Hobby Lobby Employee Portal Login Guide

The hobby lobby employee portal is designed to help employees schedule their work and view the new updates of the company, various features of this portal include benefits. The company has more than 43,000 employees. It serves its services at approx 900+ locations in 47 states except for three states, Alaska, Vermont, and Hawaii, with more than 73,000 items they feature, such as home decor, floral design, art & craft, and more. They provide various benefits to them.

Hobby Lobby gives many career opportunities to passionate people who want to enhance their skills, including designing, management, teamwork, artists, and more. It believes in encouraging employees to make their passion into a profession.

About Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby was founded on 1972 August 3 by David Green. It is an American-based private company Retail chain headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. They work creatively, supplying art and crafts, paintings, scrapbooks, home decor, and more.

The hobby lobby allows desperate, creative, and innovative people to work with them. The company provides many options in different fields for work. Hobby Lobby offers online shipping and shares exclusive items on the online website.

Hobby Lobby Employee portal’s features

Here are the features of the Hobby Lobby employee portal include:

  • Employees can explore new ideas.
  • Through the portal, employees get daily tasks.
  • The holiday list is updated from time to time on the portal.
  • Attractive Discounts packages are available on the portal.
  • Employees can share innovative and creative ideas over there.
  • Communicate with other employees and keep in touch with them.
  • Employees can set up the deposit directly.
  • In this portal, employees can check their payment-related information such as pay stubs, payroll, and more.
  • If employees have any problem, they may ask for help and get the solution.
  • Employees can update their profiles, including personal information, email address, and more.
  • The hobby lobby gives plans to employees like health insurance, pension plan, medical care, and dental benefits.

Hobby Lobby Employees Benefits

Hobby Lobby provides many benefits to their employees include:

  • Employees get flexible spending plans.
  • Employees get paid leaves and vacations
  • Sickness or personal leave.
  • Hobby Lobby offers 15% off discounts to employees and their families.
  • 401(k) plan as the company matches.
  • Employees get Life insurance and LTD insurance.
  • Medical and dental care and prescription benefits to employees.

The Hobby Lobby Employee Login Requirements

Hobby Lobby login requirements are below mention.

  • You should know the official web address of Hobby Lobby employee login.
  • It will require an internet browser.
  • You should have a valid employee ID and password for Hobby Lobby to log in.
  • You will need reliable devices with internet access, such as smartphones or tablets, and a PC or Laptop.

Login procedure of the hobby lobby employee

For successfully logging into the Hobby Lobby employee portal, follow the mentioned below steps:

  • First, visit the official web address of Hobby Lobby at (employee.hobbylobby.com )
  • Once you click on the link, you will see the login page.
  • Enter your valid Employee ID and password in the given box.
  • Next, click on the “Login” button to access your account.

If you have forgotten your employee login password of Hobby Lobby, go to the official website of hobby lobby and login page. You may click on the given option at the bottom of the login button. “Forgot password” after that, follow the further instructions to reset your password.

Career opportunities at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby gives various career options to make people’s passion for the profession. Here are the career opportunities:

  • Store management.
  • Craft designer will enhance your design skills.
  • Working as an artist, you can build your ideas.
  • Warehouse worker.
  • Supervisor.
  • Store associate.
  • Accountant.
  • Distribution, shipping department.
  • Corporate team and more.

Contact information

Suppose you have any difficulty and queries related to the hobby lobby to contact the customer support team of it. They will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Contact number:

  • 1-800-888-0321 (Toll-free)
  • 1-855-329-7060
  • 1-405-745-1275 (International)

Available at:

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Central time)
  • On Sunday, stores and services are closed.


  • Hobby Lobby stores. Inc

Attn: Customer service

7707 SW 44th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73179

  • Hobby Lobby stores. Inc

7600 A SW 44th

Oklahoma City, OK 73179.

Official website:

Hobby Lobby has its social media handles, and you may check them over there, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. Do hobby lobby franchises?

Ans. Hobby Lobby is a private company, and it does not sell any franchises.

Q. What are the working hours of a Hobby Lobby employee?

Ans. Working hours depend on your work field, and also it is upto your hobby lobby store locations and management.

Q. How do employees get paid in the hobby lobby?

Ans. Employees get paid in two weeks.

Q. Does the hobby Lobby have any uniforms or dress codes?

Ans. Not really, you can contact your management team regarding uniforms. But they allow you to wear a formal-casual dress.

Q. What if I have any queries and doubts?

Ans. If you have any queries, you may contact your management team or get the customer support team of the hobby lobby.

Q. Is there any age requirement for Hobby Lobby Employees?

Ans. Yes, if you’re above 18, you may join the Hobby lobby as an employee and work with them.

Q. Can I get a part-time job in a hobby lobby?

Ans. Yes, for sure, you can work with a hobby lobby as a part-time employee, but you will not get many benefits as a full-time employee.


This article is about the Hobby lobby employee portal, and we described the login process, benefits, features, contact information, Frequently asked questions, and more. If you have found this article interesting and helpful, let us know in the comment section below. You may leave your queries over there. We will help you to figure it out. You can also provide us with your feedback.

Thanks for reading.

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