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QUT is the virtual learning management system of Queensland University. With the help of the QUT blackboard, the students can access videos of lectures, study material, syllabus, and many more things in one place. The students can access the QUT blackboard with the help of their student login account. The web portal works as a communication channel between the students and faculty members, making communication more effective and easy. If you are a new user and don’t know how to access the QUT blackboard, this article will surely help you access the QUT blackboard account. Please read the article till the end to get detailed knowledge about the QUT blackboard.

About Queensland University

Queensland University, or the University of Queensland, is a public research University. The motto of the University is ‘by means of knowledge and hard work.’ Queensland University was established in 1909. Currently, Peter Varghese is serving as the chancellor, and Deborah Terry AO is serving as the Vic-Chancellor of the University. The location of the University is in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the campus of the University is located in multiple sites. Queensland University has affiliations in Group of Eight, Universitas 21, ASAIHL, Edx, and MC Donell international International Scholars Academy. The Queensland University was ranked second all around the nation by the Australian Research Council based on the average of four major global university league tables. It is the founder member of Edx and is among the leading Group of Eight and the international research-intensive Association of Pacific Rim Universities.

Things required to access the QUT blackboard login portal

Certain things are required beforehand to access the QUT blackboard login portal; they are as follows: –

The users need to have a Smartphone, personal computer, tablet, laptop, etc., to access the QUT blackboard login account.

Ensure that you have the legitimate web address of the QUT Blackboard portal.

You need to have a high-speed stable internet connection to avoid buffering and network errors.

Besides this, the users need to have an updated browser that supports the working of the official website of QUT blackboard.

Lastly, you need to have the login credentials (username and password) of your QUT blackboard account.

The moment you assemble all the above-given things in one place, you are all set to Login to your QUT blackboard account.

Instructions for logging into QUT blackboard account

The method of logging into your QUT account is very easy. If you are a first-time user and don’t know how to Login to your QUT blackboard account, this article will surely guide you in accessing the QUT Blackboard portal. Follow the instructions given below to Login to your QUT blackboard account: –

1: First of all, switch on your device and navigate to your device’s web browser.

2: Type www.blackboard.qut.edu.au in the search bar of your device.

3: The web address will redirect you to the Login page of QUT University.

4: Enter your Login credentials on the login page.


5: Fill in your username in the required column. Username is the QUT student id that you receive after completing the enrollment process. And if you are a new user and logging into your QUT blackboard login account for the first time, you first need to set the password.

6: Enter your password in the designated box.

7: Double-check the information you have entered on the QUT login page.

8: Tap on the option of Login available on the screen.

9: Now, you will move to the home page of the QUT blackboard. You can see your courses in the MyCourses module.

That’s it now; you have access to your QUT Blackboard portal. With the help of the portal, you can get access to your syllabus, reading list, study material, lectures, etc. The users can submit their assignments in the QUT blackboard with the help of their QUT account. With the help of the portal, students can check their grades and progress in their studies.

The web portal of QUT is convenient for students as well as teachers. Through the portal, teachers can directly post the questions and assignments in the class. Besides this, the portal updates students, teachers and faculty members about the events and updates in Queensland University.

How to retrieve the password of the QUT blackboard?

Many people forget their login credentials, especially the password of the QUT portal. If you belong to the category of those, there is nothing to worry about it. This article will surely help you in retrieving your QUT blackboard portal password. All you have to do is consciously read and follow the below-given instructions: –

1: Firstly, you need to navigate to www.blackboard.qut.edu.au

2: The web address will redirect you to the login page of QUT.

3: Tap on the option of forgot your password available on the right side of the screen.


4: Forgot your password link will redirect you to the password recovery page of the QUT blackboard login portal.

5: Fill in your QUT access username in the input box.

qut password.PNG

Step 6: At last, tap on the option of Continue.

The portal will provide you with further instructions for recovering your QUT account password. You have to carefully read and follow the onscreen instructions to recover your password successfully.

How to contact the QUT helpdesk?

If you are a student and facing any issues while accessing your QUT blackboard account, I recommend you approach the QUT helpdesk regarding such issues. You can use the below-given modes of communication to contact the QUT helpdesk: –

Contact number for Australian and New Zealand students: 3138 2000

Email ID for Australian and New Zealand students: [email protected](current students)

Contact number for international students:

Australia – 07 3138 8339

Outside Australia – +617 3138 8339

Current students – 3138 2000

Contact number for research students: 3138 7200

Email ID for research students: [email protected]

Contact number for Alumni: 3138 4778

Email ID for Alumni: [email protected]

Contact number for research services: 3138 9320

Email ID for research services: [email protected]

Contact number for professional and executive education: +617 3138 7733

Email ID for professional and executive education: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions about QUT blackboard

How do I change the QUT readings list to which my blackboard site is linked?

Ans. One can access relink option from the top of the embedded reading list on the blackboard. And you can delete the QUT readings link by using the drop-down menu. After that, you need to reinstall the item by clicking build content and select QUT readings. Enter QUT readings in the section of the name of the field. Remember that the next time you tap on these QUT readings links, you will select the list to attach.

What is the meaning of HIQ?

Ans. In a nutshell, QUT HIQ is a one-stop destination for any general queries that need technical support help and IT help. Besides this, the HIQ provides library support that includes accessing information, referencing and using library materials. And top of all, this HIQ assists the student administration process that includes activities like enrollment, admission, fees and credit. Lastly, HIQ provides access and referral to specialist services.

One can access HIQ through their phone, QUT app, or online website, and the students can visit the QUT blackboard in person or at one of the QUT campuses. QUT website enables students to manage their studies through online medium.

How to attach individual items to the reading list?

Follow the steps given below to add a link to an individual item on your reading list to your blackboard site: –

1: First of all, locate the item you want to link to the reading list.

2: Tap on the Ellipsis option.

3: Click on the share item.

4: Copy the link now.

That’s it; remember that the link will remain on the blackboard site after the blackboard site rollover. Suppose your reading list has a teaching period; in that case, you need to put the item in the newly rolled over reading list and then update the link to the item.

Final words

That was all about QUT Blackboard. I hope this article helped you log into your QUT Blackboard account. If you are facing any queries in accessing your QUT blackboard student portal or any queries, feel free to write your issues and concerns in the comment section. I will try to resolve all your QUT blackboard login related issues and queries at the earliest. If you are facing any technical issues, I recommend you contact the student helpdesk or faculty of Queensland University. You have to be patient; the faculty will indeed address your concern. For more login portal related queries like this, please subscribe to the website. If the article was helpful for you, please share it with others. And yes, don’t forget to provide your reading experience and feedback in the comments. Suggestions are invited for further improvement. I wish you happy reading!

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