aka.ms/remoteconnect – How to use Minecraft Crossplay

What is Aka.ms/remoteconnect?


aka.ms/remoteconnect – Ms remote connect is a web portal that provides you to connect to different devices through your Microsoft account. It is a website that provides Minecraft cross-play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, series x, series s consoles. Suppose you are using the cross-play feature like playing Minecraft on PlayStation or Nintendo switch. This feature provides you with access to play online. And you don’t have to play online. You may add other users to play even if they are playing or accessing the game on some other platform.

Is the use of aka ms remote connect legal and safe?

Ms aka remote connect is a legal website that allows access to play games with your friends and partners. It has no safety issues. This website is completely secure and safe. The URL of the webpage or web portal has a usual or common format for the web addresses on the Microsoft website.


Is it the actual or real website? This web portal is hosted on the official Microsoft website. Microsoft provides the service for the access of cross-play or to enable it. 

Is it a necessity to have a Microsoft account to play Minecraft?

No, a Microsoft account is not necessary to play Minecraft on most devices. However, the java version of Minecraft or any version related to the Microsoft or Windows device requires one. For instance, if you wish to operate the cross-play option on some other device, for example, a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch, then it is necessary for you to have a Microsoft account. There are so many reasons why we require a Microsoft account.

The reasons are Mojang studios are the ones who developed Minecraft. But now, it has been taken over by Microsoft through its Xbox game studios which is its subsidiary. Moreover, to assure all the cross-play users, one should have a Microsoft account that develops a line of security and safety for the online mode of gaming. , if you have a non-Microsoft device, you will have to register yourself or login to a Microsoft account. Microsoft provides access to Minecraft players to play on multiple devices like Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, switch, etc. They also allow access to playing it on smartphones androids or in ios with their Microsoft account login. 

How to do account settings on ps4?

If you wish to play Minecraft on any device with your friends, you have to connect your PS4, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch with a Microsoft live account.

In case you want to play Minecraft on PlayStation 4, you need to have a Microsoft account. You have an option for this. 

 You may also transfer the Minecraft store or marketplace purchases to some other device. 

Step 1 – To sign in with Microsoft, go to the official web portal using the link given below for you


Step 2– A login page will appear on your screens. 

Step 3-Now, you have to enter the unique code of 8 characters displayed on your device or the app. 

Step 4: To link your accounts, you have to log in to your Microsoft account. 

Step 5: You have to use the account details of the Microsoft account, ensuring that you wish to associate with the PlayStation network account. The user can not undo the process. 

Step 6: When you have signed in to your Microsoft account successfully, you have to click on the play button to move forward to the Minecraft game home screen. 

Step 7: Press the tab showing there as add a friend. 

Step 8: Next, enter your Microsoft Gamertags one by one to search for your friends.

Why am I having an error connection at aka.ms/remoteconnect?

aka msconnect error

You may see an error at ms remote connect because of various reasons.

When you try to use Minecraft cross-play features for the first time on your device if it is not associated with the Microsoft account, the issue mainly happens when you play the game on PlayStation or any other non- Microsoft device. The other reason for this error can be a recent change of device. For instance, if you start using an Xbox console to a PlayStation console or from a PlayStation console to a Nintendo console.

How to fix Ms. Remote Connect’s error?

There are several techniques to fix the aka ms remote connect error. You should know that you should have a Microsoft account if you do not have an account. Go to the portal and sign up or register yourself for free of cost. The link for registration or sign up is https://account.microsoft.com.
Or you may directly go to https://sign up.live.com
You will see an option for creating an account. You just tap the press it, and then follow the instructions. Creating a new account can also solve your problems or the errors you are having. In situations when there is a conflict between the device and your current Microsoft account, it helps.
When you already have an account, and the web page is asking you for a code. You visit the page by clicking on the link given https:// aka.ms/remote connect; after that, enter the code ( for which they are asking) in the given space. Now, to move forward, press the next option. Finally, you will be able to connect your Microsoft account with your device.
When none of these is working, you must be dealing with the corrupted game data. It is very important to fix other problems first because fixing them may delete all your game data, which means the user will lose your progress. If you wish to do it, you have to go to system settings and then go on storage, then on game storage afterwards go on to Minecraft.

Aka ms remote connect – facing problems?

If you face any problem when operating a remote connect service, then there are few things you should try. If your web page is not loading, you should try to ascertain whether the problem or error is with the website or not or you have a bad internet connection. An interesting and best way to check this is to try to load YouTube or some other webpage. If it works then, you should understand that there is no problem with your internet connection. Your internet connection is strong enough. There are possibilities that the service is down because of high traffic volume or maintenance. Down server is a common problem. So, go back and try after a few minutes.
Next, if the webpage is properly working, then enter the code. But if it is denied again and again, then the solution to the problem is to check your code again. Check it once again, and then enter it correctly as shown to you on the display screen connected to your games console. Be assured that you have not mistakenly made any typing mistakes or errors while entering the code, such as entering O instead of a zero and vice-president versa. It would be best if you were careful even when you are copy-pasting the code. Make sure you do not add any extra space between them. The system will resolve your problem. If not, then you have to approach the customer care service for any further help.

How and why does a Microsoft account get locked?

At the time of login, if you enter a wrong password too many times, the Microsoft account gets locked. It is very similar to our mobile phone. For example, each of us protects our phones by setting up a lock screen pattern or password on our mobile phones. So, whenever we forget the pattern or password so many times, it gets locked. Similarly, our account also gets locked for some time. So, the reason behind the seized account can be a security issue.

What are the steps to unlock your Microsoft account?

The steps to unlock your Microsoft account is as followed

Step 1– The very first step of yours should be to log in to the official website. You may use the given link as per your convenience account.microsoft.com.The display screen will remind you that your account is locked. 

Step 2: You will see a form there. You have to fill it in carefully.

Step 3: Now, Enter your phone number on the form as your mobile number will get a verification code from Microsoft, which will help you unlock the Microsoft account. 

Step 4: When you get the verification code, you go back to the form web page and then enter the security code number to unlock your account. 

Step 5: Next, you will need to change your password for further proceedings. The password can not be the same as the previous one. 

Step 6: You have to be sure that the third person is locked out of your account in the case if there was some suspicious activity that caused the lock to be enforced. 

Step 7: Once your password has been changed, you have to go back to the website’s official page and open the login page.

Step 8: Then enter the details to sign in, and do not forget to use your new password instead of the old one.

Step 9: Sign in with your new password only on any device which uses your Microsoft account, such as outlook or skype.

What are the steps to set up ms remote connect by using the Xbox smartphone app on Xbox?

Steps to setup aka.ms/remoteconnect by using Xbox smartphone app on Xbox is as followed

Step 1 – Go to the website. The link is given for you

https://aka.ms/xboxsetup, and the given link is only for mobile users. 

Step 2– Now, log in to your Microsoft account by entering your details. 

Step 3– Next, open your account to move forward. 

Step 4: Keep following the instructions that appear on your screen.

What are the steps to delete the saved and corrupted Minecraft gaming data?

Step 1- Go to Minecraft (aka.ms.remoteconnect ) 

Step 2- Now, click on the setting tab to proceed. 

Step 3: You will see several options there. You have to go with the system setting option. 

Step 4: Next, you have to click on the storage button. 

Step 5: Moving on, you have to click on the game storage option. 

Step 6: There you go. You will see all your history, data or details. You may delete all the saved data of Minecraft from there.

What are the main reasons for not connecting aka.ms/remoteconnect properly?

The main reasons can be either antivirus or firewall installed on the device or using some corrupted data or file.

What are the steps to set up cross-play engine Xbox by using aka.ms/remoteconnect?

Step 1- The very first step of yours includes opening the Xbox one. 

Step 2- Now. Open the Microsoft Store on the one you are using. 

Step 3: Click on the install button to get it downloaded. 

Step 4- Then, surf Minecraft for Xbox One. 

Step 5: If you already have a Minecraft Xbox one version, you can download it for free. 

Step 6: Now, begin the Minecraft game. 

Step 7: Next, follow all the instructions given on the display screen to configure the cross-play with other different users.

What are the steps to fix the issues that occur while using ms remote connect?

Steps to fix the issues that arise while using ms remote connect are as follows.

Step 1: If you have logged in with too many devices, please log out from other devices as it can also cause server or connection problems. 

Step 2: You need to be assured that you have deleted all the corrupted data, files or documents from the account. 

Step 3: Now, use the new Microsoft account. 

Step 4: You have to reinstall Minecraft on your device.

What are the steps to set up a Nintendo Switch for Minecraft cross-play?

The configuration process for Nintendo Switch is similar to PlayStation consoles. Now, you need to connect it to your Microsoft account first of all. It does not have a built-in web browser. So, you need another device with a good internet connection. You will need this device during the setup process.
As earlier, you need the Minecraft game installed on your device for the Xbox setup process; you will need the same with this also. You should have a Microsoft account, or you may register yourself for free of cost by using the given link

  • Start the game now.
  • Then, you will see an option for linking the Xbox live account.
  • It is needed to link your device from your Nintendo Switch device.
  • A verification code will be displayed on your screens.
    In the next step, visit the official website of remote connect. The link is given for you people.

URL: https://aka.ms/remoteconnect

Now, enter the code in the provided space.
Click on the next button to proceed. Now, follow the instructions given on your screens. You will be able to see a confirmation message on your screen, which is a sign that the link between your Nintendo Switch and your Microsoft account is successful or completed. Now, you can enjoy the cross-play or the facilities it provides to you. For example, you can play it with your friends by inviting them.

What are the steps to create or join a cross-play Minecraft game?

First of all, set up your device properly so that it can work with the Minecraft cross-play feature smoothly. The steps to create a cross-play game will be similar regardless of which platform you are playing.

  • Go to the main menu first.
  • Now, click on the play button.
  • Select the ‘worlds’ tab, then click on the create new world option.
  • Then, go to the multiplayer section and click on the create button, and the system will create a new world.
  • If you want to invite others, also you may do it by clicking on the ‘others to join’ option.
  • You can use the cross-play feature to join the Minecraft world that somebody else has created.
  • To join into some other Minecraft world, you have to first go with the play button in the main menu.
  • You have now selected the ‘friends’ tab.
  • Then, you will see the number of games in which you may join as per your wish.
  • This list is organized differently depending on the type, such as a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch console.
  • Then, choose any option among them and start playing with others.

Contact details

If you need any further help, the best way to contact the help team is through the contact form. The given link is for customer care service: https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/request/new


I hope you liked this article. This article was all about aka.ms/remoteconnect. You can send any suggestions in the given comment box.

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