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Webwatcher Login – In recent years, the internet has become a priceless tool for learning and discovering new ideas and opening new horizons for all. However, using more internet, private chat rooms, messenger, and social media platforms sometimes leads to inappropriate content, context, sexting, cyberbullying, Suicidal tendencies. As a parent, you always worry about your kids on the internet about what they are looking for. That’s why kids are primus users of the internet who are permanently attached to it.
So to monitor your kids’ internet activity, you choose to install a parental control app such as Webwatcher. But there’s always an issue and arise few questions on your mind, is the webwatcher working, is it saved, how to install how to hide the app so you kid won’t know about it. It is a good choice or not. So here we are with this article, with full coverage of information about the Webwatcher, let’s begin ;
webwatcher login

What is Webwatcher?

Webwatcher is a tremendous remote laptop, smartphone, computer, observance software package. It helps you watch chats, emails, apps, website usage, keystrokes, applications used, social activities, text, photos, calls, and then on the remote laptop. Awareness Technologies markets a “full family of watching software” for computers and mobile devices below the WebWatcher complete. The corporate advertises WebWatcher as an “undetectable” software package used in parental and worker watching.
Data is distributed to “a secure web-based account” that may be accessed from the other pc by victimization associate account name and countersign. Since communications square measure intercepted and transmitted, whereas the communication is current, a mortal WHO deletes or fails to avoid wasting a touch won’t stop WebWatcher from storing it on a foreign server.
The software package has legitimate uses. Oldsters generally have the correct to watch their kids, provided they do not violate the privacy rights of others by doing this. It shows you all

  1. SMS & MMS Texts
  2. Deleted Texts
  3. Screenshots
  4. Photos (camera roll) Website History Call
  5. Log History
  6. GPS Location
  7. Instagram
  8. Facebook Messenger
  9. WhatsApp
  10. TikTok
  11. Kiki
  12. Viber
  13. Snapchat
  14. Tinder
  15. App Usage

What is Features of webwatcher?

In recent few years, webwatcher have gained vast popularity from the users because of their incredible features. Let take a look n its features;

  • Keystroke Logger: A keystroke logger is a software that is often referred to as keylogging or keyboard capturing. It is typically hidden that a person using the keyword is unaware that their activities are being monitored by someone else.

Website Monitoring: Web-based monitoring interface can access all online activities, record them and send them to the registered

  • account online.
  • View Screen Captures thanks to Webwatcher, you can view the screen of your kid and can record all the activities.
  • Remote Desktop Control: You can spy on the target device without a trace, just through your Pc or phone.
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • View Skype Logs
  • Email Monitoring
  • Message Monitoring
  • Automated Alerts
  • It gives you social media monitoring such as Whatsapp, Kiki, Viber, Tinder and many more.

Price information of Webwatcher Login

Webwatcher gives you seven day free trial with a live demo class.
It offers you two plans:-

  1. For three months:- At $59.95
  2. For 12 months:- At $129.95

These plans give you; compatibility, care and advanced features, unlimited data storage for your viewing period.

What is the Process of installation of webwatcher on mobile?

  • First, go to your device home screen and open “Google play store” or “Apple play store” from the app menu.
  • Next, on the top right corner of your screen, you can see your profile icon, click on and scroll down you will see the option of play protect, don’t forget to tap on the play cover.
  • Tap on the Gear icon in the upper right corner on the play protects screen.
  • After, the screen shows two tools. The first one is scan apps with play protect is given by default; it must be on.
  • To disable Play Protect from the device, turn off this option now, continue to Confirm the new setting in the pop-up window.
  • The play protects screen should then change to say “full scanning turned off” when finished.
  • Close out the play store app. Next, Enter the URL below into the Google Chrome browser from your target device.
  • Once the page loads, click the download button. Next, you will be asked to click ok then open if you miss the window to click “open” on the screen;
  • you can find it by swiping down from the top to open the notification drawer.
  • Next, select the setting and click unknown sources from the lock screen and security pages on the target device.
  • Click Ok to the installation of the app. Then click next and move on to the next step. Next select install and open to install the app( if there’s a warning sign, then do not click done )
  • If you accidentally lose the target app on the target pc or phone, go to the app list of your target device, locate www.webwatcher.com and select to open it continue. Two options will be given; you have to choose target or child or employee, whoever you want to monitor.

Further Process:

  • Next, you will be asked to enter your webwatcher username or full email address and password, enter all correctly and click login.
  • Click allow when webwatcher make phone calls. Next, activate the app supervision page will open, click on start now, select webwatcher and click ok.
  • Next, on the runtime permission page, click activate now for text messages, storage and location. Next, click activate now on activate device administration also. After the pop-up message, Webwatcher will start capturing everything displayed on your screen; check the box and enable the “don’t show again” pop-up and click start now.
  • It’s essential to click yes if you see the pop-up message, do not optimize battery usage and allow on; let’s app always run in the background.
  • Click ok got it on viewing recorded data page, after reading the page. In the end, press the hidden app on the hide app page to hide the app icon from the device.
  • Don’t forget to remove “install files”, close out the browser page on the child device. You may also consider clear browser history.

How to use Webwatcher Login?

If you have already installed the app on your mobile, then you already know the process of installation; if you are using Iphone then you have to follow these simple steps:-

  1. Log in, open the page enter your apple id and password of the device you want to monitor.
  2. When the target device backup data to their iCloud, Webwatcher will activate and transfer recorded data to your device.
  3. Use webwatcher mobile login to tracking all the recorded data, including photo text calls, website messenger and all.

How to reset password of Webwatcher?

Most of the time, it happens that you forget your password, but it’s not a matter of worry; you only need to visit the website of Webwatcher.
At the end of the login tab, there’s an option of trouble logging in.
There is also a link as a forgot your user name or password under the menu.
Tap on the link and mention your user name on the next page. If you forgot your user name, click on forgot user name, and next submit.
Next, you will receive an email for resetting the user name on your mailbox.
Lastly, open your mail and verify your identity.

  Pros of using Webwatcher Login:

  • It will give you an instant email warning.
  • Webwatcherb allows you discrete and convenient shifting of web content.
  • Compatible with all devices, all operating systems or mobile phones.
  • All data can be accessed online remotely with any device you have.
  • It has no required jailbreak.

  Cons of using Webwatcher: –

  • Not innate to use when it’s compared to other parental devices.
  • Overwhelming to install on the target device.
  • The premium version is pretty expensive.
  • It can make the target phone functionality lag
  • It’ll remove automatically when the target device detects any antivirus
  • Antivirus programs and other security features have to be disabled from the target device.

How reliable is the Webwatcher Login to use?

As we already understand, this app will disable all your security and antivirus systems from your device; if you can take that risk and not worried too much about the privacy of your pc and mac, then you can go for it. But it’s always better to be careful full in this age of internet and data today, as data equal to power and power has its profit and
so choose wisely your software.
Webwatcher will give you excellent service, and it consists of all guidelines of the apple play store app and Google play store app.
As we know that these stores are very strict with their privacy policies and never hesitate to terminate any app that breaks and comply with them; therefore, this can act as a seal of trust from Apple and Google play store.

Some other Alternatives of Webwatcher Login;

It’s always better to check alternatives before choosing anything if you want to check some, so here this section will provide you with some choice go for them ;

Webwatcher vs. FlexiSPY 

FlexiSPY comes with no surprise because it has a big name in antivirus that offers the most robust parental control software.
Flexispy is one of the cheapest options out there; It will give you A $50 yearly license with unlimited devices.
Visit FlexiSPY

Webwatcher vs m.Spy ; 

You can consider m.spy as the best alternative to Webwatcher login; since 2010, it’s common to choose m.spy over Webwatcher for many people.
One of the best features of M.Spy is after installing; it can work quietly without any trace. It has real-time Gps with more depth storage access, and its customer support is excellent; it has a much lower monthly price.
Visit m, Spy.

Webwatcher vs. Qustideo

Perhaps you checked all the monitoring software and have gotten this far, but none of them has impressed you. That fine; you can also consider Qustideo; let’s see what features Qustideo offers.
Qustideo also offers all the features above mentioned by other software, as supervise website, image, gallery, messenger, time video and a lot more inconvenient price range and gives you all the same benefits and features like Webwatcher, myspy,flexispy.
You can visit Qustideo and can check all the information about the app in detail.
Visit Qustodio

Final word 

Monitoring software is always helpful in tracking your kids and employees if you are a protective parent and enforcing employer. So it’s always better to ensure that your kid is safe online or your employees are sticking to their work.
After you browse through our Webwatcher article, I hope you’ll get all the information. If you think we’ve missed anything or you’ve any query, must inform us through comment; we are always here to help you and happy to hear you.
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