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Mycsulb is an online login portal made for the convenience of California State University students and employees. Creating such an online portal is to make campus activities easier for both the students and the university’s staff members. With the help of this portal, students can quickly check their grades, fees, GPA, and other notifications. The MyCSULB student center maintains the portal and profile of students. This portal helps the students to be more organized and updated with their studies.

What Is CSULB?


The full name of CSULB is California State University Long Beach. Well, it’s a group of public universities established in 1949 by California Governor Eal Warren. The former name of the university was Los Angeles- Orange Country State College.

Why should you choose MYCSULB?

Well, as mentioned earlier, the mysculb portal is a handful for both students and employees. Being part of CSULB has its benefits; below, I will be telling you the perks of using the mycsulb portal. Let’s talk about the students first.

Benefits of MyCSCULB for students

  • With the help of the MYCSULB portal, students can keep a birds-eye on all the registration plans, enrolled data and schedules, and dates.
  • You can check your status regarding the enrollment waiting list, and you can also check all the updates, enrollment results, university classes schedules and submit your assignments. You can do all this work just through one portal, isn’t it fascinating.  
  • My CSULB portal also provides you access to the books available in the university’s library; you can borrow any textbook from there.  
  • This portal allows you to visit the bellflower boulevard long beach to obtain other enrollment services.
  • For getting all these benefits, all you need to do is, enroll in the MyCSULB student center app. With the app’s help, you can check the university’s progress and demand online classes if you need them.
  • If a student takes an annual membership, they receive a complimentary two-week pass and a 1% discount on annual membership.
  • The portal provides remote networking security feature services like VPN, i.e., virtual private network, allowing students to access internal networks securely.

With the help of the portal, students can update their personal information, monitor withdrawals, and connect with their teachers. The other features of the portal include document sharing, chats, audio and video calling, etc.

Benefits Of mycsulb for Employees

  1. With the help of the mysculb portal, employees can access enrollment in medical plans, dental plans, health insurance, life insurance, etc.  
  2. The portal is entirely encrypted and ensures that the data of students as well as employees are entirely safe. It also ensures that nobody can breach their privacy, as it doesn’t allow access without login credentials.
  3. Employees can view their paystubs, payslips, class schedules, and other essential university notices through the portal. The portal also allows the employees to apply for sick leave, vacation leaves, etc., and it also updates them about their working days and holidays.  

The portal also updates the employees about their compensatory time-off balance, usage, and accrual and allows them to request the missing punches, time off, etc.

How to create an account in mycsulb:-

If you are facing any trouble in creating your account in myself, then here is a step to step guide for you; follow the below-given instructions:-

  1. First and foremost, you need to take admission in csulb because it won’t be possible to create an account there without this.
  2. Secondly, open the login tab and go to account spark.
  3. Now, fill your college Id, which is allocated to you by the university for a single pupil. Now location the launch date as per the directed format.
  4. Next, fill in the contact details; remember that the user should fill in the contact details correctly because any error would cause you trouble.
  5. Now enter a password for secure signal-in with either a password trace.
  6. Now accept the terms and conditions and tap on the agree with link; if you have filled all the required information in their respective places, the system will process your account opening request immediately.  

Now that you have created your account, all you need to do is sign in to the account with the help of the mysculb okta login portal.

How to sign- in mysculb okta?

mycsulb login

  1. First thing first, ensure that you have a stable network connection, and you must be equipped with either a laptop/ computer or a smartphone while signing in to your club account.
  2. Now, visit the official website of my club okta login, i.e.,
  3. Next, fill in your nine-digit college roll no. and enter your account password.
  4. Now, tap login, and you will be signed in.

of mysculb okta for existing users

  1. Firstly visit the official website of mysculb okta login on your browser, i.e.,; now, scroll down until you find the ‘Lookup E-mail Address’ option.
  2. Now fill in your login credentials, like your Id and DOB, and click next.
  3. Now you will be asked some security questions; you need to answer them correctly; once you answer them, the portal will complete the process and get access to your portal.

How to restore MYCSULB?

Suppose you forgot your CSULB account username and password. In that case, no need to panic this article will provide you the instructions for restoring your account, all you need to do is follow the below-given instructions, and this article will resolve your problem. 

  • Firstly, open the official website of csulb in your browser, then scroll down until you see ‘Do You Need Any Help Signing In?’, now click on the tab.
  • If you forgot your username, you could get it back through your registered E-mail Id, and you are also backed by the enrollment documentation provided to you at the time of your admission. 
  • Go to the home page of mycsulb edu. 
  • Now, fill in your registered mobile no. the given place and click on forgot password.
  • The portal will send you an OTP on your registered contact no. 
  • Now, quickly enter the OTP and click on proceed. 

The procedure is completed, and you have access to your account.

How to contact mysculb?

You contact CSULB through the following modes:- 

  • Address: 1250 Bellflower Boulevard Long Beach California 90840 
  • Contact no. 562-985-4111 

Website: /

Frequently Asked Question:-

Is it possible to apply for financial aids after the deadline? 

Well, you should always be punctual, but if you forget to apply for financial aids, you can still apply for it after the deadline.  

Is it possible to receive some of my spring aid during the fall? 

If your graduation is completing at the end of the fall semester, you can get your reward your support based on fall-only enrollment.


In this article, we have covered everything related to the mycsulb; if any queries remain, please do let us know in the comment box.

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