Canvas FAU is the official learning management system (LMS) of FAU University. It is a cloud-based learning management system and is an easy-to-use portal that assembles all the digital tools and learning resources in one place for the convenience of students and teachers. With the help of  FAU Canvas students can access their content course, online resources, library services, and many more. The online Portal has numerous tools which can be accessed by the faculty members, professors, and students of the University.


The FAU Canvas provides a number of supporting features for teachers. The Canvas allows teachers to create course content as per the requirement of their course. It will enable teachers to complete assignments, projects, online quizzes, calendars, discussions, etc., and also allows them to send alerts and announcements to their students. Web-portal of this Canvas  supports swift communication between teachers and students through zoom calls and email. The Portal allows teachers to activate anonymous grading and deploy the task of marking.

The Canvas has a lucid and influential content editor, which is used for creating content and can be availed from anywhere at any time. this Canvas  allows students to

  • generate and supervise their student profile
  • complete and submit their assignments projects
  • keep a check on their grades
  • Access their existing course on their dashboard
  • Allows to import content from previous semester’s class
  • Enables swift communication with teachers, fellow mates, and faculty members
  • Evaluation of their grade-book

What is FAU?

The uncut form of FAU is Florida Atlantic University, and the University is situated in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. The University is a student-oriented public research University. This University is associated with the 12 Campus State University System of Florida and serves South Florida. The University was set up sixty years ago in the year 1961, but FAU University has officially come into existence in the year1964. FAU has academic affiliations of Space-grant ORAU and sports affiliations of the NCAA Division. Currently, John W. Kelly is holding the office of President.

Benefits of Canvas FAU:-

The Portal assembles all the essential digital tools in one place required for making assignments, projects, lecture videos, making announcements and alerts, etc. It allows students to access lecture videos at any time. It plays the role of a communication channel between faculty members, teachers, and students. The  Canvas is a doorway for students through which students can enter the world of knowledge without restriction and limitation of time. The Portal allows students to access knowledge anytime; the Portal is so student-friendly and convenient that students can prepare their projects, assignments, etc., at their own pace; all they have to ensure is to meet the deadline of the assignments and projects.

Benefits of Canvas FAU to Students:

  1. The Portal makes teaching and learning more innovative.
  2. Canvas FAU makes advance content more reachable.
  3. Maintains the record of grades.
  4. Allows submission of projects, assignments, and quizzes through the online mode.
  5. Once you get access to Canvas , you can enjoy the library services of Florida Antarctic University and can borrow books related to your course from the library.
  6. Canvas is a portable and time-saving web tool.
  7. Allows rapid communication with faculty, teachers, and other fellow students.
  8. The Portal enables group discussions and free flow of ideas.
  9. Easy analysis of grades with the help of a grade book.
  10. Allows access to courses from anywhere at any time.
  11. The web portal of Canvas allows quiz statistics in huge courses.
  12. The Calendar feature of Canvas helps students be more organized and keep up with the due dates of projects and assignments, etc.

Essentials required for logging into Canvas FAU:-

Before logging into the Canvas FAU portal, you need to fulfill some requirements given below:-

  • Firstly, you need to be a student of Florida Atlantic University.
  • Secondly, you need a stable internet connection and a PC, Laptop or any other mobile device.
  • At last, you need a FAUNET ID and password.

Before getting access to  FAU Canvas, you need to activate your FAUNET ID provided to you by the University. Once you activate your FAU Canvas EID, you can easily access your FAU Canvas student portal. Once you activate your FAUNET ID, you have to register for classes; after that, you will automatically get added to your courses in Canvas.

Essentials required for activating your FAUNET ID:-

For activating your FAUNET ID, you need to meet the below-given requirements:-

  • Firstly, you need to have a recovery email, which means you need an email other than the Universities. If you don’t have an alternative Email ID, you can create a new email ID.
  • Secondly, you need to have a FAUNET ID; if you are not aware of your FAUNET ID, you can use the FAUNET ID Lookup tool for that.
  • At last, they will ask you some questions related to your personal life, and you have to answer those questions. They are like security questions.

Once you activate your FAUNET ID and login into your Canvas FAU student portal, you will be able to view and edit your profile in the Canvas dashboard, look at your dialogue messages, keep checking on alerts and announcements related to your course, access incremental learning from the dashboard; you will stay updated with your to-do list, you can accomplish peer reviews and track the feedback of teachers on your projects and assignments, you can access the online resources specific to your course, etc.

Guide for Activating your Canvas FAUNET ID:-

If you want to activate your FAUNET ID, then follow the steps as mentioned:-

  1. First of all, open in your browser.
  2. Now, tap on the student’s option at the right side of the page.
  3. Scroll down and click on the option of Canvas.
  4. Now, you will see the sign-in interface of Canvas FAU.
  5. On the bottom left of the page, you will see the option of ‘forgot your password? Or set up a new account or need help?’ icon.

Canvas FAU login.PNG

  1. Click on the option of ‘set up a new account.’
  2. Now, you will see a new interface tap on the option of ‘Activate Your FAUNET ID.’

  1. A new interface will open in front of you, now a new tab of account activation will open in front of you, tap on the option of proceed to continue.
  2. Enter your Last name, FAUCET ID, and Date of birth in the required columns.

account activation 2.PNG

  1. Next, fill in re-captcha and click on the option of continue.
  2. Now, the system will provide you the further instructions for activating your FAUNET ID.

How to log in Canvas FAU portal?

You can access Canvas FAU through a PC, laptop, or any other mobile device; there are different methods of accessing Canvas on different devices. If you want to log in to your Canvas FAU with the help of a laptop or PC, then you have to follow a different method for that, and if you want to access your Portal through a mobile device, then you have to follow a different method for that.

Canvas FAU login through laptop or PC:-

If you want to login your Portal through a PC or laptop, then follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Firstly navigate to in your browser to access the official website of the Canvas FAU.
  2. Secondly, a new tab will open; now, click on the option of students, you will find the option on the left side.
  3. Thirdly, scroll down towards the icon of the canvas; once you see it click on it.
  4. Now, a new interface will open in front of you, asking for your FAU EID and password.
  5. Enter your FAUNETID and password in the respective columns.
  6. Lastly, click on the login icon.

Canvas FAU login.PNG

Once you log in to your dashboard, you will be able to access your class schedules, content courses, online courses, etc.

Canvas FAU Login through Mobile Devices:-

The students and teachers can get access to Canvas FAU through their mobile devices, with the help of apps designed by FAU Canvas for them. Both teachers and students have separate apps for getting access to their Portal. The app one uses for accessing Canvas depends on who they are, either a teacher or student.

Follow the steps given below to access FAU Canvas through a mobile device.

  1. Firstly, navigate to google play store or IOS store and install the ‘Canvas Student by instructure’ or ‘Canvas Teacher by instructure’ app on your android phone.
  2. Secondly, once you install the app, open the app.
  3. Thirdly, tap on the search bar, in the option of ‘Search for your School’ and search for your school or district.
  4. Now, type Florida Atlantic University and hit the arrow icon to continue; once you complete the above-given steps, you will see the login interface.
  5. Next, enter your login credentials, i.e., FAUNET ID and password.
  6. Tap on the sign-in icon.

That’s it now; you have access to your FAU Canvas portal.

How to recover the password of FAU Canvas?

If you forgot your FAU Canvas password, then no need to worry; in this article, I am providing you the step to step guide for resetting your password; all you have to do is follow the steps given below:-

  1. First thing first, browse the official website of FAU Canvas, i.e.,
  2. Secondly, click on the option of students and tap on the icon of the canvas.
  3. You will see the interface of canvas FAU login; on the below-left side, you will see the icon of ‘Forgot Your Password?’ click on it.
  4. Now, enter your FAUNET ID in the required boxes.
  5. Next, fill in the re-captcha and tap on the option of continue.
  6. The rest of the instructions for providing the details will be given by the University.

fau account recover.PNG

If you forgot your FAUNET ID, you could find it on Forgot FAU NET ID site.

How to Contact Florida Atlantic University?

You can use the following modes for contacting Florida Atlantic University:-

  • Address: Florida Atlantic University 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 333431
  • Contact No.: 561-297-3000
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Website:

Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Atlantic University? 

Q. Do Canvas allows the use of any browser?

A. Canvas only allows using the last two versions of any browser. So it will be really convenient for you if you keep yourself updated with the latest version of the browser you use. This way you will not face any problems.

Q. What if I forget my Canvas FAU password?

A. If you forget the password of your FAU Canvas, then no need to panic because you can recover it from the official website of Florida Atlantic University with the help of your FAUNET ID. You can also recover the FAUNET ID from the official website of the University.

Q. Is Florida Atlantic University a party school?

A. Yes, Florida Atlantic is a party school, and you will be pleased to know that University Prime Time ranks the Florida Atlantic University at no.33 in the list of “The Real Top Party Schools.’


That was all about the Canvas FAU. In the article, I tried to discuss and cover all the required and essential information about the University, its learning management system, method of logging into the FAU Canvas , etc. I hope you find this article helpful and interesting. If you have any suggestions for further improvement or any questions left in your minds, you write your reviews and ask your concerns and queries in the comments section. I hope you had a good time reading the article. Happy Reading.

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