Tesla Employee Benefits you should know about

Tesla Employee Benefits helps workers live an advanced life with a bright future. This company is widely known for its electric vehicles and manufacturing high-performance, stylish plug-in electric vehicles. Every company wishes to have loyal, efficient, and, more importantly, staff.

Therefore, it offers various employee benefits and perks—most people dream of working for such huge companies to live extraordinary lives. So, if you want to work at Tesla, you must know more about the company and Tesla Employee Benefits. We will discuss the same further in this article, stay tuned and keep reading!

About Tesla Company

Tesla was incorporated in 2003 as Tesla Motors by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. However, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning served as CEO and CFO respectively in this company. The headquarters of Tesla is in Austin, Texas, United States, and it has almost 600 retail stores/galleries and service centres.

This company has three other subsidiaries; DeepScale, Tesla Energy, and Tesla Grohmann Automation. Tesla serves North America, Europe, Oceania, East Asia, and West Asia. More than 70,000 employees are working under this company. Unfortunately, Tesla has been subject to several lawsuits and controversies.

Tesla is a widely known company. However, it is still planning on global expansion. If you wish to learn more about this company, you should visit the official website of Tesla. Any individual who wishes to apply for a job at Tesla can use the instructions mentioned further in this article.

What are the Tesla Employee Benefits and Perks?

Every individual dreams of working at a big company to have a promising future. You must know that working in such an environment helps every individual explore their limits and potential. So, if you want to work at such companies, you should apply for a job. But before hovering over to the instructions to apply at Tesla, we would like to present the various benefits it offers its employees.

Tesla Employee Benefits and perks include several common and few different aspects than any other organization. Let’s take a look at the benefits and understand them a bit deeper –

Health Insurance: Tesla offers the best health care plans covering vision, hospital room accommodations, professional medical assistance, basic healthcare services, and travel emergencies. All the employees will have health insurance and enjoy all the listed services. However, according to your post in this company, there can be some changes.

Retirement Savings Plan: Employees of Tesla can explore the various investment options. Remember, you must look at all the available options and then decide which one is best for you as a Retirement savings plan. Further, in Tesla employee benefits and perks list is business travel insurance.

Business Travel Insurance: People working at Tesla also get business travel insurance. Employees would get the extensive advantage of this insurance when they travel for business purposes.

Employee stock purchase plan: Not every company offers this advantage to its employees but Tesla. It offers an employee stock purchase plan. In this plan, employees can get a 15% discount at the market price on all Tesla motors products. So, if you are working at Tesla or planning to work at it, don’t forget this benefit.

Accidental death & disbursement Insurance: Next on the list of Tesla employee benefits is Accidental death & dismemberment insurance. Under the conditions of this insurance, beneficiaries can get a lump-sum compensation of two years salary for employees, and however, it is subject to the maximum limit of $1,000,000.

Employee Discount: Earlier, we have discussed that employees would get a 15% discount under the employee stock purchase plan. There is another benefit similar to that one; employee discount, and employees can get up to 35% discount on all the Tesla motor’s products and services.

Tesla Vacation Policy: Tesla also offers an unlimited vacation policy for its salaried employees. However, that may depend on some conditions you will be exposed to when you get hired by this company. So, if you are about to join this company, then know your rights and benefits before.

Employee Assistance Program: Another unique benefit offered by Tesla is the Employee assistance program. Under this program, employees get free support 24X365 to deal with all the issues, concerns, and hardships.

Life Insurance: This company also offers Life insurance that is beneficial for the employees. Under Tesla Life insurance benefits, employees will get two years’ salary and additional benefits. The amount is subject to a maximum limit of $1,000,000.

Maternity Leaves: Employees can also have maternity leaves of 12 weeks in the Tesla company, and it is a great initiative to encourage female workers.

Paternity Leaves: Not only maternity leave but employees can also avail paternity leaves as Tesla offers relief of 7 weeks under paternity leave benefit.

It is an overview of Tesla employee benefits as many more than that, and you will know all about those when you start working at this company. Remember, any individual can apply for the available vacancies in this company. If you have no idea how to apply at Tesla, stay tuned to discuss all the steps further in this article.

How to login into a Tesla employee benefits account?

If you are working at Tesla, you can get the advantage of having an online tesla employee benefits account. Those who haven’t created an account can’t log in as it requires valid credentials. You can register online to create an employee account.

However, if you have registered earlier, you can use your credentials to log in. Follow the steps mentioned below-

Tesla Employee Benefits

Step 1: First, you need to visit the official Tesla employee login portal, type theteslalife.com in the search bar.

Step 2: The URL will take you to the login portal, where you will find a login box appearing on the right side.

Step 3: Enter your Username first and then the password of the Tesla employee login.

Step 4: After that, click on the “Login” button appearing at the end.

Remember, having credentials is crucial otherwise, you won’t log into a Tesla employee account. Having an online account of a company is beneficial for the employees as they can access all the work-related information whenever they want.

Further, we will discuss the steps to apply for a job at Tesla. If you want to get a job there, read the instructions carefully.

How to apply for a job at Tesla?

If you have any, applying for a job requires your academic details and other professional details. If you have them, you can apply for the available vacancies from the official website. However, if you have no idea how to apply for a job at Tesla, then all you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned below-

Step 1: You need to visit the official Tesla career website; type tesla.com/careers in the search bar.

Step 2: When you are on the official portal of Tesla careers, you need to scroll down to see the available employment opportunities.

Step 3: You can view internships opportunities and jobs on the website. Scroll down and click on “View jobs.”

Step 4: The page will update with numerous job opportunities. You can use the filters available on the left side to find preferable job vacancies.

Step 5: When the page updates with the results, you can click on any one to read the responsibilities and skills required for these positions.

Step 6: On the same page, you will find the “Apply” button. Click on it to proceed with your application.

Enter all the details carefully to avoid any inconvenience. Remember, a good application will help you get a call for an interview. After getting selected, you will certainly get offered the job at this huge company. Further, let’s discuss the instructions required to apply for an internship at Tesla company.

How to apply for internships at Tesla company?

Before applying for any job or internship, you need to read the requirements mentioned beneath the posts. After that, if you think that you are an ideal candidate for the job or internships and possess all the required skills, then you can apply right away. If you don’t have any idea how to apply for the internships, then follow the instructions mentioned below –

Step 1: Like before, you need to visit the Tesla career website to see the available internships; go to the browser and type tesla.com/careers in the search bar.

Step 2: When you are on the official website, scroll down and click on “View Internships.”

Step 3: Now, the page will update with further details; click on “search internships”

Step 4: After that, you will see the various available internships appearing on the same page. You can set the filters to find an ideal internship for you.

Step 5: Click on it to proceed and then read the goals, assignment, and requirements. If you think you possess all the required skills, you can apply.

Step 6: You will find a button at the top stating “Apply” click on it to proceed with the application.

Enter all your qualifications and other relevant details carefully. You will get selected based on your application. So, make sure it is appealing enough. If you have experience in the relevant field, you can mention it in your application. We have briefly illustrated the instructions required to apply for an internship or job.

However, if you face any query regarding the same, you can leave your suggestions or questions in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Is working at Tesla stressful?

We have thoroughly discussed the numerous benefits offered by Tesla. But people are still left with a question: is it stressful to work at Tesla. As you know, Tesla Motors is a company that manufactures high-performance, stylish plug-in electric vehicles.

Such companies have high competition in the market, which means the company’s working life wouldn’t be a picnic. Some Ex-Tesla employees reveal that it is stressful to work at this company. But the fact is you will be stressed one way or another while working at any organisation.

Q.2) How long does it take to get hired at Tesla?

You have to go through the basic hiring process if you have applied at Tesla. First, a candidate needs to apply online for the available vacancy, and then it may take around a week to get the specific team interest. If you seem ideal for the post, you will get notified for the next round, i.e., an interview.

Q.3) Is it hard to get hired at Tesla?

Tesla received 5,00,000 applications for the 2,500 vacancies. You can predict the competition and hiring chances. However, hiring also depends on how efficient and capable you are for this post. So, the bottom line is that it is certainly hard to get hired at this company.

Q.4) Does Tesla pay well?

We have thoroughly discussed the benefits offered by Tesla for its employees, and we can say that they are pretty impressive. Based on that, it is obvious that Tesla pays well to its employees, and therefore people are so eager to work at this company.

Final Thoughts

That was all about Tesla Employee Benefits and how you can apply for jobs or internships in this company. We have discussed all the required instructions and benefits this company offers to its employees. We hope you find this article informative and helpful. However, if you have any queries or questions, you can let us know.

Along with that, you can also share your valuable views in the comment section. Your thoughts help us to improve and do better than before. Leave your views as we would be delighted to hear from our fellow readers.

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