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OU Canvas is the official learning management system (LMS) of OU University. The web portal is of great significance for the students and faculty members of the University. The University has 3,000 plus faculty members and 28,564 plus students enrolled in different undergraduate and post-graduate programs. For this huge strength, the University developed the OU Canvas web portal. With this portal, the communication between the students and faculty members became trouble-free. The portal proved to be a doorway to advance and creative learning for the students. OU Canvas made learning a fun task for students.

The portal allows students to access videos of lectures from anywhere at any time, surpassing the boundary of time and place. Through this portal, students can work at their own pace; all they have to remember is the deadlines of their assignments and projects, as meeting the deadlines is significant.

What is OU?

OU stands for the University Of Oklahoma; it is a public research university founded on 19 December 1890. The University is located in Norman, Oklahoma, United States, and currently, Joseph Harroz Jr. is serving as the President of the University.

The University is accredited by HLC and has academic affiliations of URA, ORAU, SURA, and Space-grant; OU University has sports affiliations of NCAA Division, FBS Big 12, and SEC. The motto of the University is, ‘For the benefit of the citizen and the state’ and carries the nickname of ‘Sooners.’ The University has 152 baccalaureates programs, 160 master’s programs, and 72 doctorate programs to offer.

Benefits of OU Canvas for teachers and students

For Teachers

The portal is of great value for both students and teachers, for teachers; it has the following benefits:

  • The portal allows teachers to edit and create content related to their courses according to their desire.
  • It allows teachers to restore deleted files from the system.
  • OU Canvas allows teachers to split their classes into two groups.
  • Portal facilitates teachers by assembling all the tools required for creating assignments, quizzes, projects, tests, lectures, etc., in one place.
  • It allows teachers to enable anonymous grading for the projects and assignments.
  • It allows upgrading grades in the grade book, helping the teachers be more organized and reducing the weight of carrying heavy registers with marks of students.

For Students

The students can use the OU Canvas for the following purposes:

  • Students can use the Canvas OU for completing assignments, projects, making presentations, discussions, etc.
  • The portal allows students to stay organized and track all their due assignments, projects, etc., in one place.
  • With the help of the portal, students can also analyze their performance as they can keep track of their grades in different subjects and courses.
  • The portal updates students about the campus news and events. It also alerts them about the announcements made by teachers and faculty members.
  • Portal enables students to keep a check on their financial aids and expenses.
  • It allows students to communicate with faculty members and teachers through email.

Login Guide for OU Canvas

For logging into Canvas OU, you need to be a student of the University of Oklahoma as the portal can only be accessed by students, teachers and faculty members. Then, you should ensure that you must have a laptop, PC or any other mobile device with a stable internet connection. At last, you should have OU Email or OU Net ID and password with you.

For logging into Canvas OU, follow the following steps

  1. Firstly, visit the official website of the University of Oklahoma, i.e. www.ou.edu, on your browser.
  2. Secondly, hit the three lines below the search icon.
  3. Scroll down towards OU students; once you see it click on it.
  4. Next, scroll towards academic resources and click on the canvas.
  5. Now, a new tab will present in front of you.
  6. Enter your OU Email or OU Net ID and password in their respective places.
  7. At last, click on the sign-in option.

OU Canvas login

You can also log in without navigating to the official website of OU, which follows the below-given steps

  1. Firstly, navigate to sso.ou.edu on your browser.
  2. Then, enter your login credentials, i.e., OU Email or OU Net ID and password, in their respective boxes.
  3. Now, click on the sign-in option.
  4. And that’s it you are in now.

How to reset OU Canvas password?

For this, you have two ways: you can reset your password through the official website of the University of Oklahoma, i.e., www.ou.edu, or you can do it by directly going to sso.ou.edu.

Password reset through OU Website:-

Follow the below-given instructions for resetting the password through the official website of Canvas OU:-

  1. If you want to reset the password through the official website, then firstly, visit the official website of the University, i.e., www.ou.edu.
  2. Secondly, tap on the three lines below the search icon and click on OU Students.
  3. Thirdly, click on the option of forgot password in the accounts section.
  4. Now, click on the password recovery link.
  5. Once you click on the link, a new tab will open in front of you.

password reset ou

  1. Enter your OU Username or OU Email in the required box.
  2. Once you enter your OU Email, the system will provide further instructions for recovering your account.

Password reset through the second method

  1. Firstly, open sso.ou.edu in your browser.
  2. Secondly, now tap on the option of ‘forgot password.’
  3. Now, the above-shown interface will open in front of you.
  4. Next, enter your OU Email in the demanded box, and the system will provide you with further instructions.

How to recover your Canvas OU Username

For recovering the Canvas OU username, follow the steps given below:-

  1. Firstly, navigate to sso.ou.edu in your browser.
  2. Secondly, tap on the option of ‘forget OU Net ID.’
  3. Next, enter your sooner ID and date of birth in the format of mm/dd/yyyy; your sooner ID is the nine-digit number given in the OU Identification card.
  4. Now, the portal will give you instructions for further steps.

OU Canvas Username recover

How to access OU Canvas email via web?

For accessing your OU Email, follow the below-given steps:-

  1. Firstly, navigate to http://outlook365.com in your browser to open the office 365 outlook.
  2. Enter OU Email address in place of your username
  3. Now, enter your OU password in place of the password.
  4. Tap on the option of sign in.
  5. Once you tap on the option of sign in, you will be prompted to authenticate the duo.

outlook for canvas login

How to contact OU?

For contacting OU, one can use the following methods:-

  • Address: 660 Parrington Oval, Norman, USA OK 73019-0390
  • Contact no. (405)325-0311
  • Website: www.ou.edu / https://one.ou.edu/recovery/password


That’s all about OU Canvas. I hope this article provided you with all the information you were looking for. You can write your reviews and feedbacks in the comment section for further changes. And if you still have any queries, in that case, you can ask your concern and queries in the comments. I will try to come back to you with answers as soon as possible. Kindly share your reading experience in the comments and suggestions invited for improvement.

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