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MySlice Login Guide : My Slice is the official Service Portal of Syracuse University, and this portal is for academic, financial, employment, and administrative matters at Syracuse University. All the people at Syracuse University, such as; students, applicants, staff, and faculty members, can access My Slice.

What is the use of MySlice Login?

  • Students can register for the classes
  • They can view their grades
  • They can pay Bursar bills, select housing, and meal plans
  • Students can receive the notifications and information
  • It is the secure platform for sharing or communicating the crucial information

MySlice Login Net ID and Password

  • Before accessing the University’s system, such as; My Slice and Blackboard, you need to activate your Net ID.
  • A Net ID is a personal identifier assigned to SU students, staff, and faculty to access many SU computing resources. It is a combination of first or last names and may include the number.
  • You create a password for your account and set up a recovery method, which will help you to recover your password in the future.
  • Starting 30 days before your password expiration date, you will get several email messages.
  • If the password expires, Net ID will be disabled.
  • Once your account becomes disabled, all resources that require Net ID and password will no longer be accessible.

How to activate Net ID?

For activating your Net ID, you need SUID.

  • After getting your SUID
  • Visit
  • Click ‘Activate your Net ID’
  • Follow the instruction
  • After completing the procedure, you will get an email or notification


You will receive your SUID number once you apply for admission. You can find your SUID on the letter you received from SU Financial Aid or your SU card. Only students can apply for SUID.

How to change SU Net ID Password?

  • First, go to the Net ID self-service page
  • Use the link to change your password
  • For changing your password, you must know your current password
  • Follow the instructions
  • You will receive a notification of changing your password
  • If you are not able to manage your password, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ITS Help Desk

For Logging into My Slice

  • Go to the browser and navigate to
  • Now click on the student-faculty staff button.
  • It will take you to the Microsoft Outlook page
  • Enter your Syracuse University’s email address
  • Click next, then enter your account password.
  • To access your account, click sign in
  • As a new student or applicant of Syracuse University, first, you need to activate your account for logging into My Slice.

About SU Mail

Your SU Mail email address is your [email protected]. SU Mail uses the same password as the Net ID password. For example, if your Net ID password is xyzsuzzain, your SU Mail address would be [email protected]. SU Mail is managed by the University and utilizes Microsoft’s cloud service. It is essential to check your mail regularly because Syracuse University will use your email address to communicate important information about Blackboard, My Slice, and other account systems to you.

Access your SU Mail Account

As a current student, you can use your SU Mail student email account to download and install office 365 pro plus applications such as; Word, Excel, and Power point on up to five computers (PA and Mac) and five mobile devices (iphone , iPad, Android, smartphone, window phone)

Sharing MySlice Login Access with Parents, Guardians, and Family Members 

Syracuse University students can share specific sections of their My Slice Account with parents, guardians, and family members. Sections such as; Financial aid portfolio, academic, information, and payment areas.

Creating Parent/Proxy Accounts on My Slice

Students and applicants need to follow these instructions for creating a parent/proxy account on My Slice. Each student account can create three accounts for various individuals with different access levels.

  • Students can find the “Share My Access” tile on Student Home, while applicants can find “Share My Access” tim]le on Application Home.
  • Click the “Add a new proxy account.”
  • Now enter the account name, which must include at least six characters long, be in upper case, and must begin with the number 1
  • Enter the password of a minimum of six or a maximum of eight, and your password should have the number (0-9) with one special character.
  • Enter the first, last name, and email address of the parent, guardian, or family member for whom you are granting access.
  • You can select the sections of My Slice, which you would like to share
  • Applicants may see fewer options than students.
  • Read the terms and conditions for creating a shared access account and check the box next to the term; click on that.
  • Click “Save All Changes”
  • After clicking, you will receive a notification on the top right side of the same page.
  • Click the “Return” button.
  • parent/guardian or family member for who you are creating the account will receive an email informing them that an account has been created
  • Now account owners can log in to the selected section on My Slice by navigating to

How to log into Parent/Proxy Accounts?

  • To login, parent/proxy account users should navigate to
  • The username and password are created and managed by the student.
  • Username is provided via email or directly from the student and will begin with a ‘1.’
  • To log in, enter your username and email address

Facing Troubles while logging into Parent/Proxy Account

  • Ensure that you have confirmed the login credentials with the student or applicant account owner.
  • Parent/Proxy account users are not permitted to access the student account, and students verify they are logging into the correct account.
  • Users directed to a Microsoft login page are likely to log into the student account.
  • Before login, the user should clear and update the browser for a quick response. Regarding clear the browser history, Users will receive error messages such as; SSO or authentication,

Protect yourself

Do not share your personal information online. Your Net ID, SUID, and password must be confidential. You must not share with anyone, including your peers, friend, family member, etc.; your SUID is included, your admission notification should not be posted online or via social media. Ensure that you are not sharing your personal information such as; your name, Net ID, SUID, and email address while sharing any acceptance email or notification on social media.

What does MySlice Login do with your personal information?

My Slice will use personal information provided by you for :

  • Provide the services to you
  • To establish identity and verify the same.
  • Opening and updating your account
  • Providing credits assessments, limit enhancement, and personalized information
  • To enable customer support.
  • For undertaking research and development
  • For improving the services and facilities on the portal
  • Analyzing the usage of the portal
  • To deliver any administrative notices, email, notification, alert, advice, and communication relevant to your use of any facilities on the portal through whatsApp, SMS, and other mediums.
  • To secure your account from criminal activities and do research, project planning, etc.
  • Disclosing to governmental authorities, employees, agents, financial service providers, etc.
  • For undertaking KYC authentications
  • To resolve disputes concerning the credit facilities.

MySlice Login -Support or Help

If you are facing any challenges regarding My Slice so, you can take help from its support desk :

  • You can go to the official site of My Slice, Syracuse University
  • Through this website, you can write your query with personal information such as; your name, email address, subject, and query.
  • You can contact customer support.


  • Take help with using [email protected]
  • Registered office address: Garagepreneurs Internet Pvt Ltd

747, pooja Building, 80ft Road, 4th Block, Koramangala Bangalore – 560034


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