TERP Mail Login-Benefits & Features of TERP Mail

TERP Mail is built on google apps and is the de-facto system for student email communication. The new email, scheduling, and collaboration environment are available for undergraduate students at the University of Maryland. It is a portal where students can communicate through emails and information about the calendar features.

Benefits and features of TERP Mail

TERP Mail has many features which make it valuable and unique there are some benefits that TERP Mail provides:

  • TERP Mail provides 25 gigabytes of mailbox space.
  • It can forward emails from other email accounts.
  • If somehow you forget the password, its tools help you set and reset your password.
  • It gives us access to the google apps calendar to keep and share your schedule.
  • TERP Mail provides you the access to other Google Apps:
  • Google sites: to create your web page.
  • Google docs: to create, store and share documents for academic purposes.
  • Google chat: to send messages back and forth between your classmates, friends, and other Gmail users.


TERP Mail replaced Mirapoint email in October 2011. All employees and graduate students at the University of Maryland [UMD] get a UMD Gmail account. There are two different official University of Maryland email systems. UMD Gmail and TERP Mail. The University of Maryland provides UMD Gmail for employees to promote communication and collaboration securely, allow business continuity, and effectively handle institutional data. Staff faculty, and graduate students received UMD Gmail accounts. The University of Maryland provides TERP Mail, an email platform used by all undergraduate students.

Directory ID

Your Directory ID is your Username that you will use to log in to computers and other electronic systems on campus. You can use this for many accesses like library resources, remotely, and complete SEVIS verification. You will need to set up your Directory ID, and your Directory ID will be your email address also.

How is TERP Mail different from UMD Gmail?

  1. TERP Mail is available only for undergraduate or graduate students of Maryland. Still, UMD Gmail is available for all the faculty, staff, graduate students, graduate assistants as a part of a Google workplace for education account. Employees are also eligible for UMD Gmail accounts sponsored by their seniors.
  2. Your TERP Mail account remains active after graduation. But if you didn’t get the degree, your report will be suspended and deleted.
  3. Example UMD Google Gmail: [email protected]

TERP Mail: [email protected].

  1. TERP Mail is a portal of UMD account so, whoever is using UMD Gmail, can access TERPmail as well.

Five easy steps for Logging Into TERP Mail

  1. Go to the browser, then write the official link of the website navigate to terpmail.umd.edu.
  2. Now click Log into TERP Mail.
  3. It will ask you for your email address; enter your email address.
  4. Click next. After that, it will show ‘Enter password.’
  5. Enter your password to access your account.

Activating the TERP Mail account

For activating your TERP Mail account, the most important thing is to know your University Directory ID and password. If you don’t see this information, you can ask for support from the Service Activation Page. you can follow these steps for activating your TERP Mail account:-

  • Go to the web browser and find service activation.
  • Click activate your TERP Mail account.
  • For logging in first, you need to enter your Directory ID and password after login.
  • Check the TERP Mail Email and calendar checkbox. Then click submit.
  • You can also activate a Terp connect account on this page if you want. If you don’t start it now, you can do so later.
  • It will show you the word ‘Activated,’ which means you have successfully activated your account.

For logging into TERP Mail Account

  • Let’s go to the TERP Mail homepage. Click login to TERP Mail.
  • After clicking, you can see the Google account Sign In window opens.
  • Now it will ask for the Username and password.
  • In the Username box, enter your TERP Mail address, and in the password, you can write a different it from your directory Id password.
  • After clicking Sign In, you will enter the greeting window.
  • Enter the letters as you see on your screen without any mistake.
  • Next, it will ask your permission. You can click ‘I accept and continue to my account.
  • Once you have activated your account and logged in, you will receive a welcome message. You can find it in your email account.

How to Change the TERP Mail Password?

Your TERP Mail password must follow the guidelines as your directory password, which means using a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. According to Google’s password policy, it should be at least eight characters or longer.

  • Firstly, go to the homepage and click set your password.
  • You will arrive at the [CAS] page. Log in with your University Directory ID and Password.
  • After this Change password window will open, enter the password you wish to use.
  • Once the password is updated, You will get a notification.

How to change the Directory password of UMD?

The Directory password of UMD must be reset or changed in at least 180 days to ensure the security of your account. Follow these steps if you remember your directory password and want to change it.

  • Go to the main “password management page to change your University Directory password.
  • Now enter your Directory Id at the appropriate place.
  • Write your current password.
  • Write the new password in the new password field.
  • Enter your new password again to confirm.
  • Now click the Update Password button.
  • You will receive the message that you successfully changed your directory password.

Let’s sign into the UMD Gmail account

  • First, go to Google Mail.
  • Click the option ‘Sign In.’
  • Now enter your UMD email address [[email protected]]. When it’s complete, click Next.
  • Select organization G Suite Account, if prompted
  • After that, you will direct to the Central Authentication Service [CAS]. Now for logging in using your directory ID and password
  • Authenticate your identity with different kinds of authentication. after completing, your Gmail inbox will open.

Adding the UMD account via Apple Mail

  • First, go to the setting.
  • Scroll down to ‘Password and Account’
  • Click ‘Add Account’
  • There will be some options for ‘Login with’ choose ‘Log in with google.’
  • Enter your UMD Gmail address in the email box
  • Now enter your Directory ID and password.
  • Complete your multi-factor authentication step
  • After completing the steps, you will see the image, which will show you the mobile device has used for mail is also a Duo MFA device.
  • Now select the link from your account for your device.
  • Now open the apple mail app on your device to access your mail.

Let’s add a UMD Google Account to an android device

  • For adding your UMD Google account to an android device first, you need to sign in.
  • Go to the setting and tap ‘Account.’
  • Click ‘Add Account’ then tap Google.
  • After that, it will show the option of ‘Existing Account.’
  • The browser screen will display the signin option. Now enter your UMD email address and password.
  • You will be arriving at the Central Authentication Service [CAS] login page
  • Enter your Directory ID and password and click ‘Login.’
  • Click on ‘Grant Access.’ It will allow your device to stay logged into your UMD Google account.
  • The UMD Google account has been added to your android device so, and your screen will show the Google apps and services that have synced with your device.

TERP Mail is helpful for students. Through this, they can manage their school lives without any difficulties. We have provided the most asked query’s answers by this article; you can go to TERP Mail’s Service Desk for more information.

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