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Landstaronline (Landstar Load Board) Login : You can create or login on to the Landstaronline portal by following a couple of instructions we will discuss in this article. New users need to create an account on the Landstaronline portal, and later, they can log in to their account. You must know that Landstar is a transportation services company.


If you want to log in to your account, then you need to make sure you have an active internet connection and, along with that, a valid User ID and password. We will also illustrate all the required instructions for Landstaronline login and registration. So, if you are facing a similar problem then stay tuned and keep reading!

Landstar System

Landstar System Inc. is a transportation service provider company. It was founded in 1968 but incorporated in 1991. The Landstar provides services principally throughout the United States. Its headquarters are in Jacksonville, Florida. The online website of Landstar is a gateway to all its services. It is a safe, secure, and reliable transportation services provider with a network of independent freight agents, leased owner-operators, and other third-party capacity providers.

Additionally, it has an unmatched network in the industry with over 1,100 agents and 10,500 leased owner-operators. Along with that, it provides customized solutions via air, land, and sea. It can take your freight around the world as it offers its services worldwide.

How to create an account on the Landstar Load Board portal?

If you want to create an account on the Landstar Load Board Portal, you will also need your User ID, name, and email address. Remember, it is just the process of creating an account. If you want to do the login, you should check out the steps mentioned right after this one.

Sometimes, an individual finds it difficult to log in and even create an account on any portal. But you don’t have to worry about that here as we got you covered. We will illustrate all the instructions for the same right here. All you have to do is follow them carefully to avoid any inconvenience in between.


Step 1: Open the browser and search for to reach the login portal.

Step 2: The page would ask you to enter your details to log in. Avoid that and find a button “create an account.”

Step 3: Now, tap on “Create an Account” to proceed with the procedure.

Step 4: The page will update with a self-registration instruction to enter your details.

Step 5: Enter your User ID first, First name, last name, and email address.

Step 6: After that, re-enter your email address to confirm it.

Step 7: Now, you need to choose a security question and enter your answer.

When you fill in all the details, look for the submit and tap on it to proceed. After that, a temporary password will be sent to the email you have just provided. Later, you can change your password from the landstaronline portal.

If you have used this portal earlier, you don’t have to create an account again, as your previous credentials are enough. You need your user ID and password to log in to your Landstar load board account.

What does the Landstar system do?

We have just learned how to create an account on the Landstaronline portal. The Landstar provides a full range of charter aircraft services. Along with that, it also looks to provide global ocean freight services at all major ports. Landstar can also coordinate your complex, large-scale, and transportation projects easily.

Next, it will help you navigate the challenges of international trade as well. If you are a member of the Landstar Load Board, you can create an online account and use it for various purposes. After that, you can log in to your account using your credentials anytime, anywhere.

Landstaronline Load Board Login

Follow the illustrated steps to log in to the Landstaronline portal successfully.


Step 1: Open the browser and search for in the search bar.

Step 2: It will take you to the login portal, where you need to enter your credentials.

Step 3: First, enter your User ID and then Password.

Step 4: Right after that, tap on “Login”

The process to log in to a Landstaronline account is straightforward. When you create an account, you should write your credentials down so as not to forget them in the future.

What to do when you forget the Landstar Load Board Login Password?

Individuals who forgot their Landstaronline Load Board Login Password can change it from the same portal. We understand that we always end up forgetting our password no matter how hard we try. If you are having trouble changing your password, then you should follow the steps mentioned below-


Step 1: Like before, open the browser and search for to reach the login portal.

Step 2: When you are on the portal, you will see “Forgot Password” right below “Create an Account.” Tap on it to proceed.

Step 3: The page will update with further instructions to change the password. Enter your User ID.

Step 4: After that, click on Ok to receive further instructions.

You may have to enter your email address to get the link to reset the password. Later you have to create your password and confirm it. It is a hassle-free way to change your Landstaronline password, but if you face any difficulty in doing so, then you can contact customer service.

Final Words

That was all about Landstaronline Load board login and resetting password. You can follow the listed instructions to create an account, log in, or change the password. You must visit the official website of Landstar to avoid any issues while logging in to the account. To reach the login portal, you need to type in the search bar, and it will take you straight to the login portal. I hope you find this article helpful and informative. However, if you have any questions and queries, you can drop them in the comment sections. Your views help us do better, and it would also be here from fellow readers.

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