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About Acorn UOFT 

Acorn UOFT is an information service and hub for students of Toronto University. University launched this service on June 22, 2015, for University students to manage their student life easier through technology.

Acorn stands for Accessible Campus Online Resources Network. It is a web-based tool that stores all the users’ academic, personal, and financial records. It will replace the existing ROSI student web service [SWS] for those unfamiliar with the current system.


Once you log on to Acorn, your University of Toronto student number is your User ID, and your PIN is your birth date. You will instantly select a new PIN during your first session during your first class. You will also ask for answers to some questionnaires that can help you if you forgot the password.

Sign In 

In Acorn, you don’t have to keep track of username and password; in this, you need to use your UTORid and password to log in to Acorn.


ROSI stands for ‘Repository of Student Information. A UofT system helps operate, plan, and manage student academic records, accounts, and awards. The definitive source of institutional data on applicants, students, and alumni concerning their work in degree, diploma, and certificate program at UofT.


The dashboard is the “Home Page” oF Acorn, which shows critical information like; upcoming deadlines, financial information, and academics.


You can find information about your fees, pay via credits, and your balance owing in finance.


Here you can see the information related to your academic status, registration, grades, and graduation.

Course Enrolment

Here you can register for the courses, and you can create a wishlist by adding them to your enrolment card or change them by going to enroll and manage classes. When it is course registration time, there are thousands of students on Acorn simultaneously. During this time, Acorn switches to a simplified version for 24 hours, so you may not be able to access some functions. If you are facing any enrollment issue, do not refresh the browser or try again in the next window, it will confuse the Acorn, and maybe you will lose the chance.

Opportunities outside the classroom 

On Acorn, you will get an option in the Life section, and you have access to opportunities outside the class. You can access your ‘Co-Curriculum Records,’ clubs, and mentorship opportunities from Life involvement.

What does Acorn UOFT do ?

  • You can use it to enroll in your course.
  • View your course schedule.
  • Update your address, telephone number, or email by going on ‘Personal information.
  • Check your grades and other academic information.
  • View your fees account.
  • Request graduation.
  • Order transcripts.
  • Print tax forms etc.,

Let’s Signin to Acorn UOFT

  • For signin , first, visit the official site of Acorn;
  • Now enter your UTOrid or JOINid
  • Then they will ask you the password, write your password

After writing your password, click login to access your dashboard.

  • Students of the University of Toronto Scarborough [UTSC] and the University of Toronto Mississauga [UTM] can also log in to Acorn with the same link.
  • After taking the session, do not forget to log out. If you have not logged out, your session will not terminate until ending.
  • And if you left the session running, there is a possibility that the next person who will use this computer will read or change your records.
  • So be careful about it, and congratulations, you have successfully logged in.

How to enroll and find courses in Acorn UOFT?

Before enrolling, first, should you check your course started or not? After scanning, you can follow these steps -:

  • First, go to the official Acorn website, then log in using your JOINid/ UTORid.
  • In the academics menu, you will see an option of the “Enroll and Manage” feature click that.
  • There will be two options: Fall-winter or Summer, you can choose at your convenience.
  • In the search field, type the course code or title to select the course you want.
  • After searching, a pop-up window will appear for you to choose the lecturer, tutorial, or practical.
  • After completing it click ‘Enroll.’ you will receive a notification.
  • But if there is no space remaining in the section, you will miss the chance. So be updated about the courses.

How to Leave the course on Acorn UOFT?

Suppose you no longer want to be enrolled in a course. In that case, you can drop it on Acorn UOFT by the applicable deadline to have it removed from your transcript, and you can refer to the refund schedule to determine whether you are eligible for a refund or not.

  • First, go to the official site of Acorn and log in.
  • Now click the academic menu and select ‘courses.’
  • There is a gear icon; click the gear icon of the course you want to drop.
  • The drop-down menu will show you an option of ‘Drop Course.’ Click that and confirm your selection.
  • After completing it, you will get a notification on the top right-hand corner of the screen, which means you have successfully dropped the course.
  • Now you can check your course list. The dropped course will no longer list in your current enrollment list.

About declaring the absence on the Acorn

Suppose you are absent because you are not well or have any other reason. In that case, you can formally declare the absence from academic participation in the University if you have missed academic work and procedures specific to your faculty or campus, stating that you need to communicate lack on Acorn UOFT.

Follow these steps for declaring the absence:-

  • First, let’s go to the official page of Acorn and log in.
  • Click on profile and settings from the left-hand menu.
  • Now you can see the option of Absence Declaration. Click that.
  • Until the day you return to the campus for class or other activities, you can record each day that you are absent – as soon as it begins.
  • Now you have completed the absence declaration steps.

How can we pay the fees on Acorn UOFT?

Nowadays, our education is the most significant investment of our lives, so make sure you know the deadlines and options for paying your fees.

Find your Invoice

  • Check your mail or go to Acorn to print your invoice after enrolling in the classes.
  • It will show you the total amount of your invoice. It will include your tuition fees plus any college, incidental, ancillary fees, and if you are staying in residence, so, residence fees also.


For registering yourself in the class, you must pay your fees by the deadlines. Deadlines will list on the ‘Academic Dates Page.’ If somehow you miss the deadline, you will remove from your course.

  • Fall-winter session

Pay or defer your fees by the September 1 deadline.

  • Summer session

Pay or defer your fees by the April deadline.

Your options

You have three options for your fees :

  1. You can defer your fee payment through Acorn if you are waiting for financial aid to arrive.
  2. You can pay your fees in full.
  3. You can pay your fees in installments, pay the first installment of your payments to register, and pay the remaining amount at a later date.

NOTE –You will be charged a service charge on any outstanding balance. Make sure you are aware of when your total fees are due.

Steps for paying the fees on time 

First, print off your invoice from Acorn and locate your financial institution.

  • For Domestic Students: You can pay your fees through a bank in person, online, or through telephone banking. Remember, You can also make a payment using a credit card through Acorn.
  • For International Students: You can make payment by credit card, or you can use Western Union’s Global Pay or send a bank draft or money order in Canadian funds to the University of Toronto.
  • Set up UOFT as your payee accounts by providing your financial institution with your UOFT student account number and the name ‘University of Toronto’ if you pay by phone or online.
  • You can see your UOFT student account number on the invoice format of your account on Acorn. The account number consists of the first five characters of your surname in capital letters and ten numbers as your student number.
  • Save your confirmation number in case there is a delay in processing your payment. If you missed the deadline and paid late, make sure you get a proof of payment showing the date you paid and show your registrar’s office as soon as possible.

NOTE: Once you have paid the fees, you can check your status in Acorn. ‘REG’ – Payment has been received

‘INVI’ – Payment not received


So if you want to enroll in the courses on Acorn UofT, do so freely because this website is straightforward to use. This article has discussed all the essential things and difficulties students mostly face.

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