MyHRConnection Login Guide 2022

Myhrconnection is an online portal designed by the giant eagle corporation for the convenience of their employees. The web portal works as a door of communication between the employees and management of the company.

Through the portals, employees can access their daily tasks, apply for leaves and extra work, inform about extra work benefits, bonus updates, check the status of leaves, and directly contact the giant eagle HR regarding issues and queries. The portal also informs the employees about the recent updates made by the company.

What is the giant eagle?

The giant eagle is an American supermarket chain with stores in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. It is a private retail company that was founded on 31 August 1931. The headquarter of the company is in O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Currently, David Shapira is serving as the executive chairman, and Laura Shapira Karet is the CEO and President of the giant eagle. The company was a giant eagle grocery market chain; later, it expanded its stores to 125.

The company purchased many other famous supermarket chains like Kroger, Kent, Ravenna, ok grocery, county market stores, Rini-Rego shop-n-stop, and apple supermarkets to get more expansion. The company is the 49th largest retailer in the company, and currently, the company drives to be the front-runner in the Super Market retail industry.

The giant eagle corporation survived the great depression and became one of the most famous retailing companies in the state at the time of the great depression. Currently, the company has 99 stores in Pennsylvania, 122 stores in Ohio, 1 in Indiana, and 2 in Virginia and Maryland. Adding to your wonder, the company also has an active banking partnership with many banks. Giant Eagle Corporation provides electronic loyal cards to its customers through which the customers can claim various discounts and offers from giant eagle supermarkets.

Features of Myhrconnection

Myhrconnection has many features that help its employees access their information. There are many features of my hr connection; some of them are given below: –

Myhrconnection works as a communication channel between the workers and the management. With the help of the portal, the employees can raise an issue or ask their queries.

The portal helps the employees access their daily task information and see details of their daily activities. The portal comforts the employees to choose from the list at their homes.

The portal allows to access monthly and weekly duties other than daily tasks.

The employees can see their daily progress or monthly progress as the portal provides an insight into their progress for further improvement.

With the help of the web portal, the employees can apply for overtime and access their bonus or other benefits through the portal only.

Besides everything, the web portal is the doorway that unlocks all the services and benefits provided by the company to its employees.

Benefits of working in giant eagle corporation

Employees are the backbone of any company, and they are why the company makes progress. That’s why the giant eagle corporation ensures to give a suitable environment for the development of their employees. The giant eagle avails various medical and financial benefits to its employees, and the customers can easily access all the benefits provided by the company through the web portal.

Medical benefits

Medical benefits provided by the company: –

  • The company provides supplemental and company-paid life insurance to its employees.
  • The company avails gym and workout areas to its employees and pays for the employees’ pneumonia and flu shots.
  • The giant eagle corporation gives its employee’s maternity and paternity leave and life resources coaching.
  • The company provides medical, dental, and vision insurance and gives its employees biometric screenings.
  • Along with all these facilities, the company also organizes physical activity and weight loss challenges for the employees.
  • The company’s employees can get prescription drug coverage and discount, thus lessening the disease expenses.
  • The corporation also gives sort-term and long-term disability insurance to its employees in case of disability.
  • The employee’s domestic partner can also utilize the health benefits provided by the company.

Financial benefits

Besides the medical benefits, the giant eagle company also provides financial benefits to the employees:-

  • The company offers various pension plans to the employees paid by the company.
  • The working hours and schedule of the company are very flexible, thus giving some daily, weekly, or monthly free time to the employees in between the work schedule.
  • The company also helps its employees in investment by giving investment coaching and retirement planning.
  • The company provides some additional employee discounts to its employees.

Things required for logging into Myhrconnection Portal

There are certain things that you need to log into your myhrconnetion portal. The things you need for logging into your portal are as follows: –

For using the myhrconnetion, you need to be an employee of a giant eagle.

Secondly, you need a stable internet connection with a laptop, PC, or another smart device.

Thirdly you need to have the web address of the eagle giant login page.

Next, you need to have your login credentials like my hr connection login email id or team member id and password provided to you by the company.

Lastly, you need a secure and updated version that supports the working of my hr connection portal.

How to register for Myhrconnection?

To register yourself for the myhrconnection portal, follow the following steps: –

First of all, open the official website of the giant eagle by entering in your browser.

Secondly, enter your email id or team member id in the required columns.


Now, tap next to redirect to the next page.

You have to fill in your name, date of birth, address, zip code, contact number, and email on the next page. Enter the details in the required columns.

Select security questions and answer them.

At last, tap on the submit icon.

That’s it; there you go now your registration is completed.

Now you will receive a confirmation mail or phone number from the giant eagle.

Myhrconnection login guide

My HR connection is the web portal that helps employees of giant eagle access all the company’s facilities. To access the login portal, follow the following steps to log into your myhrconnection portal: –

Step 1: Firstly, visit the official login website of the eagle giant in your browser. You can type  to redirect to the login page of a giant eagle.

Step 2: Enter your email or team member id in the required column.

MyHRConnection giant eagle password recover

Step 3: Click on the icon next.

Step 4: Next, enter your password.

Step 5: That’s it now; you can access all the features of the myhrconnection portal.

How to recover the password of Myhrconnection?

Don’t worry if you forget your myhrconnection password; you can still access your portal. Though you have changed the password of your portal, the primary password provided to you by the company at the time of registration is still the same. The password contains GE, the last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth in the pattern yyyy/mm/dd.

You have only changed your default password, and you can access your portal by following the steps given below: –

Step 1: Navigate to the official login page of myhrconnection by entering in your browser.

Step 2: Tap on forgot password link.


Step 3: Enter your email id in the required column.

Step 4: Click on the password reset link to get the link on your mail.

Step 5: You will get your password reset link in the mail.

Pros and cons of working in giant eagle corporation

Giant eagle is an employee-friendly supermarket chain that has more pros than cons. Everything has pros and cons; one person can identify if something is good for them by analyzing both aspects. So here I am providing you pros and cons of being a part of giant eagle corporation.

Let’s start with the positive aspect first.

Pros of being a part of giant eagle corporation

Friendly and supportive supervisors

Based on the reviews of employees working in giant eagle corporation, we can conclude that the supervisors and seniors working in the corporation are super supportive and friendly with their juniors. The supportive and friendly supervisors make the environment quite comfortable for the new joiners.

Weekly pay

The company provides weekly pay to its employees; honestly, many employees appreciate this because they can manage their weekly expenses through this.

Flexible work schedules

The corporation provides flexible work schedules to its employees, thus balancing professional and personal life.

Support programs

The giant eagle provides a number of support programs to its employees, thus supporting its employees in both good and hard times.

Variety of health and financial benefits

Giant Eagle Corporation avails a number of health and financial benefits to employees to ensure its employees’ good health and financial stability.


Low wage as compared to other supermarket chains

Many employees are not satisfied with their wages and consider their wages less than the competitors.

Less workforce

Many employees consider the workforce is less than the requirement; that sometimes leads to hefty workdays.

Rude and discriminative customers

Now, this is something that is not in the company’s hands. Many employees complain that there are times when they have to interact with rude and discriminative customers.

The pros and cons are entirely based on the feedback of employees.

How to contact giant eagle corporation or Myhrconnection Portal?

There are many ways of communication with the management. The employees who are facing any issues in logging into the web portal can seek help from management by contacting through the following modes of communication: –

Website: –

Technology service helpdesk contact number: -1-888-826-3193

Or you can write your queries by navigating to the link of queries and issues, and yes, don’t forget to fill in your details to get the answer personally.

Frequently asked questions about Myhrconnection Portal

Do I need to reset my passwords frequently, and if yes, how frequently should I reset my password?

Ans. The password of the giant eagle portal automatically expires in 90 days. So you need to reset your portal password within the time period of ninety days.

Is it possible to access the system while home teleworking?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to use the system while home teleworking. The VPN connection allows access to the system from anywhere at any time.

What are the browsers that support hrconnect?

Ans. The hrconnect works on chrome and safari 2x but is not supported on these browsers. Microsoft internet explorer version is the only tested and secure browser that supports myhrconnect.

What is hrconnect?

Ans. Hrconnect is the office of personnel management approved by the human resource line of business and people soft or oracle web-based system. Hrconnect is a human resource management system that directs a wide range of applications, information, and services to HR offices, managers, and employees. Hrconnect allows the employees to view and update their employee information and review their entire leaves.

Final verdict

That was all about myhrconnection login guide. I hope the article was helpful and resolved all your login queries about the myhrconnection login portal. In case you are still facing any issues or difficulty while logging into your myhrconnection portal, feel free to write your queries in the comment section. I will try to solve your problems at the earliest. For further improvement, kindly provide your feedback in the comments. If the article was helpful for you, do share it with your fellow employees, and don’t forget to subscribe to the website for more portal login-related articles like this.

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