– Complete Activation Guide (USA Network) – American cable system and Comcast holding, well known as Comcast Corporation, is a multinational telecommunications company that belongs to America. The company was founded in the year 1963 in tupelo, United States. It is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The number of employees currently working in the company is around 1,90,000 as per the data for the year 2019.

Founders of USA network

Ralph j. Roberts, Julian A. Brodsky, Daniel Aron are the founders of the company. Some executives of the company are Kimberley D. Harris, Lynn R. Charytan, David N. Watson, etc. As per the data for the year 2020, the revenue of the company is 10,356 crores. Now, talking about its subsidiaries. Its popular subsidiaries are Xfinity, Comcast Business, NBC, Sky Group, Universal Pictures, NBCUniversal, etc.

What is NBCU – ?

NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of Comcast telecommunication. They are the supreme entertainment and media company. It is a leading company in producing, developing, and marketing new entertainment and information. NBCUniversal runs and owns a valuable portfolio of entertainment and news networks. It is a supreme ad-supported streaming service and a motion picture company.

USA Network is admired in the whole wide world nowadays. NBCUniversal takes care that each of them can access the content. They ensure that they can use it through their preferred streaming media player using the USA App.  

What are the steps to subscribe to NBCUniversal?

One can subscribe to NBCUniversal very easily. It is very simple to subscribe. Simply follow the given steps. The entire registration process takes 2-3 minutes from your valuable time.

Step1 – Firstly, you need to be very sure that you did not subscribe to it earlier.

Step 2: Now, contact your tv cable provider.

Step 3: Go for the NBC Universal package, or you can also choose any channel depending upon your personal choice here.

Step 4: Next, you have to pay the package amount or channel charge accordingly.

Step 5: It will take a few seconds for the proceedings. So, wait until you get the subscription. 

Step 6: Now, you are too close to stream your favorite content.

What is the next step after subscription?

The user will get their favorite movie, tv-show and everything in one place. NBCU is the most preferable paid tv network which initially belonged to America. This TV network is continuously expanding its way worldwide. You may also be a part of this wide network by subscribing to it. You can subscribe to it through the link given below and follow some easy steps given above for your only URL:

To activate the USA network on your device such as Roku, Apple Tv, Fire Tv, etc. Follow the steps given below for the activation process.

Steps for activation :

Step 1: First of all, make sure you have subscribed to it or an active subscription for it. 

Step 2: Then, switch on your smart TV and afterward visit the homepage.

Step 3: Now, open the channel store and then go to the system setting on your smart device.

Step 4: Next, install the USA App on your preferred device system. 

Step 5: You may also visit the USA Network sign-up website and then enter the device’s name.

Step 6: Sign in to the USA Network then. 

Step 7: Now, there will be a verification process. The portal will send a verification code on your phone for further proceedings.

Step 8: Enter the verification code.

Step 9: You are now ready to stream your favorite content or show on your preferred device with the help of

How to activate on apple tv?

Step 1 – The Subscriber must update the ios device before beginning the whole process. 

Step 2 – You have to install the app on your device by entering the name USA App.

Step 3 – Next, you have to fill in the required details or sign-in details.

Step 4 – Now, they will send you a verification code, and you need to enter it on your smart device.

Finally, you are all set to stream, play, and watch your lovable movie, tv-show, etc.

How to activate on Roku?

USA network is Americans’ favorite spot top stream. Roku is one of the famous platforms where people stream their web shows, tv shows, and movies. You can have so much fun and entertainment just by getting the subscription and activating it on your device. Do follow the steps to activate it on Roku.

Steps to activate :

Step 1: Update the latest version of Roku on your device to assure smooth functioning. 

Step 2: Now, visit the homepage and select the channel store tab.

Step 3 – Surf and search for the USA App in the entertainment section.

Step 4: Click on the install button to download.

Step 5: It will take some time to download.

Step 6: Press the open button.

Step 7 – After opening it enter the required credentials in the space given.

Step 8: You will then get a code of verification.

Step 9: When you get the activation code on your registered device. Then, visit the USA network/activate using any browser. 

Step 10 – enter the activation code number in the space given there and click the sign-in button to finish the process.

Now, you are ready to stream at your favorite place. You can stream any movie or any tv show of your choice.

How to activate on Fire Tv?

Step 1 – Open your fire tv and connect it.

Step 2 – Visit the channel store and search the USA app.

Step 3 – Open the app and then click on the download button to install.

Step 4 – after finishing the downloading process, open it and enter the required details with the registered phone number.

Step 5 – Now, go to the USA network/activate from the amazon browser or any browser.

Step 6 – enter the activation code sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 7: Now, you are ready to stream all your shows and movies.

How to activate the USA network on your smart tv?

To activate the USA network on your smart tv, follow the given steps:

Step 1 – Go to the play store on your smart device.

Step 2: Search for the USA app on the device.

Step 3: Now, download the app by clicking the install button.

Step 4: After the downloading process gets complete open the app and enters the required details.

Step 5: Go to the webpage USA network/activate just after getting the verification code to your registered mobile number.

Step 6: Now, enter the verification code in the given space.

Step 7: You are now ready to stream any show of your choice.

All about USA Network App

USA Network app is the best platform to watch the most recent episode of your lovable shows. You can also watch tv live. This app allows you to stream your favorite movie anytime and from anywhere. You can also stream previous shows as well as past episodes just by subscribing and activating it. Download the app to stream and enjoy all the latest shows and movies. You may watch recent episodes of WWE Raw, Temptation island, Miz and Mrs, and many more on this platform.

You can sign-up for an NBCUniversal account within the app also. To sync all your favorite shows, news, and movies, you may log in using your Facebook id, google account, or mail account. You will also get three credits to watch episodes for no cost but before signing in with your tv provider. 

Features of the USA Network App

Explore the content of NBCUniversal. It has a page showcasing the hottest series. Watch all the recent episodes of the new USA network. It gets updated after they air on tv. Facilitates live streaming. Compatible chromecast. You can start the video in the app and can stream it to your tv. Mark your loved show, and it will become easy and quick for you to access it. You can sign in with the tv subscription and can access the whole catalog of VOD. 

Contact details – if you need any support or help, you may mail them to

FAQ About

Can we use this app outside America?

No, subscribers can use the app or access the United States and its territories. 

Is it accessible via 4G?

Yes, the users can access it via 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi networks.

Would I be able to watch content outside my viewing area? 

It depends on the network provider only. You can contact and take help if you face any problem.


NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of the parent organization USA Network. This article will tell you how to subscribe to NBCUniversal and how to activate it. You can easily do it through the way given in the article. I like the article. You may leave comments below. 

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