USC Academic Calendar 2021-22: Important events, dates and deadlines

The University of South California has released its Academic calendar for 2021-22. If you want to get detailed knowledge about the USC academic calendar 2021-22, I will request you to read the article until the end. Today’s article will tell you about the important dates, events, and deadlines of the USC academic calendar 2021-22.

The article will discuss USC academic fall semester 2021, spring semester 2022 and summer 2022. After one and a half years, the University of Southern California finally begins in-person academic instruction on 23rd August 2022, i.e., Monday. So let’s start the discussion on USC academic calendar 2021 22 without wasting further time.

About University of Southern California

The University of Southern California is a private research university founded on 06th October 1880 by Robert M. Widney. The University is located in Los Angeles, California, United States. “Let whoever runs the palm bear it” is the motto of the University of Southern California. Currently, Carol Folt is serving as the President of the University. The campus of the University is located in Large City, University Park Campus, 299 acres (1.21 km2), Health Sciences Campus, 79 acres (0.32 km2). The University has sporting affiliations of the NCAA division, FBS – Pac-12, ACHA, MPSF and academic affiliation of AAU, NAICU, APRU, sea-grant and space-grant.

USC Academic Calendar fall 2021

Important dates and deadlines of USC academic calendar fall 2021 are as follows: –

The fall semester USC academic calendar 2021 will consist of 69 instructional days.

The USC Move-In will be from 14th August 2021 Saturday to 18th August 2021.

Fall semester classes 2021 will begin from 23rd August 2022 (Monday).

10th September 2021 will mark up several deadlines. The deadlines followed on 10th September 2021 are as follows: –

It’s the deadline to drop a class without a mark of “W” except for Monday – only classes, and the students will receive a refund for session 001.

On 10th September 2021, students last chance to change their enrollment option to Pass/No Pass or Audit for session 001.

Besides this, it is the last date to purchase or waive tuition refund insurance for all.

The last date to drop a Monday – only class without a mark of “W” is 14th September 2021; it is also the last date to change to Pass /No Pass or an Audit for session 001. The students can receive or refund on the same date.

Those willing to drop a course without a mark of “W” on the transcript only for session 001 should note the date 08th October 2021 as it’s the last date for dropping the course. And it is also the last date to change a Pass/No Pass to a letter grade for 001.

Fall recess of this semester will begin from Thursday, 14th October 2022 – to 15th October 2022.

If you wish to drop a class with a mark of “W” for session 001, then 12th November 2021 is the last date for doing so.

Thanksgiving holiday of Fall semester 2021 will begin from 24th November 2021, i.e., Wednesday and will last till 28th November 2021, i.e., Sunday.

03rd December 2021 (Friday) will mark up the end of USC classes of fall semester 2021.

The study days before the examination will start from Saturday, 04th December 2021 and continue until 07th December 2021, Tuesday.

The beginning of USC fall exam marks on 08th December 2021 (Wednesday).

And the fall semester 2021 examination will end on 15th December 2021 (Wednesday).

The winter recess of the fall semester will start from Thursday 16th December 2021 and will end on 09th January 2022, Sunday.

USC Academic Calendar spring 2022

The USC academic calendar for spring 2022 consists of 73 instructional days. Spring semester 2022 of USC academic calendar consists of the following events, dates and deadlines: –

Registration for the USC spring semester began from 06th January 2022, i.e., Friday – 07th January 2022, i.e., 2022.

10th January 2022 marks the beginning of spring semester 2022 with the first class of the spring semester.

On 17th January, i.e., Monday, marks the birth anniversary of Martin Luther King.

28th January 2022 is all about deadlines. Following are the critical deadlines: –

It is the last registration date, and add classes for session 001.

Besides this, it is also the deadline for dropping a class without a mark “W,” except for Monday – only classes a refund or change to Audit for Session 001.

And it’s the last date to change the enrollment option to Audit for session 001. If you want to make any of the above changes, then rush before 28th January 2022.

01st February 2022 is another deadline that marks the last day to add or drop a Monday – only class without a mark of “W.” You can receive a refund or change to Audit for session 001.

11th February 2022 is your last chance if you want to change the enrollment option to Pass/No Pass for session 001.

On 21st February 2022, i.e., Monday, the college will celebrate President’s day.

25th February 2022 marks the last date to drop a course without a mark of “W” on the transcript.

Remember that the mark “W” will still show on the student record, and the STARTS report and Tuition charges will still apply. 25th February is also the last date to change a Pass/No Pass to a letter grade for session 001.

13th March 2022, i.e., Sunday marks the beginning of USC spring break 2022, and the break ends on 20th March 2022, i.e., Sunday.

08th April 2022 is the deadline for dropping a class with a mark of “W” for session 001.

And the spring semester of USC academic calendar 2022 ends on 29th April 2022, i.e., Friday, with the last class of the spring semester.

From 30th April 2022 (Saturday) to 03rd May 2022 (Tuesday), the student will get to study days before exams.

04th May 2022, i.e., Wednesday marks the beginning of the spring semester examination. The spring semester examination continues till 11th May 2022, i.e., Wednesday.

12th May 2022, i.e., Thursday marks the end of USC spring semester2022.

The USC commencement /graduation will be on 13th May 2022 (Friday). The USC commencement 2022 will be the 139th commencement ceremony and will take place at the University of South California Alumni Memorial Park at 08:30 am.

USC Academic Calendar summer 2022

The Summer Calendar of USC consists of 58 instructional days. USC Academic calendar summer 2022 has several important dates and deadlines for the summer semester of the year 2022 are as follows: –

The registration for USC summer 2022 will start from 16th May 2022 (Monday) – 17th May 2022 (Tuesday).

Summer semester classes of the USC academic calendar will begin from 18th May 2022, i.e., Tuesday.

On 30th May 2022, the US College will be celebrating Memorial Day.

Juneteenth is coming on Sunday 17th June 2022

The last event of the USC academic calendar summer 2022 will be on 04th July 2022 (Monday), where the University will be celebrating Independence Day.

And on 09th August 2022, i.e., Tuesday, the USC summer semester will end.

Final Words

That’s it about USC academic calendar 2021 22: important events, dates and deadlines. In the end, I would like to say that if you are still facing any issues, please feel free to write your issues in the comments. I will resolve all your USC academic calendar 2021 22 issues as soon as possible. Please subscribe to the website for more login portal-related articles like this. For further improvement, kindly provide your feedback in the comment section.

I believe the article gave you a broad idea about the USC academic calendar 2021 22. You can contact the University authorities relate to USC academic calendar 2021 22 queries. Sooner or later, they will address your issue and query for sure. If the article was helpful for you, please share it with others.

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