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Macys Insite has an online portal for employees. Only Employees working at Macy’s or Bloomingdale can log in to this portal and it provides all HCM features. Employees can manage their accounts and update information on their portal.

Bloomingdale and Macy’s retired employees can also access their accounts even after they leave the job. There are plenty of features and benefits for the employees. For viewing and availing of these benefits, you are required to log in. Macys Insite’s login process consists of a few steps that we are going to discuss further in this article. Stay tuned and keep reading!

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About Macy’s

Originally known as R.H. Macy & Co. was founded in 1858. Rowland Hussey Macy known as the founder of Macy Corporation. Later, during a division, it was affiliated with Bloomingdale’s Department store chain. Macys Corporation was the largest US department store in retail sales in 2015. Speaking of the present, in July 2021 there were 512 stores in the United States.

It has a huge number of stores in the United States. This means these stores must have been operating and running by a large number of Employees. So, Macys Insite, an online portal helps these employees and the company to keep a record of their workings. Surely, they need their login credentials to get access to the information and benefits. If you are looking for the way to login to Macys Insite. Then you should read the whole article.

Benefits of Macys Insite

We refuse to do the things that offer nothing in return. Likewise, we are so eager to do anything to get the desired results. There are benefits and features available for the employees of Macys and Bloomingdale. But to access them you must log in. Wondering what are the benefits Macys Insite offers? A few of them are mentioned here –

  • The employees can have a selective retirement plan such as government-managed retirement.
  • Clinical help for every individual working for Macys.
  • You can choose a grant intended for middle school students to assist their examinations.

About Macy’s Insite Employee Connection

Macys Insite Employee connection created for the convenience of the company as well as of employees. Every company wants to keep all the possible information of its employees. To have that information securely the corporate found this online portal. Employees can easily –

  • View and check their treatment. They can make changes to their medical and dental coverage.
  • Solve any queries and mistakes they find with their pay and perks.
  • Get knowledge and news about the corporation.
  • Check the advantages they can have.

If you are also an employee of either Bloomingdale or Macy’s then do login into your account right away. Use the steps and instructions that are explained onwards. Any active and former employee of these companies can log in using their credentials.

How to log in to Macys Insite?

If you are an employee at Macys and Bloomingdale you should log in to your Macys Insite account. There are two options available to log in on this portal. The first one is for the Active employees. Employees that are working there currently. And the other one is for the Former employees. It is for those who left their jobs. If you don’t know how to log in to your employee account. You don’t have to worry. Just follow the instructions.

Macys Insite

Macys Insite Active Employee Login

Use the following steps only if you are an active employee of Macys and Bloomingdale.

Step 1: Open the browser of your device and go to the official portal using

Step 2: Portal consists of two options to log in. The “Colleague Sign In” and the Second is “Former Colleague Sign In”

Step 3: You need to click on the “Colleague Sign In”

Step 4: Once you click on that you will be directed to an updated page asking for your Employee ID and Network Password.

Step 5: Provide your credentials and then hit the Login Button.

Step 6: You will be logged in instantly.

Employees can access all the features and benefits available on the Macys Insite. You can view and update your personal information on your dashboard. If you need any information regarding the corporation you are working for you can grab that from here.

Macys Insite Former Employee Login

Use the following steps only if you are a Former employee of Macys and Bloomingdale’s. The first few steps of logging in to Macys Insite are similar to the previous one.

Macys Insite login

Step 1: Like before, Open the browser of your device and go to the official portal using

Step 2: Portal consists of two options to log in. One of them is “Colleague Sign In” and the other one is “Former Colleague Sign In”

Step 3: Now, you need to click on the “Former Colleague Sign In”

Step 4: You will be directed to an updated page asking for your Employee ID and Network Password.

Step 5: Provide your credentials. Make sure you have entered the correct details.

Step 6: And finally, you can click on the Login button.

That was the login process of a Former colleague at Macys Insite. A former colleague may have a requirement of information that is available on their dashboard. They can access their information using the instructions for login. However, if you are still facing any issues. You can always go to the help desk and explain your situation.

How to Change the password of Macys Insite account?

We always face situations where we forget our passwords. No matter how hard you try to remember you always end up forgetting one or the other. Yet again, if you forget your password for the Macys Insite account then you must follow the steps illustrated below.

Macys Insite reset password

Step 1: Again, Open the browser of your device and go to the official portal using

Step 2: On the login page you will see two options. One is “Colleague Sign In” and the other is “Former Colleague Sign In”

Step 4: Click as per your preference.

Step 5: And now you are required to find a title saying Forgot/Unlock/Change Password.

Step 6: Tap on it.

Step 7: On the updated page you are required to enter your employee ID and PIN.

Step 8: And after filling in the details, then click on Next.

Step 9: Once you click on next you will be asked to provide some more details and then you can create your new password.

After successfully creating your new password, you need to confirm it. And then just like that your Macys Insite password changed. You must have learned the steps by now. Nevertheless, if you get stuck you can reach the help desk.

How to use Macys Insite Portal?

We have discussed the steps to log in to the employee portal of Macys. You can conclude that the steps are way simpler. So, the portal might be too easy to operate too. However, you can explore the things here and there to get to know more about them. These are the few things you might want to see on your dashboard.

  • Benefits
  • Your weekly work Schedule.
  • Update social security, tax, and 401K information
  • You can easily change your contact and other personal information such as address and phone number.
  • Check your previous pay stubs
  • See the news and website related to your corporation
  • You can view W2s and W4s

Macys Insite App

Unfortunately, there is no such app as Macys Insite App. But you may install the Macy’s app instead. This app is a good option for those who prefer to shop by lying on their couch. You can access a large variety of clothing. If you were expecting to have an app for the employee’s login at Macys and Bloomingdale then it’s disappointing for you. Because Macys Insite portal needs to be accessed every time you want to login.

The Macy’s app is only for users who want to do online shopping. Macy’s app is available for both iOS and Android users. Apparently, you can do shopping anytime, anywhere using this app.

Macys Insite Login Help

Get help by using the contact details that are available here.

HR Number – 1-800-234-6229

HR Department – 1-800-234-6229.

Customer Service – 1-800-289-6229

Corporate Office Phone number – 1-513-579-7000.

Frequently asked questions

Q.1) who can register in the Macys Insite association?

Not every individual is allowed to register in the Macys Insite Association. You can log in to the portal only if you are a working employee either in Macys or Bloomingdale. Otherwise, you will be restricted from logging in. However, any retired person or a person who left their job can also log in. To do so you must remember your credentials.

Q.2) what is the Strategy to Sign in to Macys Insite?

There are several simple steps to log in to Macys Insite. If you are wondering what these steps are. Then you may scroll up and see the instructions illustrated. You are advised to follow them carefully or else you can’t log in.

Q.3) what are the results seen by the employers after login into Macys Insite?

After login into your Macys Insite associates account you will reach your dashboard. The dashboard consists of all the required details and benefits that are being offered. So employees can play around a little and see whatever suits them best. More benefits of Macys Insite are explained earlier, you can read them from there.

Final Words

You must have got all the required knowledge about the Macys Insite. Any employee of Macy’s and Bloomingdale who doesn’t know the way to log in can use the instructions briefly explained in this article. In case you have forgotten your password, use the steps mentioned in the reset section. You see, there are many benefits available for active employees. If you are the one then check them out. However, if you have any suggestions regarding this article feel free to share them with us.

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