SFMTA Pay Citation Guide 2022

SFMTA Pay Citation – San Francisco has very rigid rules and regulations for the traffic and the roads. sfmta stands for San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency manages and controls all the ground traffic in the City. They look after the Municipal parking and oversee the taxis, traffic, and the Municipal railway. The official website of the sfmta makes it easy to get a parking ticket in the City.

What are the steps to make an online payment at sfmta Pay Citation?

The steps to make an online payment at sfmta pay citation are as follows

Step 1- Go to the official web portal of the sfmta pay citation using any secure and safe browser like opera, firefox, Internet Explorer, etc., or you can go to the web portal using the link given below for your reference


Step 2- You will then reach a new page where you can make a payment. A picture for reference is below

Sfmta pay citation

Step 3- Now, enter all the required citation numbers, plate numbers, and plate states.

Step 4- Next, click on the “search for citation”button to proceed further.

And follow the instructions displayed on your screens and you will be able to pay for it.

What are the steps to find a citation number at SFMTA Pay Citation?

The steps to find a citation number at sfmta pay citation are as follows

Step 1- Visit the official web portal of sfmta pay citation using any safe and secure web browser like firefox, internet Explorer, Opera, etc., or you can directly go to the web portal using the link given below for your reference


Step 2- You will reach a page similar to the web page shown above for your reference.

Step 3: Then, you will find an option for “where to find ” given in front of the citation number.

Step 4: The moment you click on the option for “where to find,” you will reach a new screen, as shown below for your reference.

Sfmta pay citation

This picture indicates where the citation number is on your bill slip.

How to avoid San Francisco parking tickets?

Public transportation – The public transportation system of San Francisco is one of the outstanding services that the sfmta provides to the public in the country. It is the best way to neglect San Francisco parking tickets. San Francisco has unique and exciting cable trolleys and cars to get around the City. It is convenient, but it is also one of the cheapest ways to go anywhere in the City. You can also use the regular buses, taxis, electric scooter rentals, light rail, etc., to get around the City.

What are the ways to dispute a San Francisco parking ticket?

If you couldn’t agree less with the ticket cost written that you have to pay, you can file a dispute anytime or make a complaint against it. Moreover, filing a conflict is a very easy and simple process. The process or the ways to dispute a San Francisco parking ticket are as follows.

Collect all the evidence and the information 

You always have to have evidence to prove yourself innocent at the court. For instance, if there were no parking signs or it was not visible to you, you can take out the picture of the area or the scene, and it will be a perfect proof of your innocence. But if you do not have proof or evidence, you can also dispute San Francisco parking tickets.

Do not make a payment for your ticket 

Most people make the mistake of paying for their tickets and then choose and decide to dispute. You should know that if you pay your ticket and then want to argue. So, you have no way to file a case.

People can send a letter or can dispute online 

Most cities like San Francisco allow people to file a dispute for a parking ticket online. It is effortless to file a dispute online. For instance, the sfmta pay citation web portal includes a page and an option that takes you to the page where you can file a complaint. It is as per your willingness, if you want to write a formal letter, you may do so and have to send it to the office or can mail it to the city and In case if you are mailing the letter make sure to have the tracking details with you to ensure that it reaches them.

You should be present at your hearing date 

Most of the disputes of the parking tickets are solved quickly and without a hearing date, but if you have a hearing date. You should attend the hearing on time.

What are the other ways to make some parking ticket payments?

The other ways to make sfmta parking ticket payment are as follows

Using a mobile phone

You can also pay the bill using the mobile phone but just calling on the number given below is one of the easiest ways to make a payment. Call on the number and then follow all the dictated instructions and do accordingly and you will be able to pay the bill.

Phone number –



Using a mailing address

People can also make a payment using the mailing process. You can send a check or a money order payable to sfmta, including the citation number on the page. Or you can also mail it to the address given below for your convenience.

Mailing address –

11 South Van Ness Avenue

San Francisco

CA 94-103

Using a web

If you want to have an electronic receipt of the payment, then you can pay it using the given link


What if one does not reimburse the parking fees and fines in San Francisco?

In case if you avoid paying your fines on time, the sort pay citation will charge acceptable late fees, which will be on top of the original amount. They continuously add on charges in the actual amount unless and until you pay it off. Afterward, the city of San Francisco will pass the notice to the DMV about your case. The moment your case gets on their information, they will put a hold on your vehicle registration which means to renew your vehicle, you have to clear all your dues at sfmta pay citation.

If you also carry the same attitude and do not pay the charge amounts of the parking tickets, then your vehicle may get towed or booted by them. There is only one way left for you to pay the dues, and you have to show the receipt of the same to the DMV.

But you do not have to wait till this end. You should pay all the dues on time or as soon as you receive them. You have to pay all the penalties. So it is better to spend it at the same time when you receive it.

What are the ways to cut the parking ticket amount at sfmta pay citation?

The sfmta may cut the cost In case you have disputed your citation. And in case you fight, there are some changes to cut or eliminate all the fines. You can also reduce the cost by doing community service in San Francisco instead of paying the bill fine. The sfmta will transfer fifteen dollars for every hour you work. A person can do community service at a limit of a thousand dollars. There are several other plans, but they will require you to a specific amount in the name of enrollment. It will not cut the parking fee amount but decrease the amount and burden of paying a hefty amount at once.

Do I need to pay sfmta pay citation even if I live in some other state?

If you are a licensed driver, you are eligible to acquire or receive penalties and fines. Even if you are a visitor, you must educate yourself on the rules and regulations of the city. But you also have a right to file a complaint or dispute for the ticket fine. DoNotPay makes this fight easy, and you can visit the web portal using any secure browser of your choice.

What are the steps to appeal parking citations with sfmta Pay Citation?

The steps to appeal parking citations with sfmta are as follows

Step 1 – You can directly go to the web portal using the link given below for your convenience.


Step 2: Then, you will be on a new page similar to the picture shown below you.

Sfmta pay citation

Step 3- You have to enter either your mobile phone number or the email address to move forward.

Step 4- Next, click on the continue button to proceed further

Getting a parking ticket can increase auto insurance?

No, the monthly premium of a person does not increase if the person receives a citation. But the companies like Grange Insurance Association refuse to cover vehicles that are not registered legally with the DMV and if the person avoids or neglects to pay the parking tickets or fines.

They will not be able to renew it until they clear all the dues. Once you settle down all the dues amount, you will be able to continue your parking ticket.

If I drive a rental car, then am I responsible for the parking tickets?

Yes, the person who is driving has all the responsibilities. So, the driver needs to handle all the citations and the fines that the person receives. You only have to settle down all the dues and the penalties that the sfmta impose on the person. But also, there exist several companies that pay the parking tickets as early as they get it or come to their notice. Then, they will charge the person the total sum of fines and the administrative fee charged to the card used to book the car or the vehicle.

What are the reasons for an invalid ticket?

The reasons for an invalid ticket are as follows.

  • They were not able to read and understand the writing of the paper.
  • There may be the wrong time, date of issuance, or county.
  • The person who owns the car was not present, but you need to prove this with evidence.
  • The car was theft, but you have to prove that the court has a receipt of the FIR filed against the vehicle.
  • The server displayed the permission was displayed on your screen to park, but the ticket does not include the permission to park.
  • There may be missing car information or incorrect information written on the paper.
  • There may be some signage issues. The parking signs were giving incorrect or wrong information or were not visible to you.

San Francisco parking ticket cost

Parking ticket costs at San Francisco

Street cleaning – 77 dollar

Angled parking – 87 dollar

White zone – 87 dollars

Motorcycle parking – 110 dollars

Invalid permit – 110 dollar

Red zone – 102 dollar

Residential parking – 87 dollar

Overtime parking – 76 to 97 dollars ( depends on the area it takes )

Frequently asked questions on sfmta pay citation

How to protest against sfmta Pay Citation?

If you want to protest for your parking ticket, then you need to do it within 21 days of getting the parking ticket. And also, make sure that you do not pay if you want to file a complaint.

What to do if my car got towed?

If your car got towed then, you have to call the city or the county of San Francisco by calling on the given number.

Phone number – 415-856-82-00

What to do if my car is booted and I can not afford to pay the boot removal or eraser fee Penalty?

People whose monthly or annual income is deficient and their car is booted and do not have the specified amount to pay for the fine or penalty. Then, the sfmta provides a substantial rebate and discount to the people, and they also offer a one-time boot penalty waiver for those experiencing homelessness.

What is a low-income boot rebate?

Low-income boot rebates are for the people whose vehicles are booted and who did not have the specified amount to pay for the penalty. In this case, when the person receives a penalty for the booted vehicle. And their income is less than two hundred percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). The person is eligible for a discount and can pay 75 dollars as the boot fine instead of the standard penalty of 505 dollars boot penalty. And if you are in the same situation where you do not have the specified amount, and your income is low, fill out the form first to verify your income.

What are the steps to fill the low-income eligibility form for booted or towed vehicle fees and fines?

The steps to fill the low-income eligibility form for booted or towed vehicle fines and fees are as follows.

Step 1: Go to the link which is given to you below to visit the page directly.

Form link

Click on the “form link ” button to move forward.

Step 2: You will reach a new page which will be the form page for booted vehicles. A reference picture is shown to you below.

Step 3: Now, you have to enter all the required credentials in the space given for them as they will ask you for your mailing address, state, zip code number, your city name, your phone number, and have to submit it on the web portal to proceed and them act according to the instructions which will give for you on your screens.

Final words

This article was all about sfmta pay citation. The report also includes all the login details and the charges imposed on the vehicles. If you like the article, please leave the comment down in the comment box.

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