Mylincoln Portal – Login and Password Reset Guide

Mylincoln Portal Login, Reset Username and Password : To log in to your Lincoln account, you need to visit All you need to log in to your account is a valid username and a password. You can create an account from the same portal and even reset your credentials.

Lincoln Financial Group is a public company that operates multiple insurance and investment management businesses. You must know that new users need to register and create an account on mylincolnportal In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the instructions to log in, register, and reset credentials on the mylincolnportal So, if you are having issues with the same, then keep reading and know all about the login process.

Lincoln National Corporation

Also known as Lincoln Financial Group, it is a financial company that operates multiple insurance and investment management businesses with the help of subsidiary companies. It is a public company founded some 116 years ago by Perry Randall. You must know that more than 9,000 employees were working under this company to serve countless customers.

This large company is divided into four business segments; annuities, life insurance, retirement plans, and group protection.

Any individual can explore all the plans and benefits from the official website of Lincoln Financial Group and can also consult them if you have doubts and confusion regarding their services. Don’t worry about users who are having trouble logging in to their mylincolnportal account. We will explain all the instructions further in this article.

How to do Mylincoln Portal login?

The users who want to log in on the Mylincoln Portal need a valid username and password. Remember, If you haven’t registered earlier, you can’t log in.

First, you need to create an account on this portal, and only then can you proceed with the login process. Make sure you have an active internet connection along with your correct login credentials. After that, follow the instructions mentioned below –

Mylincoln Portal

Step 1: Open the browser and type in the search bar.

Step 2: It will take you straight to the login portal, where you will see a login box on the screen.

Step 3: Enter your Username and Password in their respective fields. You should recheck the credential to make sure that they are correct.

Step 4: Tap on the “Login” button appearing at the bottom of the box.

The process to log in to your Mylincoln account is short and straightforward. All you need to do is to enter your username and password carefully. If you are a new user, you can create your account to access all the benefits.

How to create an account on Mylincoln Portal?

To begin with the registration process of Mylincoln Portal, you need to have your company code. It is a one-time registration process that requires you to enter your company code. Any individual who doesn’t know their company code can take assistance from their HR or benefits representatives.

Follow the steps mentioned below to do account registration.

Step 1: Just like before, open the browser and search for in the search.

Step 2: It will take you to the official login portal for the My Lincoln Account login page.

Step 3: You will see a login box appearing on this page, and right below the login button, you will find “Register for new Account.” Tap on it.

Step 4: The page will update with account registration instructions, and you need to enter your company code in the blank space.

Step 5: Later, tap on the “Validate” button appearing right below that.

You can ask for assistance if you don’t know your company code. It is an easy process for one-time registration Connect with the HR or benefits representative to know your company code. You can also call 1-800-431-2958 to help create an account on Mylincoln Portal.

How to reset the forgotten credentials of the Mylincoln Portal login?

Users who have forgotten their username and password can easily reset them from the login portal of Mylincoln. We understand it’s hard to memorize all the passwords, usernames, and IDs, But writing them down would always be helpful if you need them in the future. However, if you can’t remember now, you can use the instructions we will mention further.

Reset Password of Mylincoln Portal Login

To reset your Mylincoln Portal login password, you must know your username. With the help of the username, it will look for your account, and only then can you change your password. Follow the steps to reset your password.

Mylincoln Portal

Step 1: Open the browser and type in the search bar.

Step 2: You will see “Forgot username or password” right below the login button when you are on the login page.

Step 3: The page will update with further instructions to reset your credential.

Step 4: In the forgot password box, you need to enter your “Username,” fill that in, and then tick the CAPTCHA.

Step 5: After that, you need to click on the “Submit” button.

It will look for your account with the help of your username, and after that, you can reset your password. Remember, if you have also forgotten your username, you may not be able to change your password.

Reset username of Mylincoln Portal Login

Any user who has forgotten both username and password can recover it from this method. Remembering only the password won’t work here. You need to recover your username of mylincolnportal login. Follow the steps mentioned below to recover your password.

Mylincoln Portal

Step 1: Like before, go to the browser and search for

Step 2: On the login page, find and click on “Forgot username or password”

Step 3: The page will update with two options; forgot username and password.

Step 4: To reset your username, you need to open “Forgot Username”

Step 5: It will open a drop-down box. Enter your email address there.

Step 6: After that, tap on “Submit” to proceed.

You will get your username on your email. Check your email and get your username to log in to your account. You can use the steps mentioned earlier to log in to your account. In case you face any difficulty then you can contact customer service.

Final Thoughts

That was all about doing Mylincoln Portal login, creating an account, and resetting the credentials. I hope you find this article helpful and informative, Yet if you have any queries and suggestions, you can connect with us. However, we have thoroughly discussed the steps to log in and change the username and password. You need to follow all the steps correctly, and skipping any of them would make the process complicated.

Additionally, if you have anything to share regarding this article, you can drop it in the comment box or contact us. Your valuable view will help us do better, and we would be delighted to hear from our fellow readers.

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