– Complete guide for own tv activation is the URL of the Watch Own TV. It is used to activate OWN channels on various devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and Roku. Are you considering watching all the entertainment and lifestyle programs of “Own” on your TV? If not, you should because you can enjoy all the programs of Own channel on your Devices. To do so, you just have to activate the Own on that device. Stay tuned to know the instructions required to connect. 

About – Watch Own

Oprah Winfrey Network, commonly known as “Own TV,” was launched on September 1, 1999. It is a Canadian English Language channel that Corus Entertainment owns. The channel was launched as a Canadian Learning Television, with a mix of educational and informational television programs. Its name has been changed twice. Initially, it was named the Canadian Learning Television; then it became Viva in 2008. Later in 2011, it was finally named Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). To know more about this channel, keep reading!

Is Free?

No, the Watch Own TV channel is not free. However, you can download the app on any of your devices. But you will have to log in through your TV provider to enjoy the episodes of shows. Watch Own can allow you access only if it is part of your existing cable, satellite, and Telecommunications package. Otherwise, you can not watch any of its shows and can’t activate it on any other device.

Who are the Cable TV Providers for ?

To enjoy the shows of Own, you must have a cable TV Provider. Here are some of the Cable TV providers that support this network –

  • Dish Network
  • DirecTV
  • Verizon
  • AT&T Uverse
  • Apart from these, there are a lot more that user can add to make Own activate.  

If you have any streaming device such as Smart TV or a Mobile phone, you might not need any cable TV provider. In that case, all you have to do is to activate Own on that device by using

What are some compatible devices that let you watch Own?

Numerous devices let you stream Own app. By activating your Own Tv on these devices, you can access all the shows on this network. 

● Android

● Apple TV

● Amazon Fire TV

● Roku Streaming Players

● Google Chromecast 

You need to download the app on these devices and activate them. If you find that difficult to do, you can look at the guide briefly illustrated onwards in this article for

How to activate watch “Own”on my Device?

activate own device

Watching TV and shows has become a favorite way of passing the time for many people. People spend hours watching various shows and Movies as it is considered the most common way to entertain oneself. Suppose you love watching Own shows and want to enhance your watching experience. Then you can activate it on any of your TV.

To on any device, you have to follow some instructions. The instructions to connect for various devices are briefly explained. Follow them attentively, so that you won’t miss anything. After that, you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows of Own on your Devices. 

Connect Own TV to Amazon Fire TV

Yes, you can easily connect Own on your Amazon Fire TV. To do so, You have to download the app on your Amazon Fire TV. And then activate it, adhere to the following instructions –

Step 1: Turn on Your Amazon Fire TV. Go to the Home Screen by clicking on Home Button.

Step 2: Find the Search Bar. And search for OWN TV.

Step 3: From there, Download the App and install it right away.

Step 4: Launch the App after installation completes. 

Step 5: Follow the instructions on Amazon Fire TV to get an Activation Code.

Step 6: After getting an activation code, go to You can use your browser or computer to open this URL.

Step 7: Now, Enter the activation code.

Step 8: Finally, Tap on Activate.


And you are done. Follow all the instructions in the order they are written. Please do not skip any of them to get the activation done without any intermediate trouble. 

Stream Own TV on Apple TV

Thinking of watching Own Tv shows on your Apple TV but don’t know how to do it? 

Follow the steps to activate Own on your Apple TV. 

Step 1: First, On your Apple TV and go to the App store.

Step 2: Search for Own TV.

Step 3: Select the app once you find it and tap on getting.

Step 4: Now, sign in with your Apple ID if you are not logged in.    

Step 5: After installation, you need to open the app.

Step 6: Follow the instructions your device is asking to get the Activation code.

Step 7: Once you get the Activation code, visit the start. URL

Step 8: Enter the code

Step 9: and click on Activate.

While connecting your device with Own TV, make sure your computer and device are properly connected to the internet connection. The steps are pretty simple. You will activate this channel on your device in just a few minutes with

Activate Own TV on Android

If you have an Android TV, you can still activate Own Tv on it. Having an Android device would not affect the process. But anyway, the instruction to activate Own TV on an Android device is explained here –

Step 1: First thing first, On your Android Device and open the Play Store.

Step 2: There find Own TV; if you can’t, then search for it.

Step 3: Tap on Install.

Step 4: After the installation, Open the App

Step 5: Now follow up on the prompts appearing on the screen. 

Step 6: You will get the Activation Code

Step 7: Note down the code.

Step 8: Now, you have to go to the authorized activation link on any other device.

Step 9: Enter the code, and click on Activate.

That was it. The Watch Own TV is now activated on your Android device. If not, repeat the same process sincerely to avoid any mistakes this time.

Activate OWN TV on Roku with

To active Own on your Roku device, you have to follow the same process as mentioned earlier. Or you could follow the steps that are mentioned right here –

Step 1: Go to the Home screen of the Roku device.

Step 2: Look for streaming channels and open channel stores.

Step 3: Type in Own TV.

Step 4: Select the channel and click on OK.

Step 5: Tap on Add Channel to install the app.

Step 6: After the installation, launch the app.

Step 7: Follow the instructions on your device to get the activation code.

Step 8: Once you get the code, visit the authentication activation link on some other device.

Step 9: Enter the code, and tap on Activate.

That was it. Now your Own Tv channel is successfully activated on the Roku device. If you are having any trouble activating this, then make sure you have followed the right steps. Or check your internet connection, to be sure.

How to Watch Own TV content without a Paid TV Provider?

Yes, you can certainly watch Own shows without even having a paid Cable TV provider. For that, you can use the following TV streaming services –

  •   Youtube TV –To get access to Own shows, You need to build your account as Own is one of Youtube TV’s Core lineup. After that, you have to subscribe to it and then activate the app. 
  •   Philo – Philo has added a couple of channels to the main lineup. The plan has 58 channels, along with an upgrade that allows users to get more channels. To access them, you may have to pay a few bucks to stream those channels. 
  •   AT&T TV Now – The Plus and Max packages do not consist of Own. It is only included in packages like Choice, Xtra, or Ultimate.

You can watch Own shows without even having a cable TV provider by these service providers. You can enjoy all the things on Own anytime, anywhere. Just make sure to connect your device with it. 

Why is the Activation Code of Own TV isn’t working?

If the activation code isn’t working, repeat the process once. Or you can try the following things to resolve the issue.

★ You can uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Once done, now open the app, and you receive a new activation code. Note that code down somewhere safe to avoid any more causes.

★ Check once if you have provided the correct code or not?

★ You need to make sure you activate the device within minutes of getting the code. If you take a longer time than usual, then that code will expire. And eventually has to repeat the whole process. 

★ If you want to watch it in the UK, then the activation code wouldn’t work. The network is exclusively available in the USA. For that, you will require a VPN to access it outside America. 

Final Words

You can easily download the OWN app on your device, whether an Android device, iOS, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. All the steps are self-explanatory, so you won’t face any trouble while following them. Yet if you are stuck somewhere, you can contact your service provider to get help. However, if you have any suggestions regarding this article, feel free to share them with us! Or you can leave your query in the comments; we would be pleased to resolve your query.

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