LAKOTA HAC : Home Access Center Login Guide

LAKOTA HAC : HAC (Home access center) is a portal for students or for parents that provides complete information about student schedules, classwork, teacher comments, transcripts, teacher attachment, attendance history, interim progress report, registration information, and many more.

Here in this post, we will cover all about HAC Lakota, Use of Lakota HAC, how to get a username and password, how to log in? How to change the password? How to find email links? How to access center view?

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What will I be capable of doing in Home Access Center?

(HAC Lakota online) Lakota student information system and teacher grades books are synchronized with HAC (Home access center) to provide all the information about Lakota in one place at HAC Lakota online. Here Lakotas teachers and faculty provide daily information about Lakota academic and all year’s information; HAC shows the same as teachers or administration offers the data. HAC assists all active students and parents effectively in the communication of important educational information.

Through HAC, you can access all information about the school and student schedules, attendance, classwork, etc., as we already mentioned above. You can also view and print your data from HAC and email teachers and administration if you want to inform anything or ask something. You can also update some information within HAC.

How and who will get the Username and password of Lakota HAC?

The student of Lakota will automatically get their Username or password during registration or the time of admission. The parents or guardian, who lives with the student given their Username and password automatically at the time of entry. But if any guardians do not live with the student, they have to request at the school office and get their Username and password.

What is the Username and password of the HAC Lakota login?

When your account will create school gives a letter of Username and password of HAC. Your First Name and Last Name will format your Username. As an example:- Kelen.Roy. If there is the same Name more than one, then it may look like kelen.roy2. And every student has been given a unique password, so you must enter your password while logging in as written in the letter.

If you lost your letter or misplaced it, you can meet the school secretary; they will be able to reset your Username and password.

What is the procedure of HAC Lakota login?

You can access Lakota HAC from any device which has an internet browser.

  1. First, go to the official page of Lakota,
  2. Under the quick link heading, tap on HAC (Home access center).
  3. You will be asked to enter your Username and password enter as written in the letter.
  4. Tap on the login button.


Can other people see further student information?

NO, Not other people can see any further student information. HAC is entirely a secure and encrypted site. Here all the information is saved; only the person who has a username and password can access the account and see the information in HAC. So it is crucial to keep your Username and password secure because only your Username and password are essential to access your account so never share your Password and Username with anyone.

Preferably, families should be linked together; all contacts (parents, guardians) have one Username and password to access information in HAC for all their children. Suppose you have more than one password or Username. In that case, you can contact the school office, and they will change your family connectivity link and get one Username and password for all your children studying at Lakota.

Can I change my password to Lakota HAC?

Yes, you are free to change your password once you’ve logged in. After login, you can change your password from time to time to keep your account secure.

The procedure is given below;

  1. First thing first you have to log in( Procedure of log in shown above)
  2. Navigate to “My profile” at “Menu” on the left
  3. A pop-up box will open; please ensure that your pop-up blocking software has been disabled or allowed for this site.
  4. You will be asked to enter your old password enter correctly.
  5. Next, you will be asked to enter a new password, enter your new password.
  6. Retype your new password and confirm
  7. Tap on the change button; after completing all the processes, your password will change.

How to print the information that is displayed in Lakota HAC?

You can print any information of academic through HAC, the procedure given below;

  • At the top of the internet explorer browser window, click the printer icon and print any document shown on the screen.
  • You can also go for the second option, tap on the file button, then scroll down and click on print.
  • If you want to print more than one document, change the number of copies, then click the print button.

What is the minimum internet web browser require to access HAC?

The minimum internet web browser required to access HAC at the home computer;

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher for Windows
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher for Macintosh
  • Netscape Navigator 6.0 or higher
  • Opera 6.0 or higher
  • Firefox 3. x
  • Safari 1.0 or higher

What are the email hyperlinks of Lakota HAC? 

The Name highlighted in blue is an email hyperlink that allows you to click on the link, open the email program, and send mail to that person. Email links will appear for the teacher, counselor, and all other working members with you in your educational experience.

How Lakota online HAC (home access center) looks like?

After you log into the HAC, the first screen you will see is the daily summary page, equivalent to the home page of HCA. It shows you all the different types of information that are relevant to today’s topic.

At the left side of “Menu,” there are provided additional views of student data.

What is a “Daily summary”?

(Home view summary Lakota HAC) The “Daily summary” provided you with everyday information included in HAC and made it available on one page. If the student has not been reported absent, then the “Daily summary” page did not mark the attending heading as absent; it will state as “No attendance heading on the daily summary”.

If the daily summary page states, “There is no classwork due,” it means teachers have not been published classwork for HAC. But it doesn’t mean that students have no homework. It only means that teachers have not posted only for HAC view.

On the Daily Summary page student schedule will be displayed, but keep in mind that actual program may not match the time shows here.

Some Block schedules at high academe or another flexible class schedule at the beginning and early non-age academe do not reflect the Lakota HAC schedules.

The assignment details are displayed in the assignment column under “classwork for this week.” Attachments related to the work or study may be listed inside the box look for once.

Teachers’ comments related to class will appear on the schedule page, and on the classwork page, students’ comments related to scoring will also appear. Check these views sometimes.

What is the schedule page of HCA Lakota?

The page schedule displays your class schedule for the year with the course number, course description, number of the class period held, room number, building name, and class status.

You can navigate to the schedule page on the left through “Menu.”

only active classes will display on the Daily Schedule page. Courses for the next year may appear below the current year.

When the teacher has written any note, it will appear in a callout note. Must click once “Callout note” to read the teacher’s comment. A pop-up window will automatically open, displaying all the notices that the teacher has written. Make sure all pop-up blockers are disabled to view the window.

If you want to view any additional information about the course, such as the credit hours or any longer description of your classes or lessons, click on the course description link.

What is the Attendance view at HAC Lakota?

If you want to see your attendance for the year, you can view all your attendance at attendance view. If boxes are colored, it means the student has been absent, tardy, or released through an early dismissal. And if boxes of Date are not colored, it means the student has been presented all the classes.

  • The legend above the calendar will indicate the description of the absence.
  • To know non-school days such as calamity days and spring break, click on the double arrow to the menu over through the calendar month.
  • To know additional information, such as arrival or dismissal time or missed period, click on the colored box.
  • The first-period attendance use for high school is shown as ATND in the display. It is the period used to record, and other periods are listed by their number.
  • If the student sees the counselor or misses class for another reason, a teacher may indicate an absence from class.
  • Please note both a late arrival and an early dismissal state as “tardy” at Lakota. An absence is counted as a tardy or a full day absence after a combined number of minutes.

What is the use of the Classwork page at Lakota HCA?

  • The Date due and the Date of an assignment are given on the classwork page.
  • The category and description of the assignment are also given here.
  • You can view the number of points. The child received score columns and the total number of points are shown on the classwork page.

Summary :

This article is belongs all about Lakota HAC, procedure of Lakota HAC login. If you have any queries must comment, we are always here to assist you.

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