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What is ETSU Financial Aid?

ETSU stands for East Tennessee State University, which provides Financial Aid and scholarships to their students for helping them financially. ETSU Financial Aid is a grant, scholarship, work-study job, or loan. Approx 84% of students get financial assistance at ETSU, and students earn $24 million in scholarships.

Because of this facility, half of the students graduate without student debt at ETSU. This aid contains many ways and fellowships, and for applying that, you need to be eligible for it.

Apply for the financial aid

You can follow these five steps for getting information on how financial aid works:-

  1. Planning:- Before starting the college plan, how will you pay the invoice for applying for financial aid? First, ask the school counsellor or financial aid office about grants and scholarships for what you can use it. Be careful about the deadlines.
  2. FAFSA Form:- fill the form of a free application for federal student aid [FAFSA] before each year of college. Your college will use your FAFSA data for determining your federal aid eligibility. After submitting your FAFSA form, you will receive your ‘Student aid report’.
  3. Review Aid Offer:- your aid offer report elucidates the kinds and amounts of aid the college offers you and your accepted cost of the year. If you have applied for other colleges, compare the price and select the best for you.
  4. Get Aid:- your financial aid office will apply your assistance to the amount you owe your school. To maintain your eligibility for financial aid, you must make satisfactory academic progress. Don’t forget to fill out the FAFSA form each year of your college.
  5. Repay:- After graduating from the University, get prepared to repay your student loans. The best thing is that you will get six months for repaying your invoice. If somehow you cannot repay the amount on time, you can contact the financial aid office.

Eligibility for applying financial aid at ETSU

If you want to apply for this financial aid, so you must reach the basic requirements :

  • First, you have to be a U.S. citizen or an eligible noncitizen.
  • Make sure your admission process is done at East Tennessee State University.
  • As a regular student, you must enrol yourself for the degree or certificate program classes, and you must have a current FAFSA on file.
  • FAFSA stands for ‘free application for federal student aid’’. Here you can apply.
  • Meet the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy.
  • Register yourself with the selective service if you are male
  • Male students ages 18-25 must be
  • You may not be in default of any federal educational loan or owe a refund on a federal grant.
  • You need to make satisfactory progress in your studies and work both.

Let’s Sign in to Gold link Portal 

  • Go to the browser or chrome and type the gold link portal
  • Check out ‘How to access the Gold link Portal’.
  • Use your username and password for signing in.
  • Now click on the ‘Financial Aid’ tab.

Kinds of financial aids

If you receive the award notice so, your award notice will be included from these types of financial aids:-

  • PELL GRANT – The information you provide in the FAFSA form based on that your ‘pell grant’ amount will be calculated by the federal government. The U.S. Department of Education will calculate the amount based on EFC [Expected Family Contribution] and your enrollment.
  • FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational)

Opportunity Grant  FSEOG is a federal, required grant. For becoming eligible for this grant, you must meet academic progress requirements and enrol half time [ at least six credits].

  • WILLIAM D FORDFederal Direct Loan Program – Unsubsidized Direct Loans are low-interest loans borrowed from the federal government. In this loan, students don’t have to pay the interest if the loan student has enrolled for at least six credits. The loan will stop if the student has graduated or no longer takes classes. Eligibility is not based on the financial need for this loan, but a credit check is required.
  • FEDERAL WORK STUDY PROGRAM – The students who have been awarded for this program should enrol for a minimum of 6 hours. Applicant’s financial needs and the information on the FAFSA form is needed for this program. Eligible students must work 10-12 hours per week to secure their position.

[Lottery and State Grant Funding] AND [Institutional Scholarship] – It may not include in your award package because these awards are added to award packages as eligibility rosters and received by TSAC.

  • REGULAR WORK STUDY PROGRAM – This program is an institutional work program for students who enrolled for at least 6 hours; for earning hourly rate, students should work for 10-12 hours per week.
  • EXTERNAL FINANCIAL AID- This aid will not add to your award package; you will get it after ETSU’s office of financial services process. If somehow you haven’t gotten the scholarship in your account, make sure that the donor has sent the check with the correct name and ETSU.

Approved or Denied financial aid offers

  • Go to the gold link and sign in.
  • Click on ‘Your Account & Awards’.
  • After clicking it, you will see the option ‘Award for Aid Year View/Accept’.
  • Now click the ‘Accept Award Offer tab.
  • According to the instructions, accept full or partial awards or decline awards on this page.

For Plus Loan

First, you need to complete a plus application for getting Plus Loan :

  • If you are requesting a Graduate Plus Loan, first, you need to login into to complete the plus application.
  • If you want a Parent Plus Loan, your parent must log in to to complete the plus application.
  • On the plus application, you must list the amount you want to borrow.
  • Each time you must submit the plus application on to evaluate yourself for plus loan funding.
  • Be aware and check your ‘Financial Aid’ frequently for receiving the new requirement constantly.

Who needs to complete Entrance Loan Counseling?

  • The students who have accepted Subsidized or Unsubsidized Direct Loans have to complete the Direct Loan Entrance Counseling.
  • If credit is denied and you have added a creditworthy endorser, so, Graduates or Parent who has accepted Plus Loan have to complete Entrance Counseling at annually.

How to confirm the registration of financial aid?

You can confirm your registration through Goldlink by these methods :

  • You can confirm it with payment or enrol in the payment plan
  • You can also confirm it with Financial Aid

For confirming with the financial aid 

  1. Open Goldlink on the browser
  2. Click on ‘Student’ then click on ‘Confirm Registration.’
  3. Choose the appropriate term
  4. Select ‘‘Confirm with Financial Aid’’
  5. After this, you will receive a confirmation notification that your schedule is confirmed

How to Set- Up the Direct Deposit?

  • First, go to the Goldlink portal and click on ‘Student.’
  • Then click on ‘Account.’
  • Now select ‘Set – Up Direct Deposit.’
  • Click ‘Refunds’
  • Do not input a debit card number
  • Use your banking account and routing number information.

Support contact

By Mail: Office of Financial Aid

P.O.Box 70722

Johnson City, TN 37614-1710

By phone: ETSU financial aid office contact number is [423]439-4300 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

In person : 105 Burgin Dossett

By Email : [email protected]

Any applicants who have any concern that has not been resolved can contact the Assistant Director of Financial Aid first and then the Director of Financial Aid. The ETSU Office of Financial Aid should refer to the ETSU Financial Policy and Procedure for students with complaints.

Financial Aid Program, rules and regulations of ETSU Financial Aid are subjective, so be updated and active; if any student has any query regarding their eligibility, they can contact the counsellor.

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