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NYU Home is NYU’s leading web portal where you can access or login into your account with your NET Id and password. It can help you access various academic, work, and university life services. You can also search and browse the profiles of people in the NYU community and manage your profile and its visibility to others.

This portal is an official site of NYU. It provides all the Information to the students like; about examination date and timing, class timing, class duration, subjects, etc. NYUHOME portal is an online platform where students can check all their profile and account information. They can also take their exam online because of this portal.

How to NYU Home Log In

  • Before login, you must check your Net Id is activated or not
  • If you have not activated your Net Id yet so,
  • Go back to start.nyu.ed and provide details
  • After activating your Net Id, return to the main NYU’s page
  • Now use your Net Id and password to log in

How to Activate NYU Home Net Id and Set Password

  • From any internet-connected computer, go to the NYU start page start.nyu.edu.
  • Click on the activate Net ID
  • Enter your university Id [1234567] and date of birth [MM/DD/YY]
  • Complete the CAPTCHA test and click continue
  • Complete the acknowledgment of policies and terms of use, then click on continue
  • Now to go set password and write your password
  • After congratulating slide click continue
  • After setting the password save it, so that it will be good for you


To protect your profile and account from cyber security, you should change your password once a year. you can change your password anytime, and for changing it, you can follow these steps;-

  • Go to the start page of NYU HOME start.nyu.edu.
  • Click the login card and log in
  • Click the change Net ID password card
  • Enter a new password and click the set password
  • You can also use the secured password generator to set the password
  • For rechecking the password, click the eye icon
  • If you forgot your password so can reset it
  • First, log in and then go to the main page and click on the reset password card
  • Enter your Net Id and, complete the CAPTCHA test and click search
  • You will get three options;


Answer the asking three security questions


after clicking it, you will get a security code from the system for recovering your password so, write that code and click on the check code

NYU Home Mobile app

It requires a setup on start. nyu.edu. after setting up, open your MFA app and click the tab with a third party with your Net ID to generate a passcode, then enter the passcode and click check code


NYUHOME is available to current faculty, administrations, staff, and students pursuing degree programs with a current and active Net ID. Emeritus, retired faculty members, and student alumni are also eligible. Those without roles at NYU or do not have profiles, though they can search profiles.

Remember that in NYU, you can only see the services, features, and content as per your eligibility.


As a user of NYU’s computing service, you must comply with all federal, New York State, local, and other applicable laws; you should follow all the policies, rules, and regulations of the University. All the terms of use that describe principles and use are specific to NYUHOME. Violation of these rules and terms may result in loss of privileges or disciplinary action.


  • Your profile has a unique space in NYUHOME.
  • They gather some elements of your profile from the university system records.
  • You can not edit these elements inside NYUHOME.
  • It would help if you worked with the appropriate office fully formally.
  • After changing anything in your profile, you should update it.
  • NYU gives the choice of adding elements in your profile [profile photo, interests, spoken language]
  • Providing or adding Information to your profile is up to you.
  • By default, your profile is visible for others who have profiles.
  • So, NYU has provided the ability to make your profile invisible to others by adjusting the settings.
  • Making your profile invisible does not mean that your profile is disappearing; you can find it by entering your Net ID and password.


  • NYU conducts periodic backups of NYUHOME and discards old backups [ on a rolling basis]. And use these backups for restore service.
  • NYU does an activity stream where they take snapshots of your content notification from other NYU services within NYUHOME
  • This content is obtained at your moment of need once, and then they discard this content; they will longer keep it.
  • If you leave the University, community, or eligibility for this service, they will disable your profile and content, and after a period, they will delete it. After that, it will be challenging to find that again. So constantly update your profile, account, and yourself with the updated version of the Information and terms.


Although they do not regularly pre-screen, monitor, or review content, they reserve the right to remove if they find any content that is breaking the terms of use, rules of the University. They will take disciplinary actions about it, and NYU has provided the ability to the members of NYUHOME to take action against it by emailing on NYU’s website.


Abu Dhabi, Accra, Florence, London, Madrid, New York City, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Washington, DC.


The NYU IT Service Desk provides support for NYU HOME 24/7. You can also visit www.nyu.edu/it/servicedesk for the Information.

The ask IT Knowledge Base also contains a help article on NYUHOME


If you need any other help related to cards, flip it also provides HELP and SUPPORT services.


The NYUHOME web portal is beneficial for the students and all the people who have their accounts or profiles. This portal helps them with their academic, work, and University services. While using this portal, you should use your Net ID and password.

This portal is for official work only so, while using it, you should be careful. It has provided many terms and rules of using it, which you should follow. Sometimes, because of a network issue, it does not work correctly, so don’t do anything in a rush; first, refresh your page. If it is still not working, try after some time. NYUHOME has provided you with 24/7 support and lots of websites where you can ask your problems or query from the service desk. In this article, we have provided all the Information about the NYUHOME.

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