schedule.

11: Tap on “Generate Schedule”

12: An individual can even compare the schedule there. So, compare them and choose the best for you and whichever suits you the best.

13: After selecting the best schedule, you need to click on “Add to Shopping Cart”

14: Click on “Register”

By following the prompts, you will be able to build your schedule. After you click “Register,” you will get a notification for the same notification that you have successfully built your schedule using the website. Even if there will be an issue in registering or creating the schedule, they will inform you via mail. Also, it would be best if you took a printout of your schedule for further assistance.

How to request transcripts?

The college gives a feature to the students for requesting transcripts. Any individual can access their online account and can get their transcript. The blog section will have the instructions to get your transcripts. Follow the mentioned steps to do the needful-

Transcript request as a current student

If you are a current student, it becomes easy to get a transcript. Current students need to follow the following instructions-

1: You need login to your account. Use the credentials to do so.

2: On the homepage, you have to tap on “Student”

3: The page will update with several options then. Click on “Course info.”

4: After that, press “Request Official Transcripts”

The college provides each student with an ivy Tech student login id. You need to use this student id to request the transcript.

Transcript request as a non-student

For requesting a transcript when you have left the college or been absent for the last year or more than you have to follow the steps mentioned below-

1: Go to the link below mentioned. This link is for parchment exchange. Here, you need to log in if registered, and if not, then create a new account.


2: Login and tap on “Sign in”

3: After that, you need to select the documents.

4: The page will update, and instructions will come to your screen.

5: On the next few coming pages, you have to follow the instructions given on the page.

After following the instructions prompted on your device’s screen, you will meet up your requirements and will be able to get a transcript for your use. Even if users are not registered here, they can get themselves registered here by creating a new account. There will be a few users who will have an account, but they must not remember the password. In this case, the users can reset their passwords. You will see various options on the updated page, and among those, you have to look for the “Forgot Password.”

Request for information at the ivy tech student login

Any student studying at the university can request information from the university or their course. Even the non-students can also request the information they want to know. Follow the below steps for requesting any information using the website of ivy tech-

1: Use the link mentioned earlier to visit the official website of Ivy Tech.

2: On the official site, you have to look for “Request for Information”

3: Tap the option.

4: A newly updated page will open up.

5: Enter your First and Last Name, Email Address, and everything else.

6: Click on “Submit”

There will be instructions to enter a few more details, and you need to enter to proceed further. Clicking on submit will take your request to the representative, and they will soon reply to your question.

Way Ahead

You must know now, how to do ivy tech student login through the university portal. and we are hoping that you have found the instructions easy and helpful. Also, you can comment on your queries in the below-mentioned comments sections. Your words will help us in writing better articles and blogs for you.

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