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Walden Student Portal : As we already know, Walden University is a distance learning university. If you enroll in any course at Walden University, you will automatically provide access to the Walden student portal.
Here in this article, we will cover all the essential information about how to log in? How to access it? How to change the password? Reset password? About courses and many more. Without delay let’s begin;
walden student portal

 How to log into the Walden student portal?

To log in to the Walden student portal, you need to follow a few simple steps, go for it;

  1. First, you have to open the official login page of Walden university https://www.waldenu.edu/walden-students
  2. Next a page will open on your screen, navigate to “Access MyWalden student portal” click on it, you will port to the Walden student portal login page.
  3. Next, enter your e-mail ID or Password.
  4. Enter all correctly and click the sign-in button.
  5. You will be ported to the Walden student portal now you can access personal and all academic information.

walden universting official page
If you face any difficulties while logging in, you should check that your caps lock is must off or enter your e-mail correctly.
If you need more assistance, you can contact the customer care team at 1-800-WALDEN.

How to reset Password of Walden student portal?

If you forgot your password, follow these some simple steps;

  1. On the login page there, you can see an option written “Go to password reset” below the sign-in button.
  2. Navigate to the option and click on the sign-in button.
  3. You will port to the password reset page.
  4. Here first, you have to enter your e-mail or user name.
  5. A picture will show with some letters and numbers are written, write all the numbers and alphabet correctly, and click on the button next.
  6. You will get the opportunity to recreate your password again.
  7. Rewrite and save your new password.

How do I access my Walden e-mail or office 365 mail Account?

There are a few easy steps you have to follow to access the office 365 mail account of the Walden university student portal.

  1. First thing first, you have to log into your Walden student portal.
  2. There’s an envelope icon on the right side of the page click on
  3. Scroll down your e-mail menu and click “Go to your inbox” to install office 365.
  4. If you are installing this application first time, you need to set up your language and time zone.
  5. Once you’ve done with all the formalities, you will be log into your office 365 account and ready to access your Mywalden e-mail and office 365 account.

How to register for courses at the Walden student portal?

Well, you are automatically registered at the Walden student portal when you get admission at Walden University.

  1. Go to the official page of Walden university
  2. Login yourself with your e-mail and password
  3. Go to the current course area.
  4. There you will get the option “Go to the classroom” click on it, and you will be ported to the course you select.
  • Self registration

Using the Walden student portal, students can self-register themselves for courses they want by the self-register program.

  1. Log into Walden student portal
  2. Select menu on the top left of the screen
  3. Choose the option registration
  4. Select the option register for the class or view degree audit.
  5. Navigate to the drop-down menu,
  6. Choose right registration
  7. Review the academic calendar in the student handbook
  8. Contact a student success adviser
  9. Determine which term you need
  10. Then click submit.
  11. Next, click “current program,” which is in blue.
  12. You will be ported to the degree audit page, scroll down, and click on the link “register.”
  13. Next, check the box for the course and click the ‘register” button.

If it is available more than one course, choose the one available at first because all are the same but with different instructors. You will register for your upcoming quarter.
Next, may you be asked to confirm the dates of courses, do not make any changes to the dates, and click the submit changes.
If you are late for your registration, you can choose the fastest shipping option to order your material immediately. If you are facing any difficulties with your order, you can contact Walden book store directly.
Your registered course will appear under the future courses section of your academic page, which means your registration is confirmed.
In case if you fail to register and your leave application has not been applied or not granted, you may not have to access your academic and administrative services. To register again in University, you must apply again for registration or readmission. You will not retain your previous financial aid, so reapply for financial aid also.


How to get a student ID card? 

  1. First, log into your Walden student portal
  2. On the top left corner, there’s a menu button click on that
  3. Under the menu, there are quick links click on that,
  4. Next, there’s my information link; go on it
  5. Under my information, there’s a student id card,

You can print out a copy of your student ID card.

How do I find my transcript information in Walden Student Portal?

You need to follow some simple steps, and you can find all your forms, document, grades, bills, and transcript information in one place.

  • First, log in Walden student portal through username or password.
  • Go to the menu at the top left and select a quick link.

Here you will get three options,
1.My information:-  

  • Here you can print the student ID card
  • Manage password
  • View name change information and more

2.My Education:-

  • Here you can order a transcript
  • View your degree audit and more

3.My finance:-

  • Here you will get your financial form
  • Can view your financial aid account
  • Can manage your account
  • Can make your payment and more

How to access an unofficial transcript in Walden Student Portal?

From the Walden student portal, you can get your unofficial transcript in two ways; there are few steps to follow;

  1. After login, go to the menu icon,
  2. Next, go to the quick link and then choose “My education.”
  3. Next, you can see the unofficial option transcript,
  4. Click the option, and you will get your unofficial transcript.

One of the other ways is to use the charlotte bot; if you have a bursar hold on your account, you can access the unofficial transcript.
To access the charlotte bot, you have to click on the white and bluebird icon given at the bottom of any student portal.

What is the procedure to update password recovery e-mail?

  • To update your password recovery e-mail, first, confirm that the new portal dashboard is on.
  • Next login to Walden student portal
  • Go to the menu and then my account tab
  • Here you will get the option “update your password recovery e-mail.’
  • Again re-enter your password
  • At last, enter your new e-mail and phone number and click the update button, and your password recovery e-mail will update.

How to log into the Walden faculty portal?

  • Go to the official page of Walden University.


  • Next, click on the login link.
  • Once you click log in, enter your e-mail, phone, or skype.
  • Enter correctly and click the button “Next.” You will log in successfully.

welcome page walden faculty
If you can’t access your account, there’s an option in blue “can’t access your account” click on that.
Next, a new page will open where you will get asked: “Which type of account do you need help with.”
Click on the right option and fill in all the credentials correctly; next, you will indeed access your account.

How to log in Mytempo student portal?

If you enroll in the competency-based program, your student portal will be Mytempo.

  • To log in to the Mytempo student portal, go along with https://www.waldenu.edu/walden-students#resources
  • Next, go to the link “access my tempo student portal.”
  • Your login page will open, enter your e-mail and password correctly
  • Enter sign in, and you will log
  • If you get any difficulties going to the link “can’t access your account.”


This article covered all about the Walden student portal. How to log in? How to register for courses on Mywalden? Reset password, How to log in My tempo student portal? How to log into the Walden faculty portal? What is the procedure to update password recovery e-mail? How to access unofficial transcript? How to register for courses at the Walden student portal? How to log into Walden student portal? Student financial portal, Walden Pond resident portal, Walden university portal sign in, Walden university faculty portal login, Walden application portal and many more. If something is missing, must inform us; we are always here to guide you.
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