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Occ desire2learn Login – Oakland community college is the finest college in the United States, having five unique campuses in Oakland County. The college was set up in 1964. It is a public community college, the largest community college in Michigan, and The Oakland Community college is the third largest undergraduate enrollment State University.

Oakland community college or occ desire2learn offers many associate degrees and certificate degrees. This occ desire2learn offers the students about 57 associate degrees and 41 distinct certificate degree programs. Occ desire2learn has a motive of excellence empowerment, and it has taken the college to its peak.

Even the students and the faculty members of this college have won many awards. These awards are not limited to the state level or national level, but they have won many international awards. It established the University with only two campuses in the city, but it has expanded its roots and made its enormous campus day by day. The two campuses with which the college started its foundation are Auburn hills and highland lakes.

The occ desire2learn is the online platform for the current student at the Oakland community college. It helps the students learn the ongoing things in the University, like getting to know their grades, assignments, class schedules, and many more things. There are so many other benefits of the occ desire2learn portal. And we will be learning all these benefits in the coming section of the article.

How can you log in to the occ desire2learn platform?

Occ desire2learn

The steps to log in at the occ desire2learn platform are below.

Step 1: The link below will help you visit the login page directly without any inconvenience.

Login link

Step 2: You have to fill in the required details on the login page.

Step 3: Type the user id in the blank column.

Step 4: Enter the password in the space given there.

Step 5: Tap the sign-in button and proceed to your account dashboard.

Follow the above-given steps to log in securely at the occ desire2learn platform.

How to reset the password of a d2l account?

Follow the mentioned steps and reset your password –

1. Go to the link we will provide you below.

Link for Resetting password

2: It will take you to the resetting page.

3: On the resetting page, enter your email address.

4: After filling in the email address, enter the send email option.

5: Check your email account.

6: It will send you a resetting link. Enter that and quickly set up your password.

Benefits of the occ desire2learn

The benefits of the occ desire2learn platform are below. It will help you decide whether you should go for the study at the campus or try somewhere else. However, there is no way of denying admission at the Oakland University of Michigan.

Tuition fees of the University

The university offers various courses at affordable tuition fees. University charges a meager tuition fee from the students, and it is one of the attractions for the students.

Class size and the number of students

The class sizes in the university are not too large like other universities. But the classes are small in dimensions, and it will further benefit the students. If the class is small, the student would be able to understand the concept more clearly and effectively. The professors will be able to give time to each student studying at the university.

Degrees and the programs

University offers many degrees and courses here. So, professors teach the even rarest programs and the degrees here at the university. When a student does not get a particular degree anywhere, he will get that degree here at the Oakland community college.

Best Faculty

Oakland community college has the best team to teach its students. The faculty members are not only highly educated but are masters in their field of study. Students get to learn the course and get the best career guidance and placements. It has an expert faculty who delivers its lectures very effectively.

Schedule and location at occ desire2learn

This college offers flexible schedules. Even the occ desire2learn platform keeps all the scheduled dates for the faculty and the students. It shows all the dates for every particular purpose. You can go to the occ desire2learn platform and get the details of your schedule. The locations are very convenient for the students. So, it is convenient, and the students can easily reach there.

Online service

The occ desire2learn provides 24/7 online services to visitors. People can get information from anywhere and at any time.

Nursing program

It has the most extensive Nursing programs in Michigan. The state’s largest nursing program is at occ desire2learn portal only.

These are the few benefits that the occ desire2learn offers to students and people.

How can a student apply at Oakland University using the occ desire2learn web portal?

Many students desire to study at the Oakland Community college, whether they are a resident or an outsider. This article section will give you instructions on applying at the occ desire2learn portal. Follow the below-given steps.

1: Turn on your device and visit google chrome or any other web browser.

2: Type the web address in the search box. You can even use the below-given link to visit the occ desire2learn portal.


3: The web address will take you to a page for creating a new account.

4: Enter the name, email address, date of birth, and everything else in their appropriate blanks.

5: After you fill in all the asked information, you have to press the create profile option.

6: After you tap on the create profile button, you will be able to create your new account.

These are the quick instructions for creating a new account at the occ desire2learn. It will make the account creation process easier for you.

Student services at occ desire2learn

The Oakland community college provides several services to its students. We are going to discuss these services in front of you all.

  1. ACCESS – ACCESS is the accessibility compliance center and education support services that help with testing arrangements, sign language interpreters, specialized equipment, and tutoring.
  2. ASC infographic – The ASC is a center for academic support. It helps the enrolled students achieve their academic goals like study skill seminars, supplemental instructions, tutoring, etc. It also has a library facility for students enrolled in various courses there.
  3. Desktop software: Students who have a valid school email address can access the free software. This free software makes the student’s work easier and quicker for them.
  4. CIS Labs are also there for the enrolled students, and a counseling facility is also here for the students.
  5. Enrollment services are one other service for the students. All the students got a bookstore facility also.
  6. Student records are the most vital element in the occ desire2learn. The primary responsibility of the occ desire2learn is grade processing, registration, graduation, and diplomas, verification responses, etc.
  7. They also provide financial aid to their enrolled students.
  8. Career and financial services are the services that every student at the occ desire2learn gets as a treat.
  9. Outsiders get all the possible assistance from the college. The students get the International student service from those from other countries.

These are the student services that the students get from the occ desire2learn.

Scholarship at occ desire2learn

This blog section will have a detailed description of scholarships that the Oakland community college provides to its students. The Oakland community college scholarships are for students in the occ desire2learn. It does not discriminate among the students based on race, color, gender, ethnicity, etc.

There is an example concerning this discrimination thing. Suppose a women’s organization is offering a scholarship. In that case, they will deliver it to all the students despite what caste they belong to, what religion they are, what their gender is etc. All the college students will get the scholarship without affecting the external factors.

Non-Institutional scholarship – Many organizations sponsor these non-institutional scholarships to the students. The organization also send a few applications with the scholarship posting. The students should ensure that they are following the instructions. They should meet the application deadlines, which are in the scholarship profile.

How to set your account profile?

To personalize your profile, you must add your picture. It is the best and the most excellent way to personalize a profile. At this time, whichever view you choose will appear on the top of your occ desire2learn profile.

You will also see your image on your homepage and the class list and discussions. Add the picture to your profile, and you will notice that you can see the pictures on all your occ desire2learn courses. A user should use a good picture, mainly focussing on the face. If the photo is inappropriate, you should remove it from the icon.

What are the steps to add a profile picture at occ desire2learn?

The steps to add a profile picture at occ desire2learn are as follows.

1: Firstly, A user has to log in at the occ desire2learn to add a profile picture.

2: Secondly, Go to the menu then.

3: Thirdly, Choose the profile option then.

4: You will see an option for changing the picture.

5: After that, When you get the option for changing the picture, you have to press the button.

6: It will take you to a new page.

7: On this new page, you will see an option for uploading a picture.

8: After that, you have to Press the upload button.

9: Choose a picture you want to put on your profile.

10: After choosing the picture, press the add button and proceed further.

11: It will display the picture on the profile you chose.

12: Press the save and close option button to finish adding the picture to your profile.

Steps to delete a profile at the occ desire2learn

Below are the steps to delete a profile from the occ desire2learn profile.

1:Firstly, Login first into occ desire2learn.

2: After reaching the account, you must tap on the name shown there.

3: Select the option for the profile from the menu.

4: You will see an option for removing the picture. It will give you an option for changing the picture option.

5: After that, Press the remove button. It will delete your picture from your profile.

6: At the end, you have to tap on the cancel option to return to your previous screen.

Download occ desire2 learn the application.

To download the application on your device, you have to follow the below-given steps.

1: Firstly, Switch on your device to log in.

2: Secondly, Go to the play store on the device to download the application on your device.

3: Thirdly, You will see a search box there.

4: Fourthly, Enter the name of the application in the search bar.

5: Click on the search icon.

6: After that, it will show you the results.

7: Select the official application of the same portal.

8: Press the install button to download the application on your device.

9: Lastly, You have to wait for a few minutes and then open the application, and it is ready to use.

Zoom meeting – how to join?

Follow the below-mentioned steps for joining a zoom meeting. Take your meeting id and proceed with the instructions.

1: Firstly, your host will send you the meeting id for you.

2: Secondly, copy that meeting id from the message.

3: Thirdly, after copying it from the message, you must visit the occ desire2learn page. We are providing you with the link for the same.


4: Fourth, the moment you tap the link, you will reach a new window screen.

5: Fifth, you will have to enter a few details on this new window screen.

6: After that, Fill in the meeting id where it is asking you to enter.

7: Lastly, tap the join button and proceed.

Unsubscribing occ desire2learn notifications

Students who are not currently attending the occ desire2learn can disable the notifications because they must be tired of the notifications on their phones and everywhere.

Disabling the phone notifications

The steps to disable the phone notifications are as follows.

1: After logging into the account, you will see your name in the top left corner of your screen.

2: After that, It will show various options there.

3: Press the notification option from the menu.

4: After that, a new page will get open up there.

5: You have to uncheck all the options given there.

6: After that, Press the trashcan icon. It will be present just after the phone number.

7: Press the yes button and proceed.

8: Lastly, tap on the save button to save the changes.

Ways to disable all notifications

Below are the instructions on disabling the notification from your device.

1: Firstly, Go to the menu after logging in to the account.

2: Secondly, You will see an option for notifications. Press the notification option then.

3: A new page will open up on your screen.

4: After this, You have to uncheck all the options shown on the page.

5: The user has to set the activity summary. Click the never option button.

6: After that, you have to check whether your email address or the phone number is showing or not. You have to click on the trashcan button if it’s showing them.

7: Again, uncheck all the options on the page.

8: Tap on the save button and proceed further.

Instructions on disabling daily summary of activity

The steps for disabling the daily summary of activity are as follows.

1: Firstly, Go to the menu first.

2: Secondly, It will show you a few more options.

3: Tap the notification button.

4: You will see an option to stop the notification.

5: After that, Click and turn it to never.

6: Lastly, tap on the save button to save your changes.

Disabling notification from a tool

If you are willing to mute the notification messages from a particular tool of your device, then you have to follow the below-given steps.

1: Firstly, Visit the menu after logging in to the account from the portal.

2: Secondly, Press the notification option then.

3: Thirdly, Uncheck all the option boxes on the page.

4: Fourthly, Uncheck boxes from the tools you don’t want to receive messages from and proceed further.

5: Lastly, You have to press the now save option to save all the changes in the device.

Disabling notifications from a particular course

It is a step guide that a user can follow if he wants to stop receiving messages from a particular course.

1: Firstly, Login using your user ID and the password.

2: Secondly, After you log in to the occ desire2learn portal, you will see a menu button.

3: Thirdly, the menu will have an option for notifications.

4: Fourthly, Press the notification option button then.

5: Fifth, scroll down till the end of the page.

6: Sixth, You will see an option for managing your course exclusions.

7: Click on that option.

8: There will be a search box.

9: You have to enter the name of your course in the space given there.

10: Press the search option and proceed.

11: You have to press the cross mark beside the name of your course.

12: Press the close button.

13: At last, tap the save button to finish the process.

How to disable the email notification?

The steps to disable the email notification are as follows.

1: Firstly, you have to turn on your device and sign in to occ desire2learn using the details.

2: Secondly, After logging in to the account at occ desire2learn, you must move further.

3: Thirdly, Go to the menu of the page.

4: Fourthly, After visiting the menu, you will have to enter the notifications option.

5: Fifth, You have to uncheck all the checked options in the email column.

6: Lastly, Press the yes option and click on the save button to save the changes.

Final words

We know that the Oakland community college is the best in Michigan. It has popularity among the people in the United States. We have started the article with Oakland University and talked about the university’s establishment and motto and everything else. Afterward, we have described the main benefits of the occ desire2learn.

You can use the above-given instructions to apply at Oakland University. We have even told the steps to log in at the occ desire2learn platform. The blog has also talked about resetting the password at the occ desire2learn platform. We also have a description of the services that the occ desire2learn offers to their students studying at their university. The article also has instructions on setting up the profile and information about the university’s scholarships to their residential and international students. I hope you like the article and if you like the article, please leave comments below in the comment section. Also, if you have suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them down in the comments box. We would love to hear from you.

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