MSUM D2L -A complete Registration and login Guide

MSUM D2L – Minnesota State University Moorhead established in 1887 located on the Western border of Minnesota. The MSUM has a motto of Sacrifice. Loyalty and Service. Its school has 7,534 students during the year 2019, along with 266 full-time faculty members. MSUM is a part of the Minnesota state colleges and universities system.

What is MSUM D2L?

msum d2l

Brightspace allows you to transform the experience to meet all the needs of educators as well as learners. It is also known as the no. 1 Learning management system technology. As it is a top corporate learning platform. It consists of three separate product categories that are as follows –

  • Schools Products
  • Higher Education Products
  • Corporate Learning Products

D2L is an educational company that works passionately with its customers to provide desired results. It helps in improving the learning outcomes and access to education across the world.

What is D2L Brightspace MSUM?

As we stated earlier, Brightspace is the learning platform developed or owned by D2L. Brightspace helps your institute to improve the learning experience for the teachers and students. D2L is also known for the technology and educational expertise anyone needs.
D2L’s Brightspace supports learning platforms in a way that provides desired outcomes.

You can optimize your use of Brightspace to achieve and your learning and organizational goals. So, D2L is a Learning plank arrangement of MSUM. That makes the workings of students and their teachers more straightforward than ever.

What is D2L Brightspace Training?

D2L provides many services, and Brightspace is one of them. It is passionate to make learning easy. In the Brightspace Training, an experienced team of professionals helps you on the Brightspace platform to support learners, and this happens by bridging the gap between technology and methodology.

Brightspace Guided Training

Live Webinars led by expert trainers

  • The trainer-led webinars allow you to follow along with a live training expert. It will guide you through the essential tools and workflow that genuinely matter to you.
  • Materials provided by D2L Brightspace are self-guided. That gives you the freedom to learn whenever you want. You are free to jump in and out as per your desire.
  • Additionally, you will also receive structured guidance and advice about tips, tricks, and practices. 

Instructional Videos and hands-on learning

  • The Webinars are trainers led that let you follow along with a live training expert. These experts will guide you through the essential tools and workflows that matter to you.
  • Each webinar can be stand-alone. However, they have also grouped them into streams and series to get the guesswork out of creating an effective learning path.
  • Petite sessions at regular intervals make scheduling a breeze even when you are busy.

Why should you use MSUM D2L?

There has been a drastic change since a couple of years in the education sector. Given the pandemic situation, e-learning has become widely preferred. And why not? What’s better than learning from wherever you are and whenever you are free. Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) uses D2L (Desire2Learn) and provides a comfortable space for learning.

You should enhance your learning experience with MSUM D2L. The idea of the Elearning arrangement by D2L MSUM is worth trying as the entire framework guarantees adaptability in learning and education.

MSUM D2L benefits you can enjoy –

  • All the basic learning materials are available on a single spot
  • No restrictions for a learner to get access to the e-learning material.
  • Simplicity in tracking your progress in your custom field.
  • The recent courses can grow subsequently to get the data.

If you are looking for the steps that may help you log in to MSUM D2L, then continue reading. You will have instructions shortly.

How to do MSUM D2L Login?

MSUM D2L Login

MSUM D2L provides a comfortable space for a practical learning experience. If you are a student or a faculty member and want to login into the MSUM D2L portal, you can follow the steps illustrated below –

Step 1: Go to the MSUM D2L portal.

Step 2: Tap on the button “Sign on with your startID”

Step 3: Now fill in your StartID and its Password.

Step 4: After filling in the details, tap on “Sign on”

Step 5: you will be on your dashboard from where you can access all of your courses.

Tips you can utilize if you’re having any trouble logging in –

  • The user will have to fill in the proper credentials, as wrong credentials will lead to a failed login process.
  • If you do not recollect a secret phrase or document, you can use “fail to recall key secret” to reset your MSUM D2L login details.
  • If that doesn’t work out, make an impression that the client cares to ask for help.

How to reset the MSUM D2L password?

We are only human, and we change our minds within seconds. So, if you think of changing or resetting your MSUM D2L Password, it’s no crime. Minnesota State University Moorhead portal is pretty easy to work. If you are still facing issues to reset your Password follow the instructions –

➔ Visit the website
➔ There you will see “Sign on with StarID,” click on it
➔ The portal will direct you to the login page instantly
➔ On the login page, tap on ‘Reset Password.”
➔ The updated page will show you various options concerning your StarID, Profile, and Reset Password. Click on Reset Password to change your Password.
➔ After that, the system will ask you whether or not you know the details you will require to change the Password. From there, click on ‘I know my email address.
➔ Enter your email address and hit continue
➔ You will get a verification code on your email that will be required to change your Password.
➔ Now, check your mail and fill the code, and you can set your new Password
➔ Make sure you make a strong password and write it not to forget it next time.

What is a StarID in D2L MSUM Login?

A starID is a Username that is mandatory for various purposes in D2L MSUM. You only need one StarID for accessing the courses by D2L MSUM. This username/StarID is required to do the following operations –

  • Reset Your Password
  • Customize your dashboard
  • Accessing all the available courses
  • Sign in to your Profile

You can use the same ID across the Minnesota State to log in to many services like D2L Brightspace, email, and much more. So make sure you don’t forget this StarID as it’s crucial. If you need any other help with your StarID, you can contact “StarID Self Service.”

What is MSUM eService?

MSUM’s online registration services are Integrated Students Record System (ISRS) maintained by the Minnesota State system. The E-service portal of MSUM provides separate access to both students as well as employees.
There are plenty of tasks you will be able to complete once you sign up for the E-services.

These E-services includes –

  • Register for courses
  • Pay Tuitions
  • Check your grades
  • Accept financial aid awards
  • View transcripts
  • Change your address and many other tasks.

Login to MSUM E-services

If you want to get any of the above services, you must log in to your MSUM E-service account. The login process is straightforward, and you need to adhere to the instructions carefully. 

Step 1: Firstly, go to the msum E-service portal. 

Step 2: On the home page, you will see two options that say “student login” and “Employee Login.” Click on Student Login

Step 3:The system will redirect you to the login page to fill in your StarID and Password.

Step 4: Fill in your ID and Password. If you forget your Password use the instruction mentioned earlier to reset the Password.

Step 5: Now, you have to select your institution

Step 6: Once you select your institution, click on the button that says ‘Login’

Step 7: And you are done. Go to the available options and do whatever you want to do from there. 

I know the process doesn’t contain any complicated steps. But following the illustrated steps with attention will make you log in without any trouble.


So, That was all about the Minnesota State University Moorhead, D2L (Desire 2 Learn), and Brightspace. I hope you have learned quite profoundly about the D2L and Brightspace working. You can easily log in to your MSUM D2L and MSUM eService with the easy steps we have mentioned. However, if you face any trouble while logging in, you can reach out to their service desk. Or, if you have questions and suggestions for us, you can leave them right here. We will be delighted to answer them.

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