HEELMAIL UNC LOGIN : You are a student of the university of north Carolina chapel hill, then you must know about heel mail; if you are not short, you can understand that heel mail is an email portal for students of UNC-university. Students of this university have the benefits to access this portal. Once you are a university student, it’s obvious you want to create your account at heel mail. So here we are with this article with a full guide on how you can create your account on heel mail, heel email login, the procedure of changing password, reset password and all information you need. So let’s begin without delay.

Before you make your account on heel mail, you must know what and how to heel mail works.

However, it’s not so tuff to understand that heel mail is just a simple student mail portal that gives you a key to access at university mail portal.

Here, you will get all your IT sources, submit your assignment, manage your financial aid, take an online appointment with your professor, and take academic advice. Here, you will be informed about university information because the university updates all the educational and admission information through this portal.


How to create your ONYEN account on Heelmail. 

Student of the University of North Carolina (UNC) only needs their name (you can call it ONYEN which means “Only name you’ll ever need”) as their username. OYEN is a type of universal log in key to gain access to various resources on UNC campus. You can say ONYEN as university email or heel mail as acronyms; always remember “only name you’ll ever need”.

You can set your account from any device with an internet connection browser, but using your cell phone is not as effective as your system.


  • Go along through https://its.unc.edu/onyen-services/Next you can see an option given to create or reactivate ONYEN, click the option;

After clicking the option “create or Reactivate online”, an agreement page will open; read all the agreements carefully, click the acceptance button.

  • Next, you will be asked if you have a guest ID or not; if you have a guest ID, go to the option Yes if you haven’t, then go for option No.
  • Because you are creating your ONYEN account now, you do not have your guest id yet, so go for option No.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your UNC (PID) Personal ID. ( if you don’t know what UNC PID is? Details is given below scroll down and check upon)

If you don’t know your personal id, you can find it on my carolina status page, or you can visit the PID office look website.

Once you have entered all your information, you will receive your ONYEN

How to set up your heelmail email 

If you are confused or do not know how to set up your email, don’t worry; here are few simple steps that go along with this; you will surely be able to set up your email.

  1. First thing first, go through the website selfservice.unc.edu and logged yourself with your ONYEN and Password.

(If you have forgotten your password, scroll down theirs given all the details how to reset your password)

  1. Once you have entered your ONYEN or password and logged in, you will get the option “email sign up” to set up your UNC email account on the left-hand menu.
  2. Create an easy ally that you can remember easily and change your password
  3. Next, you will get an OTP on your email; go and check by visiting heelmail.unc.edu.
  4. You can connect your UNC email to your phone inbox if you are using a smartphone. Read the escort below.

How to set up UNC email on your IOS device?

Here are all the steps are given how you can form or use your IOS device as a 365 office account or connect your UNC email to your phone.

  1. First, go to the setting app of your phone.
  2. Go to the password and accounts.
  3. Next, click add account and select Microsoft exchange. You have asked email address, enter your ONYEN email address and click the option next,
  4. Then a page will open with two options “sign-in” or “configure manually.”
  5. Choose option “sign-in”.

Once you have chosen to sign in, then a portal login page will open for you; here, enter the ONYEN password and sign in.

(If you don’t know your password, the steps how to reset your password are given below, scroll down)

Next, your IOS shows you the option “are you sure?” click continue.

If you want to change any sync setting and click save, clicking on saving is important; otherwise, your account will not be added.

 How to set up UNC email on your IOS device using the outlook app 

If you want to set up your UNC email on your iPhone or Ipad using the outlook app, here are some easy steps you can follow.

  1. First, you have to install the Outlook app on your device from the apple play store.
  2. You can see a get started option if you are new to install this app.
  3. Click the option you’ve showed, and you will be asked to enter your email address as [email protected].
  4. You have an option to add an email account; there, you will receive an email provider choice, you have to select office 365.
  5. Once you choose office 365, you will port to the office 365 UNC-Chapel hill login screen. You will be asked to enter your user name as [email protected] ONYEN password.
  6. Next click on the sing in button,
  7. After you have been signed in and verified with 2 steps for the office, the account will auto-configure and synchronise.

If you want to promote to add another account, then you can select maybe later.

The procedure of login to Heelmail 

To log into heel mail account, follow some given simple steps;

  1. First, go along with an official page of heel mail heelmail.unc.edu
  2. From here, you will be directed to the page of Microsoft office 365
  3. Next, you have asked to enter your user name, enter it correctly.
  4. Then enter your password correctly. ( In case if you have forgotten your password, the process of reset the password is given below, scroll down)
  5. Next, click on sign in to access your UNC email.

What is PDI (Personal ID) 

  • PDI is given from an authentic college department of university (UNC) assigned to every person with a private ID quantity as a wide identity variety for university relations.

It is a unique universal number designed for all people of the university of north Carolina at chapel hill.

  • It is 9 digit number and does not match any number of universities ever previously used on campus. Personal ID is like a primary record-keeping key for all the departments of University, which must be used for all communication.

How to reset your heelmail password 

It is most often an issue we have to face most of the time. We forgot our password and didn’t understand how to reset it and how to access the account again. Don’t worry; we are here to guide you; follow some simple steps to reset your password;

  1. First, you have to visit the ONYEN service site to see reset lost or forgotten passwords.
  2. Enter all the required information there and other info needed.
  3. Remember password expires every year, so if your password isn’t working recently, not now, it is most probably passed; visit the ONYEN service site to change your expired password to the new one.


Hey readers, if you are browsing for information about heel mail and asking how to create an account? How to log in? Procedure to change password, reset password of heel mail, and some other info. You are totally in the right place. Hope you’ll find all the info you need here but if something is missing, inform us we are glad to know and try to add all the valuable information about heel mail you need. If got any issues, comment as we are always here to assist you.

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