Publix Pro – How to download the Publix Pro App

Publix Pro – is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the United States of America. It has more than 1280 retail stores in various locations. Along with that, 1,93,000 employees are working under Publix. We can see that it has a considerable amount of employees working under its supermarket. To ensure maximum employee satisfaction, Publix launched its online portal. This portal consists of all the employee records and information.

About Publix

Publix Super Markets Incorporation was founded in 1930. Some 90 years back. Commonly known as Publix, George W. Jenkins founded it. It is considered the largest U.S regional grocery chain. Publix employs almost 2 Lakh employees at its retail locations, cooking schools, corporate offices, grocery distribution center, and manufacturing facility.

What is Publix Pro?

publix pro

Publix has launched its website to ensure easy access to its employees. However, the Public Pro is an App for Publix associates and employees. Publix has an immense number of workers. And having that information at your fingertips enables employees to work smoothly. The associates and employees can access this information by logging in to the portal, and Publix has an online portal for its employees that users can access from a mobile phone or PC.

How to download the Publix Pro Passport App?

You must know that there is no app available at the Apple store or Play store. You can access the Publix portal easily. If you want to access the Publix Pro Passport App, you can’t as there is no such app available. However, you can visit their online portal by the following instructions –

● Open your browser and search for the official website of Publix.

● Select one option from the available two, “Android instructions” and “Apple instructions.”

● As mentioned earlier, there is no app available for Publix. 

● You can access the Publix portal on any browser, as it is available in the countries for the stores. 

The users can visit the Publix online portal on your mobile phone. All you have to do is to perform the same instruction. Ensure you are not outside the store location area as the users cannot access the Publix website outside the country.

Few different types of Apps – Publix

There is no app available for Publix Passport. But as a matter of fact, there are some other apps for different purposes. 

Publix Pro – Publix Pro app is available for Publix’s employees and associates except for front desk clerks. All the employees can get access to all the information available on this app for their use. The app can be downloaded, just the way you would download any other app. 

Publix App – Publix app is primarily available for customers. With the help of this app, they can do online shopping. They can also avail discount coupons, and the app is available for both iPhone and Android users, so the App Store or Play store can easily download it. 

Oasis App – It is a computer-based automated system. It creates a store working roster based upon its own business needs. On Oasis, you can see pay statements and other personal financial details. 

After successfully downloading these apps, you need to log in. If you don’t know how to log in to Publix Pro App, follow the illustrated instructions mentioned above.

Why don’t front service clerks have Publix Pro?

Front service clerks have to shift customer carts to the parking lot and then unload the groceries into customer vehicles. Generally, they have to carry the customer’s bag when necessary. Publix Pro app is specially developed for Publix employees and associates. 

But this app is not available for the front desk clerks. There have been questions: why is it so? There isn’t any valid answer or statement for this question.

Reason behind no availability of Publix Pro App for FSC’s

The front desk clerks are generally less than 18 years of age. That may be the reason, but the cashiers under the age of 18 are allowed to use the Publix Pro App. The workings of front service clerks include external work, for that they don’t require any inside information of the Publix Pro app. The Front service clerks have to shift and unload the groceries of the customers into their vehicles.

Publix has grown from a single store to the largest employee-owned grocery chain. And they are cautious about disclosing the information of their company to the ones who need it.

How to log in to Publix Pro?

Publix developed Publix Pro for its employees. If You are an employee or associate, you can log in to the Publix app. For that, you will need a username and password. But if you are outside the store location, you wouldn’t be able to log in because Publix Pro App and its online Portal aren’t available internationally.

Steps to login to Publix Pro

Step 1: First, you need to install the Publix Pro app available for employees and associates.

Step 2: Now, open the app.

Step 3: It will ask for your Publix Username and its Password.

Step 4: Fill in your username and password and click on sign in.

Step 5: The portal will take you to your Publix Pro App account.

These were some basic steps to log in to the Publix Pro app. You can reset your password from here if you have forgotten your old one.


That was all about the Publix Pro app and its portal. Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain, and it has almost 1,93,000 employees working under its various retail stores. You can access its portal on your mobile phones and computers. There are steps and instructions mentioned clearly; follow the steps carefully to avoid any trouble. If you face any situation in logging in, click on the link that says need help and explain your query. Other than that, if you have questions and suggestions regarding this article, let us know. We would be pleased to answer with utmost sincerity.

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