How to access the UTRGV portal? Complete login guide.

UTRGV Portal is a campus portal service that provides a one-stop gateway to all significant campus services at UTRGV. If you are a new student or willing to know about UTRGV, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the UTRGV portal login requirements, process, reset password, create an account, and more. You will need to have the proper instructions and credentials for all these processes, and this article will probably help you; all you have to do is read the article till the last. Now without any delay, let’s get into the article.

About UTRGV portal 

UTRGV is the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley and the myUTRGV campus portal that provides a one-stop gateway to all the significant campus services at the UTRGV. Users get various features such as personalized notifications previews to essential applications through the single sign-on, including banners, email, and more.

Let’s move forward to its login procedure once you get familiar with the UTRGV portal.

UTRGV portal login necessities

If you want to login into your account quickly, then it would be better to know its login requirements before login; follow the given below steps:

  • You should know the official website of UTRGV.
  • Internet browser.
  • You must have a valid UTRGV email and password.
  • A device with reliable internet access such as PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone.

Login procedure of UTRGV portal

To quickly login to the UTRGV portal, the following step will guide you with easy instructions follow the given below steps:

1- First, you have to visit the official website of UTRGV at

2- You will reach the homepage of UTRGV; on the provided area, you have to enter your UTRGV email and password.

UTRGV portal - login page

3-Once you have entered these, you can click on the “Sign In.”

What is the activation process of the UTRGV account?

If you are new to the UTRGV, it would be essential to create an account; you can look at the below-mentioned instructions to know the proper process.

To activate the UTRGV account, the following steps:

1- Visit the given website, UTRGV Account Self-Service Website.

2- It will take you to the UTRGV page; on the can’t log in section go for the “First-time user? Activate Account.

UTRGV portal

3- You will require entering the alternate email address (that you have on file with the UTRGV); the activation link will be sent to your given email.

4- After that, click on the “Continue.”

5- Go to the email account and check the email, including UTRGV account activation instructions. Follow the further instruction to activate your account.

How to unlock the UTRGV account or reset the password?

Have you forgotten your password? If yes, you don’t have to worry about it; we have mentioned the instructions below that will guide you through the easy steps to reset your password or unlock the UTRGV account.

Here are the steps:

1- To reset your password or unlock your account, you first need to visit the UTRGV given website. (

2- Now, on the can’t log in section, there will be an option of “Reset password or unlock Account” click on that.

3- Shortly, it will take you to another page, where you need to enter your UTRGV email address and the CAPTCHA, and then click on the “Next” button.

4- After that, select the suitable option and tap on the Next button.

5- Verify by selecting the preferred methods on the right side and completing the process.

6- If you opted for another option on the previous page, you have to enter New Password, and for confirmation, enter your password again; after that, click on “Next.”

How to recover the UTRGV username?

If you face an error to log in to UTRGV or don’t remember your UTRGV username, then the given steps will take you to the proper instructions to recover your username. Follow the steps:

1- To recover the password, visit the UTRGV Account self-service website.

2- You will reach the self-service page, find the “I forgot my username,” and click on that.

3- Now, you will be required to enter the “Alternate email address” (Non-UTRGV) associated with the university.

4- Next, click on the “Continue” button.

5- Check your alternate email address; the link is sent to your email; click on the link and collect your UTRGV username.

Note: The username is your UTRGV email address, and it should be six characters.

What is the process to set up a UTRGV email account on an android and apple device?

Android Device:

Set up process on android device; follow the below-mentioned instructions.

1- Go for the “Setting” and choose the “Account.”

 2- Now, you have to click to “Add Account” and select the Exchange Active Sync, Microsoft Exchange, or Corporate account.

3- After that, on the given area, you need to enter your valid and complete “UTRGV email address” and “Password.”

4- Once you have entered these, click on the “Next.”

5- If it provides remote security administration, click on the “OK” button.

6- Now, set the sync option and tap on the “Next” button.

7- It will ask you to enter your “Account name” and select next.

Several details you have to consider while setting up on your Android device:

  1. Email Address
  2. Username & Password
  3. Domain or Username
  4. Server Address.

Note: The process could be slightly different; still, instructions will be similar.

Apple/iOS Device

The below mentioned will assist you in setting up the UTRGV email account process on your Apple device.

1- On the home screen, you can spot the setting option click on that.

2- Now, you will be on the setting page, select the “Mail, Contact, Calendars.”

3- Then click on the “Add account” and choose the “Exchange” button.

4- There will be several asked details you have to enter on the provided area, including valid and complete “Email Address, Username, and password.”

5- After that, click on the “Join.”

6- If required, you can type in the server address ( and then tap on the “Next.”

7- Once you have completed all these steps, you have to enable Mail, Contacts, and Calendars; right after that, click on the “Save” button instantly.

How to receive a UTRGV transcript?

If you are a student of UTRGV, given instructions guide you to get a transcript.

1- First, you will have to log in to your UTRGV account (my.

2- On the Applications section, open the ASSIST.

3- Now, go for the “Student Profile” option.

4- After that, select the “Academic Record.”

5- Next, you will require choosing the “Transcript level” and “Transcript Type.”

6- From your browser menu, you have to click on the “Print” option.

7- You have to select the type of destination or printer, “Save as Pdf.”

8- Select the “Save” button.

9- If required; rename the pdf file change the name as per your preference, then select the “Save” option one more time.

10- Once the file is selected, you can check the pdf file and print or keep it on your device.

Final Words

That was all about the UTRGV portal, and we have mentioned all the essential points, including login requirements, reset password, recovering the username, and those that will probably help you. If you still have any confusion or doubts, let us know below. We would like to know your thoughts, views, suggestions, along with your feedback in the comment section below. For your queries, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

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