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Myhr4u is a Food Lion Associate login portal, officially organized by FOOD LION OFFICIALS. Talking about FOOD LION, it’s an American grocery chain with 1100 supermarkets across ten states. In 1957, Food lion was launched with the name FOOD TOWN. Later with the expansion, the owner DELHAIZE changed its name from FOOD TOWN to FOOD LION. This was done on purpose; for getting popularity and expansion, it was utterly a marketing stunt.

Food Lion is a supermarket chain, having its headquarters in Salisbury, North Carolina. The original name of the company was FOOD TOWN. The Belgian Immigrant LOUIS DIAMANT initially laid the foundation of the company in 1957. The company was acquired by Delhaize group in 1980 and is currently under their supervision. Coincidently, the Delhaize group is also Belgian.

With the company‘s expansion, keeping track of the employee’s was getting difficult, so the company came up with the idea of launching an online portal. Employees’ work-related information and essentials will be managed, maintained and updated by them only. Today’s company has a family of around 88000 plus employee’s, deployed at different stores, which makes maintaining every employee’s data more difficult. So for resolving the problem, the Food Lion company launched the website ‘’. Myhr4u online website made the handling of administrative work more swift, efficient and convenient.



myhr4u login

THE mYhr4U portal was formulated to supply food lion associates with human resources tools that relieve the company’s administrative office of managing their human capital at any time from anywhere in the world. The portal allows the employees to remain in touch with administrators 247. The Food Lion company provides each employee with their login credentials; by using it, they can find their working days, vacation days, compensation details, insurance plan, pension plans, etc. For using the MyHR4u portal, there are specific requirements that one needs to have to avail of the service provided by the company. An essential requirement is an access to an electronic device, either a smartphone or a laptop, with a stable internet connection. Second, one needs to be the employee of Food lion company for using its credentials.

How to log in to FOOD LION MyHR4u Portal?

The administrative office creates the account of every employee. The details of the employees are being checked through their Social Security Number; during this process, a temporary password is created, which can later be changed by the employee according to their preference. 

 Following are the steps which are required to follow while logging into your MyHR4u portal:-

  1. Go to the official portal, i.e.; you can change the password of your portal later.
  2. Then, enter the login credentials provided by the admin office to you. 
  3. After entering the credentials, i.e. username and password, click log in. 
  4. Now you are logged in, and you can enjoy the services of the portal. 

 How to recover the password and username of MyHR4u?      

The MyHR4u portal contains the personal and sensitive information of the individual, so in case if you forget your username and password of your MyHR4u portal, you can recover it from the official website of the MyHR4u.


Follow the following steps for recovering your password  

  1. Firstly, go to the official MyHR4u portal. 
  2. Once you reach the official portal, click on ‘I forgot my password. 
  3. Then, you will move to the next page, where it will ask you to enter your details, i.e. Address, zip code, Associate ID, Location code, and the last digits of your SSN. 
  4. Finally, verify through CAPTCHA. 

5. Now, they will provide you with instructions for resetting your password.


If you forgot your MyHR4u username, which is rare, your Employee ID or e-mail address is usually your username. But still, if someone forgets their username, then there is nothing to panic, you need to contact your store administration to confirm your username.


Following are the benefits of the MyHR4u portal   

  1. Portal facilitates 247 communication between HR and Associates. 
  2. The portal allows the associates to access their information according to their convenience. 
  3. The portal is completely secure and protected, and it is entirely safe for the associates to file time off requests.


In a nutshell, Food Lion is a chain of supermarkets that facilitates its consumers and its workers. The MyRH4u portal is a valuable tool that ensures the convenience of the workers. MyRH4u is a convenient platform not only for associates but also for HRs. It works as a linkage between both the employee and employer. The pro and my favourite feature of the MyHR4u portal is that you are the master of your sea and can manage your information as per your preference and convenience. And the fact that you can see your workdays and vacation days in your portal is icing on the cake because this way you can see that if there are any variations in your actual working days and working days shown in the portal and if there is any, then you can complain about it.

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