How to access UF OneDrive?

OneDrive UF- for those who want to access the UF onedrive on their device, OneDrive UF is the cloud file sharing and storage providing program.

We will discuss the access procedure of OneDrive on your device for getting into the OneDrive. Along with the setup process, we will mention uploading and saving the file on OneDrive step by step. You need to have correct instructions and a valid gator username and password. All you need to do is you have to read the instructions carefully.

About UF OneDrive

UF OneDrive is a file sharing and storage system specially designed for the University of Florida students, staff, and faculty. UF and non-UF participants are both permit the collaboration on OneDrive. It offers many features to the users and participants.

The benefits of UF OneDrive

If you are curious to know about the benefits of OneDrive UF, here are several advantages:

  1. Save: You don’t have to worry about losing your essential files from OneDrive. It keeps your file saved. Users can restore or recover the files from the history option. Sent file in the recycle bin can be recovered in 30 days.
  2. Share: Users can share a file with a secure link. A receiver can easily access the file from any device. Also, it allows users to make documents publicly by implanting them into assignments, blogs, and more.
  3. Secure: You have to worry about personal information, but OneDrive provides UFIT security and supports UF restricted data storage. It is appropriately safe to use as it offers various privacy standards. Other guarantees include passwords, login, phone calls, texts, and more. Only document owners allow editing, viewing, and changing the file.
  4. Other benefits include storage, collaboration, and more.

Access to the UF OneDrive on the GatorLogin

Follow the below-mentioned instructions for those who want to access the UF OneDrive.

Here are the steps:

1- Turn on your device and visit the official site of OneDrive UF at

2- After that, you have to go to the office 365 section on OneDrive.

3- Now, choose your [email protected] account.

4- On this page, you will require to enter your username of GatorLink in the input area. As shown in above-attached picture.

UF onedrive

5- Next, on the shibboleth login page, enter your password in the given box.

6- once you enter the password, click on the “Login” button.

After completing this process, you can access your UF OneDrive on the GatorCloud web.

The OneDrive UF app on the Windows Computer

 If you want to set up this app windows computer, the mentioned below step will be helpful. Follow the steps:

1- You need to install the OneDrive application on your device and set it up. Once the app is set up, between the office 365 environments and Microsoft OneDrive, and between PC and mobile, it allows you to sync files.

2– Now, go back to the home screen, and at the window icon, search the OneDrive app.

3- Shortly, you will be on the OneDrive setup page. You have to enter [email protected]. Email address.

4- Next, you have to select “Work” or “School.”

5- Enter the GatorLink username and password in the given area on the shibboleth authentication page. Note down the OneDrive folder details. Click on the “Next” button.

6- It would be better to note information about the mobile app. Move forward to get it on your mobile device.

7- Open the app on your mobile and click “Open my OneDrive folder.”

8- There will be OneDrive-University of Florida on the file explorer.

9- You can create a subfolder and copy it into the OneDrive folder. The files and documents will sync to your various devices and directly through the web browser.

The UF OneDrive saving files procedure

The given steps will help you with the file saving process on the UF OneDrive.

Here are the steps:

1- First, you have to do, go to the documents select the file.

2- Make a copy of it, save it to OneDrive, then personal.

3- Now, you have to choose the type of file and enter the file name provided area.

4-To save the file on another folder, go to the browse option and select the folder you want to save. Once you have chosen, click on the “Save” button.

OneDrive UF uploading files process: step by step

UF OneDrive allows you to store over 300 types of files.

Microsoft or Google Chrome:

1- First, go to OneDrive select “Upload.”

2- Now, select files or upload and then folder.

3- Select the folder or files you want to upload.

4- Next, choose the “Open” or “Select Folder.” by that, you will be able to upload files on the OneDrive.

Via another browser:

Step 1- Choose the Upload option, open and select the file or the folder you want to upload.

Step 2- You can create a folder, and the files you have uploaded move to the folder if you can’t find the uploaded file.

After following these steps, you will be able to upload files.

Final words

This article was all about UF OneDrive, and we described a simple and easy setup process. If you have any queries an doubts, you can leave them in the comment section, and we would like to solve the question. You can share your view along with the feedback of the article.

Thanks for reading.

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