Vandalmail Login and features Guide

If you are a student of Idaho University, you must know you have to activate your email account for ISI course-related correspondence at vandalmail. If you are a faculty or instructor, you will use the Vandal web to access your class and student information.

What is vandalmail?

Vandalmail is like your email account, but more than that. When you get admission at Idaho university, you will be assigned to vandalmail upon registration. Here you will get all your IT sources; you can submit your assignment here, manage your financial aid, take an online appointment with your professor, and take academic advice. This is where the university updates essential information about the admission office and all details of the intellectual.


How to set up your account?

You can set your account from any device with an internet browser but try not to use your cell phone for the best result.


  • To begin the process, first go to the password reset page,
  • Next, you will be asked to verify that you are not a robot; click on the option that I am not a robot and continue.


  • Now you’ll be asked your account number, vandal number or id number or email address that you had given before at the time of registration on your university or your application.
  • It is an eight-digit number with a capital V at the beginning, which you can find on your official university of Idaho acceptance letter.
  • If you lost your acceptance letter or don’t have your vandal number, you can contact the registrar’s office at 208-885-6731. To get information about your vandal number.


  • After entering your vandal number, a list of verified contact will come up.
  • Next, you have to select an email address or phone number and click the send code option
  • You will receive a temporary code to either your specified phone number or email.
  • Enter the six-digit code into the given space where written “ enter verification code “.

Step 4

  • Once you enter the verification code, enter into the account management page
  • After you set up your security profile, you will allow resetting password in the future.
  • Next, click on “change password” this option is given under “Account utilities”.
  • Your password must meet all the requirements it wants there you can see some hints in red text.

Your net id or user name consists of four letters of your last name and the first four numbers of your vandal number; a combination of your name and vandal number makes your username.

The net id or user number and password is essential for you because it’s the key to access your account anytime from anywhere.

If you want to get a vandal card, you can also do so

You will get an optional duo multi-factor; you have thirty days grace period before you are required to set this duo multi-factor.

How to login into vandalmail?  

If you are a student of Idaho university, then you can easily log into a vandalmail account. just need to follow a few easy steps:-

  • Go to the home page of Vandalmail or Idaho University
  • You’ll be asked your username or net id enter correctly.
  • Enter your password
  • You will be entered to your email in Vandalmail.

How to Use vandalmail web? 

If you are faculty of Idaho university, then you will surely use the vandal web to access your class teaching and student advising information.

You can access your vandal web from any device through an internet connection.

How to log in into the vandal web?

  • Go to the vandal web on your device
  • You will ask to enter your NetId
  • Next, enter your password , and you will be accessed successfully.

How to change your vandalmail account password?

Step1 : 

  • First, go log into your account vandal management page through
  • Enter your net id number or email and password correctly you have.
  • Next, click the option sign-in.

If your password is expired, you can still log into your account but cannot use some service like vandalmail. You have to set your security profile; you will get a popup asking to set up your profile until you haven’t set your security profile.

Step 2 -Vandalmail

  • After log into your account, go to the change password on the left-hand menu where given option password
  • Just make sure the tab will be selected whose password you want to change

Step 3 

  • Choose enable secure MFA.
  • Have a more extended password expiration date
  • Choose disable secure MFA and have a shorter password expiration if you are using a duo hardware token or duo mobile app, your password will never need to be changed again with the option.
  • If you choose to use voice calls or SMS text messages to verify your password will expire in more than four hundred days.

Step 4

  • Enter your new password for your account
  • It has at least one character different from any previous password.
  • As you will enter your password, the system will inform you that your password requirements are or are not meeting,
  • The password must be 12 characters or more and may not include any three consecutive letters of your name, username or email address
  • After all your password requirement have been filled, you can click on set net new password and the system will set your new net id password

Step 5 

  • You will receive a success message that your password is changed, when you get this message, then you can assure that your password is successfully changed
  • If your password didn’t change or you didn’t get a success message, you should contact your technology solution partner or the student technology centre.

How to reset your vandalmail password if forgotten? 

In case you forgot your password, you don’t need to worry here we advise you all the steps how to reset your password ;

Step 1 :

  • You can use your security profile to log in and reset your password
  • Go along with
  • Next click on the option that is written: “click here to reset your password.”
  • You will receive a Captcha to fill in that you are not a robot, fill the captcha and click continue.

Step 2 :

  • Next, you’ll get the option to fill your account username netid, student number vandal number, email address, any of these enter correctly and give your email which you had given before during registration at idhao university so system can find your account .
  • Now look up your account by using the lookup button.

Step 3 :

  • Next, you have asked to select a contact to receive OTP or Verification code; you can choose email or phone number any.
  • Once you click continue, a verification code will be accepted on your preferred contact number or email,
  • enter that code at given space and click continue

Next, you have asked a security question, answer it correctly ( Must keep your answer case sensitive and more prolonged than five characters)

Click the option continue.

In case if you’ve found any issues or can’t reach your account, or are not set up for password reset, contact the student technology centre at 208 885 4357 for guidelines.

Final word

This article gives you complete information about vandalmail and how to log in to your account, set your budget, change your password, reset your password, and overall all the details you need to know. But if something is missing, you are heartily welcomed to ask; we are glad to assist you. Be connected.

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