How to log in to the SDSU Aidlink portal?

SDSU Aidlink Portal-it’s a student login portal with various benefits; if you are already a part of SDSU, you can relate to the article. If you want to know about SDSU, this article will be interesting and helpful. You can be more familiar with the SDSU Aidlink. In this article, we will tell you more about the SDSU Aidlink, along with you can see login process that will guide you through simple and easy steps. You have to read the article till the last for a satisfactory result. Let’s turn to the SDSU introduction without making you wait for more.

About Aidlink

Aidlink-it is an online system currently of SDSU and provides 24 hours access to the SDSU financial aid records and the SDSU scholarship applications. Students can use Aidlink to access summer 2022 financial assistance eligibility and the MySDSU for fall 2022, and more.

About SDSU 

SDSU is San Diego State University, its public research university located in San Diego, California. SDSU was established in 1897 as a regular school, and now they have many students connect with the university.

MySDSU is the latest platform with various facilities for students, including admission, registration, and financial aid processes. Students can access the information on the financial assistance semester for fall 2022. As a student of the SDSU, you can access for getting more information help from the tutorials and more.

SDSU Aidlink Login requirements

Before login to the SDSU Aidlink account, it would be better to know its needs, and it makes the process easy; let’s have a look at the SDSU login requirements:

  • You should know the official web address of the SDSU Aidlink portal.
  • It will require an internet browser.
  • You must have the SDSU id.
  • A PC or Laptop and Tablet or Smartphone with reliable internet access.

Once you are familiar with the requirements, let’s move forward to the next steps.

SDSU Aidlink: Login procedure step by step

Successfully log in to the SDSU Aidlink; the following steps will guide you with the simple steps; follow them carefully and step by step.

Here are the steps:

1- First, turn on your device and open the web browser.

2- Now, on the search bar, type And after that, click on the enter button.

SDSU Aidlink Portal

3- It will directly take you to the login homepage.

4- On the given box, enter the valid SDSU Id, and click on the Student login. As shown in the attached screenshot.

5- Once you have entered the ID, click on the “Login” button to access your SDSU account.

Note: Users can access their account using either SDSU ID or SDSU red ID (Its student identification number) and a valid password.

What are the ways to use SDSU AidLink?

There are several ways to use SDSU Aidlink, and you can look at the below-mentioned ways.

  • Users can check and print financial aid and scholarship awards on their dashboards.
  • You can view your scholarships and financial instructions, information, and status anytime.
  • Through SDSU Aidlink, you can read the instructions or credentials you must be awarded or receive funds.
  • You can submit and complete some of the documentary work online via your account.
  • SDSU allows students to request student & parent loans.
  • Students can print and download the document they want to submit and sign in.

There are many benefits and features of SDSU Aidlink login. If you are a user of SDSU, you can get its advantage.

Reset Password of SDSU Aidlink Portal login

Can’t log in? Forgot your SDSU password? You don’t need to worry; all you need is proper instruction; following steps will guide you with the right steps; follow them carefully, step by step.

Here are the steps:

1- First, open your device’s web browser and visit the official website of the SDSU Aidlink login at

2- Shortly, you will reach on the login homepage of the SDSU Aidlink, and there will be “Student Login” and “Parent Login” click on the suitable option.

3- Now you are in the login area, and there will be several options; click on the “Can’t login”, which you can spot at the bottom of the password area.

SDSU Aidlink Portal login

4- It will directly take you to the “Can’t log in” on the Account Authentication page, where you can find several options related to the login issues, click on the “Reset Password.”

5- Once you have clicked on the reset password, you must enter the “Red Id/User name” in the provided area. As you can see on the attached picture.

6- After entering the code, tap on the “Submit” button, and follow the instructions to reset the SDSU Aidlink password.

How to apply for the SDSU Aidlink Scholarship?

To apply for the SDSU scholarship, you can follow the below-given steps and get the chance to be part of SDSU.

Here are the steps to apply:

1- First, you will have to visit the Financial Aid office and the official website of the SDSU scholarship.

2- On the next step, you will be on the scholarship page; click on the “Search for scholarship” option using SDSU free searching tool.

3- Now, look for the scholarship you are requirements eligible for and make sure to select it carefully.

4- After that, you have to submit the individual online application and an essay for each applying scholarship.

Once you complete these steps, you have successfully applied for the scholarship.

Final Words

The article was all about the SDSU Aidlink login, and we have described all the crucial steps to log in and more. If you still have any queries or doubts, you can leave them in the comment section. We would like to know your views, ideas, thoughts, and you can provide us with your feedback in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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