MCTC D2L | Login to Brightspace by D2L – Complete Guide

MCTC D2L is an e-learning platform for Minneapolis Community and Technical College. The desire 2 learn platform has been implemented by many colleges and universities. We can say that Brightspace is a complete learning environment that supports innovative learning. Both the students and instructors can take benefits from this platform. Here we will explore everything related to MCTC D2L and will let you know that how you can log in and register on this Brightspace platform.

How to login to MCTC D2L?


Whenever you will start your course with MCTC, they will share with you a username and password for the online d2l platform. Every student that has been enrolled in the online course, will receive their respective password and username. Once you got your username and password, follow these instructions to login MCTC d2l:

  • Visit to official Website of the MCTC Desire 2 Learn platform with this link
  • On the homepage you will be able to see a login form
  • Enter your username and password
  • Submit the information

Before making the log-in, make sure that your credentials are correct.

Reset your MCTC D2L Password

forget password mctc d2l

The Minneapolis Community and Technical College have been working with Brightspace for a long time now. Most students are used to the workflow of the d2l platform. But sometimes new students can feel stuck at the time of login. Anybody can forget the password nowadays. So follow some easy steps to reset your password:

  • Navigate to the official link
  • Check for forgot your password link just below the login form
  • Access the reset password link
  • Fill the username in the box
  • You will receive instructions on your mail to update or recover your password

While recovering your password, you have to make sure that you fill in the same password that was mailed to you earlier. If there will be any mistake with the username, you won’t be able to reset the password.

Update the profile picture on Brightspace

There are some limitations to the profile picture on this platform. Your profile picture must not be more than 1MB. Whenever you will publish your profile picture, anyone enrolled in your course can see that. This picture will also be shared in the community area where you can make discussions.

If you want to change your profile, do follow this process:

  • Access your MCTC D2L Account
  • Open the dashboard
  • Navigate for profile
  • Click on the old profile picture
  • Upload new photo
  • Make sure that the file is not larger than 1MB
  • Click submit

Now your profile photo has been published and you will be able to the new picture.

Can I change my username in MCTC D2L?

If you are looking for an option to change your username online via the dashboard, that is not possible. The Brightspace platform does not give you the opportunity to change your username online. You have to visit the IT department and will have to request them to change your username.

Closing Words

Here we have shown that how you can access the e-learning platform of the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. You can also refer to the official documents and resources if you want to explore more about the topic. Further, if you have any questions related to this topic, you can easily drop a comment in the box. Also, you can reach the D2L support center as well as the college IT department for help.

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