MagicJack Login | How to log in to the MagicJack account?

MagicJack Login, if you have an account in MagicJack and want to log in, we have described the crucial steps to follow to log in to your MagicJack account. First will know about MagicJack, the login requirements, and simple login steps. If you find an error or forget your MagicJack account’s password, you may follow the stage that we will discuss below. It will help you to access your MagicJack account.

Let’s know more about the MagicJack account below. Read carefully and follow the mentioned steps. You can take the subscription to MagicJack, and you can purchase this online on the official website of MagicJack. Once you log in to your MagicJack account, you get many features that can help you in many ways, such as online payment, managing your account, checking your plans, and paperless bill.

About MagicJack

MagicJack has worked since 2007 and is an internet-based telephone service VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) provider in the United States and Canada. It works the same as your phone, but it requires an internet connection to work, and it is reliable to use, and affordable. Users can communicate with a PC or regular phone of your home, and you can use it anywhere. It works worldwide, and you can connect through reliable internet access while travelling. Through MagicJack, you can call from the United States and Canada to all around the world.

MagicJack account benefits online

Here are the benefits of having an online MagicJack account:

  • MagicJack account gives you the option to manage your profile and account.
  • Users can make payments online.
  • Check the schedule of your plans through it.
  • Users can get an online bill and paperless bill.

Login requirements of MagicJack account

If you want to log in to the MagicJack account before logging in, let’s know its requirements.

  • You should know the official web address of MagicJack.
  •  It will require an internet connection.
  • Must have a Valid Phone number or Email and password of MagicJack.
  • You should have a reliable device with an internet connection such as a PC or Laptop and Smartphone or Tablet.

Login procedure of MagicJack account

To successfully log in to your MagicJack account, follow the simple and accessible below steps.

Here are they:

  • First, Visit the official web address of MagicJack at
  • Now you will reach the MagicJack homepage, and there will be an option at the right top corner “Login.” click on that.


  • You can see the Login page; now enter your valid information (Email or Phone number and Password) on the given box.

C:\Users\admin\Documents\login page magicjack.PNG

  • once you have filled, click on “Login” to access your MagicJack account

MagicJack reset password steps

If you have forgotten your MagicJack account password and cannot log in, you don’t have to worry about it. Follow the mentioned below steps to reset the password.

  • The first step, visit the official website of MagicJack at
  • Go to the “Log in” option, and you will see the “Forget password?” option below. As shown in the below-attached picture.

C:\Users\admin\Documents\forget password magicjack.PNG

  • Next, enter your Email address in the given box.
  • Right after that, click on the “Send Reset Code” button. As given in the attached picture.

C:\Users\admin\Documents\magic forgot password.PNG

  • Last step; follow the further instruction to reset the password.

MagicJack login procedure in App

Users with a reliable device can log in to the MagicJack app. Follow the mention below steps:

  • First, you have to download the app on your device. Android users can download it from the Google play store, and ios users can access the apple store or iTunes store.
  • The next step is to log in to your MagicJack account by using login credentials the same as your website login. (Username and Password)
  • After that, click on “Login” and enjoy the MagicJack app, make calls.

Contact information 

If you face any difficulty or problems, you may contact the MagicJack customer care number and communicate with them, and they will respond to your query as soon as possible. You can also go to the MagicJack official page, and through the help option, you can read FAQs related to your question.

Customer service:

  • 800-624-4252 (Toll-free)

Technical Support:

  • You connect with technical support through live chat.
  • Monday to Friday, 9 AM- 9 PM.
  • Saturday to Sunday, 10 AM- 7 PM.

Customer Service and billing:

  • 1-844-866-2442 (The US and Canada)
  • 1-561-594-9925 (International)

Working hours:

  • Monday to Friday
  • 9 AM to 7 PM

Official Website:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. If I change my email address, can I log in with this?

Ans. If you have changed your Email, you need to notify it with MagicJack, and then you may be able to log in with a new email address.

Q. Can I use MagicJack while travelling to another country?

Ans. Yes, you can use a MagicJack while travelling to another country or all around the world, and it only requires a high speed of internet.

Q. What if I have any queries related to billing?

Ans. If you have billing issues, you may read the FAQs on the MagicJack official page or contact the customer service number.

Q. Is MagicJack has any app?

Ans. Yes, MagicJack app. Android users can download it from Google Play store, and IOS users can download it through the Apple app store.


This article is all about the MagicJack account, and we have almost described the essential part of the login. Now you may be able to log in to your MagicJack account. If you find this article helpful and exciting, let us know in the comment section, or if you face any difficulty, you may leave a query over the comment box. We want to figure it out. Please provide us with your feedback.

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