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LancerPoint is a portal for the students of Pasadena City College. This portal helps students manage their learning, get confidential information, and communicate officially with Pasadena City College, such as; registering for classes, finding out about your financial aid awards, and accessing your official PCC email. This portal is for students, but it is also available for staff and faculty members of Pasadena City College.

ID Number and its use

LancerPoint ID

Your  ID number is the eight-digit number assigned to you in the LancerPoint system at Pasadena City College; it is the last eighth number on your Lancerpoint identification card. You can find it on the “Welcome to PCC” email you received from the college. After applying, if you didn’t get the email within three days, contact Pasadena City College staff at [email protected] or [email protected] or via phone;(855) Go – To – PCC.

Use of  ID

Your ID number is vital for various PCC systems. Without your  ID, you can not activate your  username, which is essential for logging into LancerPoint at Pasadena City College.


When you have accepted at Pasadena City College, you should have received your username via U.S. mail. If you are a new employee, you will receive your username, which will also use for your PCC email account. Somehow if you don’t know your username, you can take help from the LancerPoint Account Manager. Your username is composed of your first initial plus last name, and sometimes a username may have digits at the end to make their username unique or different from others. Your LancerPoint username will be pertinent for logging in to PCC systems like the LancerPoint portal or computer labs. This username will need to create your email address.

Activate Your LancerPoint Account

Before logging into your  account or other PCC systems, you must activate your LancerPoint Account. Follow these steps to start your LancerPoint Account:-

  • First, go to
  • After navigating to the link, the login page will appear; click on “Activate my Account” below.
  • You will see some questions to verify your account on the next screen.
  • After verifying your information, you will ask to set up security questions.
  • After activating your account, you can log into LancerPoint and take advantage of all the benefits within your student portal.
  • When you activate your account, you will immediately have access to your PCC email, and you need to click on PCC email in the side navigation.

Let’s log into LancerPoint Portal

  • Open the web browser and navigate to
  • The next page will ask your username and password
  • Enter your correct username and password in the appropriate field
  • Now click on the “Sign In” button to access your account

How to change your LancerPoint Password

  • For changing your  password first, you need to set up security questions.
  • Then go to
  • The page will show you various options; choose 4th one “Reset my password.”
  • Before changing your password, if you have a PCC email on your device, update it, or the best approach will be to remove your email account; otherwise, you will face challenges while changing your password.
  • Add your email account again with the new password.
  • for securing your account and information from cybercrime, you should change your password regularly
  • Make sure your password is strong so that no one can guess it, and do not use the same password for other social activities or accesses.

Set-up security questions in LancerPoint

  • Security questions will make sure that it is you who is accessing in LancerPoint
  • No one can access your account without completing the security questions
  • To set up security questions in LancerPoint, go to
  • The next page will appear with some options
  • Choose 3rd one, “Set-up or Change my security questions.”
  • Now follow the directions provided for setting up your security questions

How to register for classes in LancerPoint?

To register classes in LancerPoint, follow these steps:-

  • First, log in to LancerPoint.
  • Go to “MY Academic s” and click on “Add/Drop Classes.”
  • Select the current registration term
  • Click on the link below, and this link is for completing a pre-registration survey; Complete it.
  • There will be five boxes at the bottom of the screen; enter your five-digit CRN code in those boxes.
  • Click “Submit change.”
  • For checking that you have successfully registered yourself for the classes, go back to the My Classes and Academic tab and click on View/Print My Class Schedule.
  • If you have registered, your class will be listed here.
  • If once classes begin so, you will no longer be able to register your classes online, it would be best if you Add your classes before deadlines.

The updated version of LancerPoint

The new version of the  portal has scheduled to launch with new capabilities, a fresh look, new features and updated content. There will be two notable changes in the preview period of LancerPoint.

  • The login page will look significantly different and say “Pasadena City College login” rather than “LancerPoint.”
  • You may notice some changes to the layout in the new portal that rearrange tabs and other materials.
  • During this preview period, LancerPoint will continue to function as expected. You can use it generally like last time.
  • If you encounter any problem during this period, you can contact or email at the official site of Pasadena City College.

Help and Support

Information Technology Services : This service has provided by Pasadena City College provides services and expertise in technology-based support and solutions to students, staff and faculty members. ITS provides a Help Desk for employees to know their queries. Another way to contact the help desk


This portal is worthy for all the students, staff and faculty members of Pasadena City College. They can use this portal without any difficulties; we have provided this article for solving their queries. Other than this, if you still face troubles, take support from the official Help Desk of LancerPoint.

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