How to access MDC Portal? Complete Guide

MDC Portal: MDC is the largest institution of higher education all over the country. For login to the MDC, you need to have the proper login credentials with complete instructions. If you are new to the MDC, you might need a valid username and password. In this article, we will discuss the MD login requirements, procedure, reset password, and more; by following the instructions and you can smoothly reach your account without finding any error. For sufficient knowledge of the MDC portal, you have to read the article till the last, and now without any delay, let’s get into the following instructions.

About MDC

MDC-Miami Dade College is the most diverse institution in the country; it was founded in 1959 and is located in Miami, Florida, United States. It is also known as Miami Dade, MDC, and Dade. MDC is a public college with eight campuses and 21 outreach centers nationwide. They have over 100,000 students, and Miami Dade became the second-largest university in the United States.

Now you get familiar with the Miami Dade College, let’s turn to the login instructions.

MDC portal login requirements

It would be better to know the needs of MDC before login, as through that, we can directly login to the MDC account without any error. If you don’t have any of these, you won’t be able to access your account.

  1. You should know the official website of the MDC portal.
  2. It will require the browser.
  3. You must have a valid username and password for your MDC account.
  4. A device with reliable internet access (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone)

Once you know all the requirements of the MDC portal, we can move forward to the following process.

Login Procedure of MDC Portal

If you want to log in to the MDC portal, the following steps will guide you to access your MDC account. Follow the mentioned below steps:

1- First, on your device’s browser, visit the MDC portal’s official website at

MDC Portal

2- You will reach the home page of MDC and find several options. There will be three options; click on the middle one written: “MDC connect Login.”

MDC Portal Login page

3- It will take you to the login page; you will require entering the valid username and password in the provided area.

4- Next, you can find the language section, where you don’t have to fill anything; it is auto-filled the English.

5- Once you enter these, click on the “Sign In” button to access your account.

How to reset forgotten passwords of MDC Portal? 

Have you forgotten your MDC password? Don’t you know how to access back your account? You don’t have to worry about it; we have mentioned the easy steps to reset the MDC password; follow the steps:

1- Go to the official website of the MyMDC at

2- It will take you to the homepage of MDC. You can spot the “MDC Connect Login” click on that section.

3- Now, you will reach the login page; at the below-left side of the Sign-in option, you can see the “I forgot my username or password” Click on that.

4- After that, you will be on the MDC Account tool page, where you can find several options, find the “Reset Forgotten Password” at the Students column, and click on the option.

5- Next, on the Reset forgotten password page, enter the given area’s asked details, including “MDC ID/SSN, Username, and Date of birth (In format of MM/DD/YYYY).”

6- Once you have entered the details, click on the “Change Password,” and follow the further instructions to access back to your MDC account.

How to create a new account in MyMDC?

If you are new to MDC, it will be necessary to create an account; if you don’t know how to create an account, then the given-below steps will help let you know the process, and you can easily create an account by following the given steps.

Here are the steps:

1- Visit the MDC official student portal at

2- Now, at the right side of the page, you can spot the “New Students-Apply to MDC” on the create an account section; click on that.

3- You will reach the “Admission page”, scroll down at the right side Quick link section click on the “Creating or resetting your MDC account.”

4- Next, on the student’s column, click on the “Create my student account” and read the instruction carefully on the next page and then click on the “Continue” button.

MDC Portal My student accout MDC.PNG

5- After that, you will require to enter the asked details, including “Student ID, First name, Last name, and Date of birth (In the format of MM/DD/YYYY) on the User Verification page’s given area.

C:\Users\admin\Documents\Instructions creating account MDC.PNG

6- Once you have entered the details, click on the “Continue” button and further instructions to create an MDC student account.

Connect MDC

In any difficulty or problem of MDC, you can contact the MDC support team, and they will help you solve your queries; you can also get connected with the MDC through their social media handles.

Phone Support:

  • 305-237-8888
  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am- 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am- 4:30 pm.

Live Chat with MDC Support Team:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8:00 am to Midnight
  • Friday: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How to Change the MyMDC account login name?

Ans. You can change your MyMDC account login name by following steps:

  1. Users must first update the name at the “Admission & Registration office. You will provide a photo ID with your current legal name along with your documents.
  2. You need to contact the Information Technology department at 305-237-0177 to request the name change of your MyMDC account.

Q.Is there any mobile app of Miami Dade College?

Ans. Yes, Miami Dade College has a mobile app; users can download it from the Google play store or Appstore; it provides you with an easy way to Access College updates, information and more.

Q. Do I have to pay for the online tutoring classes?

Ans. If you are attending online tutoring classes, that will be free of cost, and you don’t have to pay any extra amount.  

Final Words

This article was all about the MDC portal, and we have described all the essential steps to make it easy, including login requirements, login process, reset password, and more. If you still have any queries or doubts, you may leave them in the comment section. We will respond to you as soon as possible. If you find this article interesting and helpful, let us know in the comment area below, we would also like to know your view, thoughts, idea, and feedback.

Thanks for reading.

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