Mynova Login and Registration Guide 2022 : Virginia community college system (VCCS) gives you many applications such as e-mail, nova connect, blackboard, canvas, and much more. Here Mynova portal allows you to access all the applications from one, without having to login application separately.


How to create your Mynova account?

Step 1:- If you are new, go to the link,

Or on the official page of Mynova

Step 2:- Click on create my account

Step3:- Enter all the details you’ve asked, name of your high schoolcreate a login (you can generate your login user name whatever you want ), create your password, retype your password, your namemiddle name, last name, date of birth, e-mail, or mobile number, fill the re-captcha and at the end click on the button create an account.

You will get a code from Mynova on your cell phone number or e-mail; save this code; it will be useful maybe later if you forgot your Username or password.

Your account has been created, and it will take you to the dashboard of the Mynova portal. There you can see all university name, application, tools, and all that Mynova provide for you.

How to log into Mynova? 

  1. Go to Mynova official home page.
  2. Enter your user name and password correctly.
  3. Click on the Mynova login button.
  4. Next, you’ll reach the page of novaconnect; here, you will get the link of the canvas, e-mail login, student information system, etc.
  5. Click on VCCS-SIS to connect with novaconnect; if you want to access any other application through here, go for the application option, you’ll be able to access that application through here.
  6. Don’t forget to sign out after you’ve finished your work to secure your account and information.

How do Reset/change my password or Username ? 

Reset password

  1. In case If forgot your password or Username, click on the option “forgot your username or password.” You’ll get the chance to resend your user name and password; here, you have to enter your registered cell phone number or registered e-mail address.
  2. Click the send option.
  3. Wait for a while, and you will get your UsernameUsername and password on your cell phone number or e-mail.

If you didn’t receive your user name and password, try again. If it’s not still working, then go to the option “need to enter your confirmation code” here, you’ll get the option to enter your cell phone number, enter the number you have, enter your code (the code which you’ll receive while sign up process).

Click the send option and check your mail or inbox.

NOTE:- If still, you are unable to access your Username and password, then go to the Mynova official page click on need help

Go to the option VCCS student support here; you’ll get the list of colleges to go to the link of college you are affiliated with, here you will get all helpline numbers, and contact call them and try to know what’s the issue.

Change password

In case if you want to change your password;

Step 1:- Go to the MyNOVA official home page.

Step 2:- Click on the option Mynova login, probably given in the green color.

Step 3:- Log into your account through UsernameUsername and password

Step 4:- Go to your account detail in the top right of the window.

Step 5:- There, you’ll get the option change your password click on that

Step 6:- Enter your new password, must include at least one capital letter, one small letter, one number, and one special character

Step 7:- Click on the ok button

Your password will be changed.

Find Username 

  1. Go to the Mynova home page, click on the Mynova tab.
  2. Press the option Mynova in green.
  3. After appearing new page, click on forgot the user name.
  4. Enter all the information correctly; your user name will appear if all the information is presented in the student information service profile.

What is Nova connect?

It is a central source for nova students to connect all the information at your convenience; it allows you to handle searching for a class, registration, online application, dropping courses, making payment, managing personal information through one place.

How to drop a class ? 

After 60% of the session, your grade will automatically result in a grade F if you did not withdraw from any courses.

  • To drop your course, go through this process
  • Go to the nova home page, click on mynova
  • Log into your nova connect through your Username and password
  • Go to the option VCCS- SIS student information system,
  • Go to the option self-service and then click on the student center
  • Click enroll under the academics section
  • You’ll get the options to drop a class click on that
  • If you want to drop more any other class, place there a checkmark
  • And at last click, the options drop selected classes button.

You use this same process as drop classes to withdraw your courses.

Class schedule

  • Login to your nova connect through the mynova home page
  • Go to the student information system via click in VCCS-SIS
  • Click the option self-service
  • You can see the options class schedule from the drop-down under academic
  • Press the option go
  • Your class schedule will be displayed.

How to find an online class 

  • Log into your nova connect account.
  • Click on the options student information system.
  • Click on the student center.
  • Go to the option enroll in the academics section.
  • You’ll get the option to choose a term if it’s necessary to select any.
  • Next, choose search for classes and click search (if you know the five-digit number from the schedule classes, enter the number)
  • You can see additional search criteria, click on to find more options,
  • Choose online mode from the location drop menu.
  • Enter all your search criteria
  • Click on search option
  • Your class list will have appeared; select view all sections.
  • Go next, and class will be added to your shopping cart.
  • If you like to add another class, you can search again and add the additional style to your shopping cart.
  • If you are confirming that you added the correct class, click on the option to finish enrolling.

After successful enrollment, you can see a green check on the next page; in case if you’ve got any error, go to the options fix the error and find out what’s gone wrong.

How to view financial help ineligible classes 

  • Go to mynova home page; log into your novaconnect
  • Next, go to the student information system
  • Please choose the option “my student information.”
  • Go to the Finance tab and click on view financial help
  • Click on the year you want help to view your financial aid award
  • Roll down to the involved term and press on the option view course eligibility link
  • The eligibility page displayed you; the eligible course for which you can get financial help will be marked
  • The ineligible system will be crossed
  • The courses which the financial help audit process has not yet evaluated will be marked by a question mark (?)

How to enroll in a class 

  • To register for your class
  • Log into your mynova through nova official home page
  • Choose VCCS SIS student information system
  • Go to the option self-service and then again stud4ent center
  • Next, click on my academics and then select the enroll tab

You will be enrolled in your class.

Some most asked question 

What is nova Implied ?

You can refer to nova emplid as a student id number, which is unique for all the students and identifies each student in the student information system.

How to pay for nova classes ?

Choose the option quick pay and pay your tuition fee online by e-check, credit card, debit card, visa master card American express through the VCCS SIS student information system in mynova.

How to get your nova student id 

Click the option find my nova id to look once that your nova student id is available or not; if you are still facing issues to log into your account and have not found your nova student id, you should contact the help desk,

Can I change my pin?

It is the most often asked question can we change our pin or not? Yes, you can surely change your pin. Whenever you want to r3set your password, log in to your account. we already mention all the steps how to change your password; go through all the processes and can change your password

How to get an official transcript through the nova connect web?

The student who attended the nova within the last three years can request a transcript through nova connect. Otherwise, you may order through a campus student service center in writing using the request for transcript form.

What if you found multiple IDs of your name?

Mostly it will occur when you’ve been taken courses from another college also.

Click on the find my id button to be a course that your nova student id is available. the college code for nova is nv280

If you still face any problems, you should contact help desk support, and we will be glad to assist you.

How do I buy a textbook on mynova?

Nova book store website gives you all textbooks for all nova courses. You can pay here through American express, visa, master card, and you can check more options if available. It will take 1 or 2 days to process.

Steps to order textbook online

  1. Go to your mynova home page, click on the textbook link
  2. Choose your campus, nova online use Alexandria campus
  3. Select your term, your department ( eng, his, adj, ) select your course number, select section number.
  4. Click on add course, and view your textbook list
  5. Follow next all the directions as mentioned there to purchase your book and material
  6. Next, please check your section number carefully; all nova online is through the Alexandria campus only.

How to view transfer credit reports on mynova? 

  1. Go to the home page of my nova log into nova connect
  2. go to the VCCS SIS student information service
  3. click self-service, then student center
  4. in the academic section, select transfer credit report and click to go button at the left of the menu button
  5. how do I register for nova workforce classes

One of the most convenient and fastest online register systems is myworkforce. you can pay through a visa master card or American Express credit card

Process of registration through Myworkforce 

Create a student profile it will provide your own personal, password-protected account; you must have an e-mail account for this process.

Find your class by category, or you can sort classes by location, instructor price, start date, and your classes to the shopping cart and checkout.

Do I have to pay when I register for classes? 

Yes, attending class without payment is not allowed. This service fee is non-refundable; your payment must be made from a US bank or associate.

How to update my profile? 

you can edit or update your profile anytime. You have to sign in to your profile, go to the option my profile, then go to the edit, change whatever you want to change; when you’ve finished, click on submit.

How will you know if you get into the class or not? 

When you register, and your payment is completed, you will receive a class confirmation and transaction receipt via e-mail.

If you do not get your e-mail, then you should confirm your registration by calling 703-503-6300.

What if the class is full?

If your class is full, you can put yourself on the waiting list; when any seat will available and becomes space for you, then a staff member will contact you to see if you are still interested or not. But being on the waitlist is not confirmed that you are registered for the class. You must be enrolled full-time and classes when the semester begins. Being on the waitlist doesn’t count as enrolment.

When does class start?

Nova workforce classes can start at any time; it can give you any start dates for courses.

Refund policies 

You must make your refund request within the date; then, you can get all your refund. You can write an e-mail or go through the link  [email protected].

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