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LSFCU – Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union provides various financial services to a diverse membership for the well-being of individuals and communities. The late Willian and Catherine Miller founded Federal Credit Union in 1951. Both were employed at the Jersey City Public school system.
Just like any other new business, it has been started with no paid staff. There were only 68 members who had signed up for payroll deduction. It had started slow, but at the end of 1952, it had 251 members. It was a small institution, so they made loans and took deposits out of their home across the kitchen table.
Over a couple of years, it has grown stronger. At first, the institution’s name was Hudson County School Employees Federal Credit Union, but later, management changed it to Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union. It happened because Educational FCU did not adequately reflect our expanding base of membership.
Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union offers various financial services that customers can access through their institution and website To know more about its services and benefits, keep reading!

Lsfcu ( Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union) – Online Banking


We are living in a Digital Era. We expect to access most of the services online with just a click. Similarly, Banking has become a vast part of that convenience. The online presence of an institution tells a lot about it. That’s why we look forward to accessing products and services from the comfort of our homes.
The Liberty Savings Federal Union has made its way from nothing to owning worth $115 million in Assets. And still, it continues to impress its fellow customers/Members.
For its online presence, you can visit the website You will find a header that consists of all the information you might want to know on the website. Some of the essential information regarding Lsfcu is illustrated down here.
There is an option available for individuals that says you can go even branchless. That means you can avail the Liberty Savings services. All you have to do for that is to sign up for Online Banking. A report released by Bankrate says more than 30% of Americans haven’t visited the branch for the past six months.
To go branchless, you need to sign up for Liberty Federal Savings Credit Union’s Online Banking. Other than that, you can –

  • You can deposit cash through ATMs
  • You can apply for Loans and Investments online
  • Get customer services through digital Channels
  • Make all your payments by your mobile phone and ATM.

Lsfcu ( Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union ) – Benefits and Services

Liberty Federal Savings Credit Union offers countless banking and Financial services. Any individual can avail of these services online as well as offline. You can even opt for branch-less banking, as online banking gets you covered for all your transactions. Other than providing loans, banking, and investment options, it provides various other benefits and services that are explained below –

  • Investment Counseling and Planning
  • Insurance services and products
  • Scholarships
  • Beary club for kids
  • Free classes and Seminars
  • Member Loyalty Rewards
  • Courtesy Pay
  • Assure Guard Auto Add-on
  • Best Drive Auto Center.

We all are aware financial planning is crucial for every individual. And getting the right help and guidance for spending your hard-earned money is nothing but a blessing. Liberty Federal Savings Credit Union provides its prospective as well as existing members Investment Counseling and planning. That certainly helps anyone to make their financial decision more sensible.
Other than that, there are many scholarships available. These scholarships will shape the future of anyone. For more details regarding the benefits of Liberty Federal Savings Union Credit, you can visit

Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union (lsfcu) – Loans And Deposits

As the name suggests, Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union can get financial help in terms of Loans and banking from this institution. We all need financial help one time or the other. And there are plenty of banks and institutions willing to provide small and large amounts of loans. So is Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union. There are various types of loans and rates available in Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union –

  • Loans by Phones
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Loans by phone
  • Credit Builder Loan
  • Loan Rates
  • Boats and other vehicles
  • Mortgages
  • Home Equity Share/certificates secured
  • Unsecured Signature Loans

Back-2-School Loans Any individual can take a loan for purposes such as mentioned above. Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union supports Online banking, so it will be easy for anyone to take loans. But it would be advisable if you could get a thorough understanding of the workings of this institution. Directly going for the loan proceedings isn’t a good idea. Doing proper research will help you better understand the interest rates, validity, and return.

Additionally, if you have any trouble finding something or have any questions, you can do a live chat. The Live Chat option is available on the official website of Lsfcu. As we know, Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union offers scholarships so that students can benefit from this option. This financial services provider institute is beneficial for everyone, whether students, working individuals, or old. You should visit this institution or its website to get immediate financial help or services.

Final words

That was all about Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union. There are plenty of services this financial institution offers for an Individual. As it is a US-based financial company, it is suitable for their residence to avail and enjoy its services and Benefits. This institution offers financial counselling, loans, Banking, and other such benefits for an individual. I hope this article helped you better understand lsfcu ( Liberty Savings Federal Credit Union). If you are still stuck somewhere, consider visiting the website Or drop down your query. We would be happy to assist you.

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