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 Bobcat Mail is the official email service used at Texas  State University.  Bobcat Mail is also known as , texas state email. As  a part of Microsoft 365 , Bobcat Mail also combines with a lot of Microsoft 365 apps. Texas email is available on internet devices like ; computers, laptops, desktop , ios and android phones as well. You can use it anytime, at any place where the internet serves. For using this facility first we should create a NetID and password after that you can take benefits of it.

What is the use of Bobcat Mail

As you know sometimes situations are not good around us, like at the time of CoronaVirus pandemic we have stuck in the house so, that time we started using technology more because of this we understood that we should prepared for everything, and that time emails were the only way to provide the information and communicate at workplace .

  • Texas University has started this app for helping and assisting  students, staff and faculty members of the University.
  • It is easy to use  anywhere , anytime with any device.
  • BobcatMail provides the information about the bill payments, services and other activities which are going on at the University.
  • And communicate with the Texas University community.

Advantages of using Bobcat Mail

  • It’s free for the users. You don’t have to pay one time or annually .
  • You can use it wherever and whenever you need.
  • All the members like; students, workers and faculty members of the Texas University can use it freely for communicating to each other and authorities on the mailing service.
  • Through this you can update yourself about the University’s latest affairs.
  • BobcatMail integrates  various apps and applications like office 365 so, you can log in to mailing service through any or every app without any difficulty.
  • People can create their mailing groups and subscribe to newsletters.
  • The most impressive thing is that BobcatMail has provided us with a very simple interface which can be used by any fresher or experienced person.

Let’s Log into BobcatMail in Microsoft 365

  • First check your internet connection, if you don’t have so use wifi or hotspot, and your network should be stable.
  • Visit  the official site of BobcatMail. On that site you will find an introductory passage.
  • At the side of the passage there will be a button for login click that.
  • After clicking that you will see the Microsoft outlook page where you have to enter your email address given by Texas University.
  • Then enter the password set by your account creation.
  • Press enter to login to BobcatMail.

About NetID

Texas State University has given a computer account known as NetID to each authorized student and they are the only authorized user of that NetID and account. This NetID provides access to the University’s information resources like BbocatMail. You are responsible for this NetID and passphrase , if any action or activity will happen so you will be, Your passphrase should be kept secure and private and you can not use this NetID for any commercial purposes. If you are not using your NetID, it can be deactivated after 180 days.

How to Activate Bobcat Mail Net ID and Password

  • First open the tool kit.
  • Click activate NetID.
  • Then select an identifier type [ NetID/Texas State NetID or SSN].
  • Enter the identifier and date of birth appropriately in the boxes.
  • After that an image will show you a code, enter that code and click next.
  • Enter your last name, social security number, and personal email address appropriately.
  • Then the system will send you c code for validation, enter that code and your date of birth.
  • After validating your Net ID will appear on the screen, write it down for future use.
  • Check the ‘I agree……….’  in the checkbox.
  • Enter a passphrase at least 15 characters long as your password and click submit.
  • Now you have successfully created your NetID and password.

For Resetting the Password by Using forgot password

  • Open an online toolkit.
  • Click the forgot password?
  • Select an identifier type.
  • Enter your identifier and date of birth.
  • Enter the code shown in the image and click next.
  • Enter your last name, social  security number and personal email address.
  • Click validate.
  • The system will send you the one time use link to your personal email address.
  • Read the email and click the link.
  • Enter your date of birth and validate.
  • Check the ‘ I agree ………’
  • Re-enter your password of 15 characters.
  • Click submit and your password has reset.

How to Change the Net ID Password

  • First let’s go to the online toolkit.
  • Enter or NetID and Password and login.
  • Click change password.
  • Select the no radio button then enter a new personal email and same email again.
  • Click send confirmation email.
  • Read the email and click the link .
  • On the one time use the link validation screen and enter your date of birth  then click  validate.
  • Click the checkbox  and enter the old password.
  • Now enter the new password of 15 characteristics.
  • Click submit, your password has successfully changed.
  • Your NetID password expires every 365 days . ITAC will send you lots of reminder emails to help make sure you get it done on time.
  • Update  your password on every place where you login.

Regarding Login Issues in Bobcat Mail

If you are facing any kind of difficulties while Login to BobcatMail so, you can follow these simple steps-

  • Visit the official BobcatMail website.
  • Click on the button with text – login.
  • A page will appear , underneath the username textbook , you should find – can’t access my account text.
  • Click on the link.
  • New page will come and it will ask you to enter your username and verification code.
  • After confirming , you will receive a revised password that you use to login into BobcatMail.
  • Now go back to the first page in step one and click on login and enter the recovered login details to get access to the account.


Easy steps for setting up the BobcatMail on an Android

  • Open your Email app and enter your Texas State email address  and password.
  • Tap manual setup then tap exchange.
  • Re-enter your Texas State email address.
  • Then enter TXSTATE your NetID and password for Domain. username and for exchange server.
  • Check the use secure connection  checkbox and tap next.
  • Select the information which you want to synchronize or select automatic.
  • Tap next after finishing  and now name the email account and click done.

How to add Bobcat Mail in Apple Mail on Mac

  • First go to AppleMail.
  • Select Exchange and continue.
  • Enter a name for your email address then enter your Texas State email address and NetID and password.
  • Click sign in.
  • Now you will be promoted to complete Duo multi factor authentication.
  • Choose the apps which you want to use with your account , then click done so, you have successfully added your BobcatMail in AppleMail on your Mac.

How to Access a Shared Calendar in Outlook for Window

To access another person’s calendar ,that person must give you permission; otherwise you will face consequences.

  • First you should go to the website and open outlook.
  • Click the calendar tab.
  • Click open calendar and then click open shared calendar.
  • Enter the name or email address  of the person or shared mailbox calendar you wish to access.
  • You can also search for a person or room which you want  in the  address book.
  • Click ok the shared calendar will  appear side-by-side with  your personal calendar.
  • It has done and you have successfully accessed a shared calendar in outlook.

For Solving the Difficulties

Here are some additional links that will help you strengthen your login process.

  • For services regarding dealing with grouped files and emails, you can read the data comparison guide.
  • If you want to download a support app and begin the login process there ,so you can refer to the mobile guide by BobcatMail website

For support you can follow these ways:-

  1. Visit the official site of BobcatMail.
  2. Click 1. They get support for tabs.
  3.  After clicking it will show you the new page.
  4. On that page you will get the list of issues. Choose the one which you are facing.
  5. They will give you some instructions, read them carefully and do as they said to get support.

Wrapping up

This portal is very useful for the users because of this technology we are saving our time and money. Students, staff and faculty members all the users are taking advantage of this. In this article we covered all the queries or difficulties which are facing by many people and through this article you can get the knowledge about BobcatMail. While using everything you should follow some steps in BobcatMail also we have some terms of use so, before using it read all the terms of using.

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