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Penn Foster Student Login ( : I don’t know how to do Penn Foster Student Login, and we got you covered. We assure you that it is the easiest process. However, a little guidance would be more than helpful. Online enrollment and registration would help students stay updated about the upcoming events and announcements.

Penn Foster is helping thousands of students to learn all about their preferable fields. This association has more than 1000 partners that assist it in providing maximum learning satisfaction to the students. Any prospective students have a large variety of courses and programs. To access and enroll, they need to visit the official website. If you wonder how to register or do Penn Foster  Login, we will discuss the same shortly. Please keep reading to know all about it.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is a private online college situated in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1890 and was formerly known as an International correspondence school.

This college offers various courses, bachelor’s and associate degree programs with certificates. With the help of experienced employers, it delivers digital and blended learning programs that assist students in upskilling and driving them towards professionalism.

Approximately 40,000 students annually graduate from Penn Foster College. The official portal of Penn Foster has tons of options for students and teachers. It has more than 2,00,000 active students who choose Penn Foster over any other institution every year.

Various Programs offered by Penn Foster

If you are looking for affordable online training for in-demand jobs, then you should check out the official website of Penn Foster College. We understand how crucial it is to have appropriate skills to follow a preferable career field. If you also want to learn something different to be professional in that field, you should try Penn Foster correspondence school. The area of study offered by Penn Foster are as follows –

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Business
  • Design and Creative
  • Child Care and Education
  • Veterinary
  • Computer and Electronics
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Criminal Justice and Legal
  • Skill Trades and Industrial
  • Automotive and Engine Repair
  • High School

All the study fields mentioned above have several other sub-areas as well. It has a career diploma, certificate, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Associate Degree, and Undergraduate Certificate for all those courses. Suppose you are seeking more than you can visit the official website of Penn Foster. However, we will shortly discuss the steps to log in to the Penn Foster Student portal.

Benefits of having a Penn Foster  Account

Having an online account has multiple benefits as it keeps us updated regarding upcoming events and announcements. Remember, Students can only log in to their account if they have registered earlier. Some of the benefits that you would have once you enroll online are as follows –

  • Track your learning speed and set your schedule to learn at your pace.
  • Its low program cost is favorable for students, and it comes with flexible payment options.
  • Trustworthy, licensed, and accredited programs with numerous options.
  • Learn whenever and wherever you want.

The first step to enrolling for a certain course at Penn Foster is registering. If you don’t know how to do that, keep reading as we will discuss the same further in this article.

How to register on Penn Foster Student Login Portal?

To register on Penn Foster  Login Portal, you need your basic details, including the program you want to enroll for. An individual has to go through 4 easy steps to enroll on the Penn Foster student login portal. Each step needs you to enter your basic details. After registering online, you can sign in to your account whenever you want. Enrolling online will give you access to numerous courses. You can enhance your learning experience along with upskilling your abilities. If you are having issues while enrolling on Penn Foster Student Login Portal, then follow the steps mentioned below –

Penn foster student

Step 1: Open the browser and search for

Step 2: It will directly take you to the login portal of Penn Foster, and just below the login box, you will “Enroll Now,” tap on it.

Step 3: Now, it would direct you to the official website of Penn (

(Note: if you want, you can directly visit the website by typing the URL in the search bar)

Step 4: On the homepage of Penn Foster, you will see an “Enroll Now” button at the top right corner, and you need to tap on it.

Step 5: It will update the page shortly with four enrollment steps, and you need to start filling in your contact details.

Step 6: First, select the program and then enter your other details such as First and last name, Email, and Zip Code.

Step 7: Once you are done on this contact page, you need to tap on the blue arrow appearing at the bottom of the box.

Step 8: After that, enter your payment details and click on the arrow to proceed.

Step 9: In the third step, you need to review the information you have just entered.

Step 10: After reviewing, tap on the next arrow to reach the final step, “sign-in”

You will receive a User ID or Username at the end of this registration process. Later, you can use the same to sign in to your account. If you have registered earlier and now don’t know how to log in to their account, stay tuned as we will discuss the same further in this article.

How to do Penn Foster  Login?

Penn Foster Login opens the door to various courses and degrees. All they need to do is register first and then log in to their respective accounts. We have earlier discussed the enrollment process. So, if you are a new user who wants to take any of the listed courses of Penn Foster Student Login, then scroll back up and follow the required steps. Those who are looking for guidance for Penn Foster Student Login can adhere to the instructions mentioned below –

penn foster Student login

Step 1: First, you need to search for in the search bar, and it will take you straight to the student login portal.

Step 2: On the page, you will see a box asking for a couple of details to log in.

Step 3: Enter either your Student ID, Username, or Email and then select whatever you have filled in that area from the drop-down menu appearing beside that.

Step 4: Now, click on the “continue” button at the bottom.

You may also ask to enter other related details further. Fill them and log in to your Penn Foster Student Account. Later, you can explore the courses and other relevant details; however, if you face any queries while registering and login, then you can contact the customer service of Penn Foster.

How to contact Penn Foster?

To contact either Penn Foster High school or Penn Foster college, you can call their customer service number. You will get all the required contact details of this institution from their official website. For your convenience, we have mentioned their contact details right here.

Contact Penn Foster: 1-888-427-1000

Contact Penn Foster Career School: 1-888-275-4410,

  • Fax: 1-570-961-4030
  • Address: Penn Foster Career School,

Student Services Center, 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 USA

Contact Penn Foster Career High School: 1-888-427-6200

  • Fax: 1-570-961-4030
  • Address: Penn Foster Career School

Student Services Center, 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 USA

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) How do you get the Student Portal of Penn Foster?

You can visit the Penn Foster Student Portal by searching for on the search bar. From their official website, you can enroll, log in, and browse numerous courses offered by this institution. You need to scroll back up to know the login and registration instructions. Follow the instructions carefully so that you won’t miss anything.

Q.2) Does Penn Foster have a student Email?

There isn’t any separate Penn Foster student email available, but there is a Student ID, and they can use it while logging in to their student account of Penn Foster . If any student is struggling to find their Penn Foster ID of student , they can contact the customer service.

Q.3) How many credits do you need to graduate from Penn Foster?

To graduate from Penn Foster, students need to have at least 21.5 credits in total. During the course, you will learn all the lessons to earn your diploma or certificates step by step.

Q.4) Does Penn Foster use Canvas?

Penn Foster presents their online courses with the help of Canvas. It is a centralized learning management system that helps many educational institutions to provide an excellent learning experience.

Final Words

That was all about Penn Foster Student Login and enrollment. I hope you know how to login and register if you are using the portal for the first time. Any individual having doubts and questions can contact customer service or drop your queries in the comment section. Your views and suggestions are highly appreciated as they help us do better. Apart from that, it would be nice to hear from our fellow readers.

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